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March 1, 2014 Updates

Goran Dragic: I would like to thank to all @Suns fans and to my team for supporting me!I'm truly bless to play basketball for such a great organization Twitter @Goran_Dragic

February 26, 2014 Updates

Of course, nobody from the Suns can comment on impending free agents, much less players who haven’t even opted out yet, such as Love or James. But we asked Lon Babby, the club’s president of basketball operations, if he believes the Suns can be a desirable destination for all top free agents again. “I would challenge the premise slightly,” Babby said. “I don’t think we ever lost our status as a destination, because of the history of the franchise, the weather, the medical and training staff. “Those are constants that make it an attractive place. I wouldn’t deny that we have enhanced our position. I think we were always above average. Now I think we’re in the upper echelon because there’s an excitement and a spirit about the atmosphere and the culture here that is palpable.” Arizona Republic

February 23, 2014 Updates

On March 13, the Suns will have an off night in Boston, and Phoenix guard Leandro Barbosa will go out to dinner with Celtics team physician Dr. Brian McKeon. There is every reason to believe Barbosa will pick up the check. “He saved my life,” Barbosa said. “He saved my life. “He saved my knee. He took care of my knee. Very good guy. Unbelievable job he did with my knee.” Boston Herald

“We talked a lot before he did the surgery, and actually when he opened up my knee he saw that it wasn’t just the ACL,” Barbosa said. “There was a lot more wrong there. The surgery was supposed to be 45 minutes, but it was two hours and 45 minutes. “He got it all right, and I don’t feel anything right now. I’m definitely recovered. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him. “We had my physiotherapist from Brazil come up to watch the surgery, and he told me he’d never seen something like that. He was in the (operating) room with us. He saw everything that was happening, so when we went back to Brazil for the recovery, he could know everything that was going on with my knee. It was great that he brought him here for that.” Boston Herald

February 20, 2014 Updates

McDonough was calling on Wednesday to inform Tucker that he had been fined by the league for his second flopping offense. But Tucker had no way of knowing what the call was about, hence his apprehension once McDonough finally got him on the phone. “I called P.J. and it went to voicemail,” McDonough said, in an interview with Greg Esposito of Suns.com. “I didn’t leave a message, I was just about to text him and ask him to call me back. P.J. called me back — it was about one o’clock [Wednesday] afternoon, so we were about 24 hours before the deadline — and I noticed P.J. was a little short of breath, breathing a little heavy. Then the light went on in my head. I said ‘P.J., we’re not trading you. That’s not what this call’s about.’ Then he said ‘Thank goodness, man. I love it here. I was so nervous.’ I don’t think anybody’s ever been happier to be fined than P.J. Tucker was when I told him, ‘The good news is you’re not being traded, the bad news is that you are getting fined.’ And I think he was glad to pay the fine if he could stay here in Phoenix.” NBCSports.com

Sam Amick: The Phoenix Suns, I'm told, have hit the deadline standing pat, as USAT said they might last night - usatoday.com/story/sports/n… Twitter @sam_amick

With Los Angeles Lakers big man Jordan Hill widely known to be on the block, these last couple of hours should be very interesting. Hill looked to be headed for the Brooklyn Nets, who wanted to use their disabled player exception to add more depth down low despite the fact that they'll take yet another huge luxury tax hit by doing so. But according to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Lakers are now asking for a second-round pick in the deal and it's safe to say the Nets don't see that as a fair deal. Often times, teams that are moving a player like Hill in order to help get them under the increasingly-restrictive luxury tax will offer a pick in addition to the player. The Lakers are clearly talking to several teams, and Dallas, Phoenix and Cleveland were reported by ESPN.com as possibilities. USA Today Sports

The Lakers continue to weigh their options when it comes to big man Jordan Hill, with the hope of moving his $3.5 million salary, further diminishing the team’s luxury tax bill. The Lakers have talked with several teams, including the Pelicans, Bobcats, Suns and Cavaliers, but the team that might wind up in the best position to land Hill remains the Nets, a source told Sporting News. Sporting News

McDonough credited his time with the Celtics in helping him prepare for the challenge he faces in Phoenix. “There was obviously a lot of work to do when I got the job in terms of hiring a coach and building his staff, building my staff, trying to change the culture here, upgrade the talent, acquire more picks — all that,” McDonough said. “But I felt like I was prepared for that and we were ready for that as an organization and the Celtic experience helped me immensely, just having that confidence coming in that I could do the job.” Boston Globe

After getting a flopping warning in the previous game against Miami, Tucker was fined by the league for flopping in Tuesday night’s game at Denver when Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried fouled him from behind on a rebound. Tucker stumbled into the stanchion without much of a shove in the back. Tucker said he “fell kind of funny” and “sold it a little bit” but was definitely pushed. “I’m still going to play like I play,” Tucker said. “It ain’t going to change nothing. “Me getting fined $5,000 for flopping is something that couldn’t be so opposite of how I play. It’s more the implication that I’m a flopper. I think that bothers me more than the actual fine.” Arizona Republic

From afar, Ainge is beyond proud, especially considering McDonough’s Suns are perhaps the surprise of the NBA — 10 games over .500 entering Wednesday — with a rookie coach, Jeff Hornacek, who’s a strong Coach of the Year candidate. “Ryan is going to be great,” Ainge said. “I’m really happy for him and his success. He’s a very close friend. We worked shoulder to shoulder for 10 years. We’re very close. He feels like a son or a little brother, almost. I love following their team and I’m really rooting for him to succeed and I think that he will.” Boston Globe

Phoenix has as many as six first-round draft picks over the next two seasons and will have enough money coming off its books this offseason to make a run at a max-contract player. “I think our draft pick situation and the Celtics’ pick situation — those are probably the two best in the league,” McDonough said. “Those are both great positions to be in. “And as we showed when we were in Boston and Danny [Ainge] was able to pull off the trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, it’s not that you necessarily pick all those guys, but it’s really valuable currency in today’s NBA, those first-round picks — and they’re getting harder and harder to get, to be honest with you.” Boston Globe

February 19, 2014 Updates
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The Phoenix Suns might be the best NBA franchise never to win a title. They came close a few times thanks to the two point guards that top this list.

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