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March 3, 2015 Updates
March 2, 2015 Updates

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Still, as the trade deadline neared, the Suns believed they had a commitment from Dragic that he would stay longterm if they traded Thomas -- a commitment that came, according to a league source, after Dragic met with owner Robert Sarver. So the Suns got serious about making a deal for Thomas. They thought they could re-sign Dragic to a deal that, if not a max deal, would have certainly kept him happy. But the Suns moved too late. Dragic made his feelings known to them in a meeting on Feb. 15, then echoed those sentiments publicly the next day, adding the twist that the Suns were untrustworthy. This set off both McDonough and Babby, who took the unusual step of publicly rebuking Dragic after the trade was made. NBA.com

Danny Granger is not with the team at present, as both sides try to figure out how they want to handle things going forward. On the one hand, the 31-year-old Granger has a player option for next season and could certainly be looking to sign with a title contender. On the other hand, the Suns' training staff is renowned around the league for extending players' careers, which could be music to the oft-injured Granger's ears. McDonough said Sunday the Suns were "keeping an open mind" on Granger's future with the team. NBA.com

The team talked with Markieff Morris en route to Miami, but had no plans to discipline him, with McDonough saying Sunday the timing of Morris' comments "wasn't great. We came out and basically didn't show up against San Antonio. It was probably our worst performance of the year... I think there's a way to deliver the message a little more tactfully than he did." But internally, the Suns do think they could use a little more fan support. They're 22nd in the league in attendance, according to ESPN.com. Of course, fans think they could use a few more wins, as they got in the Seven Seconds or Less days. NBA.com

Do you feel good about the way it ended in Phoenix? Giran Dragic: “I wish it would have gone differently. I’m never the guy who is going back in the past. What it is, it is. I’m always going to be grateful for what the organization and Robert (Sarver) and his family did for me. But I wish it ended on different circumstances.” Palm Beach Post

Do you regret how you handled it? Giran Dragic: “Definitely. Maybe I came too harsh. I came out and said what I was feeling. I never said nothing about how it was a bad organization, just how I felt. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but I’m an honest guy so I say what I feel. I felt that at that time. “When I look back, it sounds harsh. It is what it is. I cannot correct this. The people who know me and were with me all those years, they know my personality. I never intended to do something to harm the organization or the people who were working with me.” Palm Beach Post

NBA superstar Eric Bledsoe gave himself a "Treat Yo'self" moment after signing his $70 million contract with the PHX Suns ... dropping thousands of dollars on gold and diamond grillz! TMZ Sports has learned the 25-year-old point guard recently hit up Thizzelles Grillz -- a high-end grill maker in NYC -- and dropped $5,000 on two sick pieces ... one for himself, one for his brother. TMZ.com



The Phoenix Suns might be the best NBA franchise never to win a title. They came close a few times thanks to the two point guards that top this list.


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