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February 20, 2014 Updates

After getting a flopping warning in the previous game against Miami, Tucker was fined by the league for flopping in Tuesday night’s game at Denver when Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried fouled him from behind on a rebound. Tucker stumbled into the stanchion without much of a shove in the back. Tucker said he “fell kind of funny” and “sold it a little bit” but was definitely pushed. “I’m still going to play like I play,” Tucker said. “It ain’t going to change nothing. “Me getting fined $5,000 for flopping is something that couldn’t be so opposite of how I play. It’s more the implication that I’m a flopper. I think that bothers me more than the actual fine.” Arizona Republic

From afar, Ainge is beyond proud, especially considering McDonough’s Suns are perhaps the surprise of the NBA — 10 games over .500 entering Wednesday — with a rookie coach, Jeff Hornacek, who’s a strong Coach of the Year candidate. “Ryan is going to be great,” Ainge said. “I’m really happy for him and his success. He’s a very close friend. We worked shoulder to shoulder for 10 years. We’re very close. He feels like a son or a little brother, almost. I love following their team and I’m really rooting for him to succeed and I think that he will.” Boston Globe

Phoenix has as many as six first-round draft picks over the next two seasons and will have enough money coming off its books this offseason to make a run at a max-contract player. “I think our draft pick situation and the Celtics’ pick situation — those are probably the two best in the league,” McDonough said. “Those are both great positions to be in. “And as we showed when we were in Boston and Danny [Ainge] was able to pull off the trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, it’s not that you necessarily pick all those guys, but it’s really valuable currency in today’s NBA, those first-round picks — and they’re getting harder and harder to get, to be honest with you.” Boston Globe

February 19, 2014 Updates
February 18, 2014 Updates
February 14, 2014 Updates

Suns GM Ryan McDonough has informed inquiring teams over the past few weeks that if Phoenix is still in the playoff hunt at the break, he will be aggressive in the trade market in an attempt to push the team into the postseason. The Suns hit the break in the seventh spot in the West, but one rival executive says Phoenix will not take parting with draft picks lightly and isn't interested in taking on future salary. At least one of those conditions would have to change to turn the Suns' aggressive posture into an actual trade. CBSSports.com

Q: A Yahoo contributor is reporting on a Boozer-to-Suns trade. Just curious, does your gardener have any trade rumors to report? Sam Smith: What complicates the situation is when “respectable” sites publish pretty much it seems without editing fan columns and stories and suggestions that can be easily confused with the reporting work of experienced journalists. Not that those veterans get it right all the time, but they generally have higher standards. I can understand a bit the notion of a Boozer for that Okafor expiring contract, to get something for nothing sort of thing. But everything I have heard about the Suns is they are not looking for any short term help but would do a deal—they save a lot of money on Okafor’s insurance and aren’t being quick to give that up—if they can land a player part of their long term future. NBA.com

Marc Stein: One week away from trade deadline keep hearing execs say Suns/Bobcats are teams to watch. Since both armed w/assets they seem willing to use Twitter

February 13, 2014 Updates

The Suns players and staff get a pick-me-up at every practice and when they walk through the training room. They have been seeing rehabilitating point guard Eric Bledsoe taking shots on the court and running on a treadmill. Friday will mark five weeks since Bledsoe’s right-knee surgery. No timetable for a recovery or return was shared, but many believed he could return not long after the All-Star break. “He’s making good progress on his rehab,” Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said. “He’s progressing as expected. We’re still optimistic that he’ll return some time after the All-Star break. “He’s been working diligently with our training staff and the reports are encouraging.” Arizona Republic

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The Phoenix Suns might be the best NBA franchise never to win a title. They came close a few times thanks to the two point guards that top this list.

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