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January 3, 2013 Updates

The Nets made sure to credit the coach for his work in Tuesday's practice, which was Carlesimo's first with the team. Williams liked what he saw and heard in Oklahoma City, as well. "He did a great job of coaching tonight, of picking his spots, talking to me,” Williams said. “He’s definitely passionate, and Avery (Johnson) was too. Avery was more reserved, wanted to be more even-keeled on the bench, he didn’t want, I don’t want to say, people see him sweat. PJ is just one those guys who is just fiery. If he’s feeling a certain way, he’s going to tell you.” Sulia

"He's pretty forward, man," Johnson said before the Nets played the Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena Wednesday night. "He just kind of tells you like it is. If you ain't playing worth a ----, he'll tell you, you ain't playing worth a ----. As players, some of us may respond a little different to it, but for me, I can appreciate it. Newsday

January 1, 2013 Updates
December 31, 2012 Updates

King said the Nets haven’t contacted any other candidates, and Carlesimo is going to get a chance to coach the team and see what he can do. “We’ve put our support behind him, and we’ll look at things and evaluate them later,” King said while appearing on ESPN 98.7 FM. “I know people have been throwing lists together and things like that, but we have not contacted anybody. “We have not sat down and said, ‘What about this guy?’ We made the move, and we’re going to let P.J. coach.” New York Post

December 30, 2012 Updates

When asked specifically about Phil Jackson, King simply said, "P.J. is our coach." "More than anything, you just need to calm the waters and let guys breathe as a group and try to gel," King told O'Connor. "Because if we're in the middle of a search, the turmoil just continues. We need our guys to just focus on the now and San Antonio." NetsDaily

P.J. Carlesimo, of course, is in a more tenuous situation as with an interim tag. He admitted before Saturday's victory over the Cavaliers that the lack of stability is an issue, and that a coach such as Phil Jackson would have more "credibility." His comments are worth a read: "I think very few coaches in this league have the … I don’t know what word I’m thinking of … it’s kind of power. I’ll think of it. We got to the point at Seton Hall that I had it; the players knew that I was going to be there no matter what. Pop has that. Phil had it. There are very few guys in the league that have it. If you don’t have that, which very, very few do, it’s infinitely better to have many years on your contract, and hopefully at a good number, because that doesmake you a more efficient coach, no question. At this point, if Phil (Jackson) were coaching, or (Jerry) Sloan when he was in Utah or (Gregg Popovich), they have more credibility and leverage with the players than I do. New York Daily News

"And honestly, it’s not a concern now. This is just the situation and you’ve got to deal with. I just think for any coach – I’ve been in that situation in other places – you just really do not want to go into the last year of your contract ever. There is no coach that can say he wants to do that. Maybe Scottie (Brooks), after you win Coach of the Year and you’ve got one year left and they’re not writing a big enough check. But for the most part, no, you don’t want to go into the last year of your contract ever in this league. But coaches don’t have with very very very very few exceptions the leverage that a player has, because there’s more zeros on their contract than there are on their contract." New York Daily News

December 29, 2012 Updates

"It’s obviously the worst way to become a head coach," said Carlesimo. "It’s clearly not an ideal situation, but it’s clearly the way of the NBA, so we just have to make the best of it." Bergen Record

December 27, 2012 Updates

According to a person with knowledge of the team's plans, Nets assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo will be named the team's interim coach. The person requested anonymity because the decision had not yet been announced. USA Today Sports

June 14, 2012 Updates

"You never enjoy being fired, but it's kind of a way of life for most people in the NBA," Carlesimo said. "If you stay in it long enough, you're probably going to get fired somewhere along the way, and when you are let go, you always hope it's one of your assistants who gets the job." FOXSports.com

April 13, 2012 Updates

Nets assistant PJ Carlesimo, however, says about paying Olympic players: "I think it's a good thing. ...“There’s pure rest for their bodies. There’s time away from their family and all the commitment they make. I can see where the argument would be." Carlesimo was an assistant coach on '92 Dream Team. “I remember vividly, in ’92, when we had professional athletes for the first time, I remember everyone saying, ‘Well you’re the only guys that didn’t have professional athletes in the first place.’ Sulia

December 7, 2011 Updates

Sam Mitchell, who had been an assistant last season, will be re-assigned to scouting duties this season. Carlesimo, the former Seton Hall coach, and former Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers head coach, will be Johnson's lead assistant, sitting next to Johnson and providing insight into the game coaching. Elie, a former teammate of Johnson's with the San Antonio Spurs who served as an assistant coach for him in Dallas, will be working with the guards, among other duties. "I’ve known (Johnson) for a long time," Carlesimo said. "I did not like playing against him or coaching against him. he’s a good friend. We had a conversation a couple of years ago: ‘If the opportunity was ever there, would I be interested?’ Of course, I said, ‘Yes.’ At that time, I never dreamt it would be here. I think that was significant. My like or respect for the Nets goes way, way back — to Teaneck, the Island Garden, the Nassau Coliseum, the Meadowlands and the whole spectrum. Newark Star-Ledger

December 6, 2011 Updates

On another note, Johnson finally made the long-awaited announcement that P.J. Carlesimo and Mario Elie have joined the Nets' coaching staff. Those two, and Popeye Jones, will sit on the bench with Johnson, with Tom Barrise and Doug Overton in the row behind. Sam Mitchell, who was an assistant last season, will become a scout for the team. Newark Star-Ledger

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