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President Obama may have a better jump shot than his Republican rival for president, but N.B.A. owners seem more eager to offer Mitt Romney the bigger contract. Eight of the 10 N.B.A. owners who have made contributions to the candidates’ campaigns so far have donated to Mr. Romney’s campaign, for a total $49,000, according to a list published by the basketball website hoopshype.com. (The list includes only contributions to candidate’s campaigns and not “super PACs” or other committees.) New York Times

NBA players and coaches love President Obama, but the owners love Mitt Romney. And they’re writing bigger checks. HoopsHype.com has compiled a great list of all the contributions to each presidential candidate by NBA players, coaches, staff and management. And despite Obama’s affinity with the NBA (and lover of the game), Romney has raised more from them. In total, NBAers have contributed $52,650 to Obama and $70,000 to Romney, thanks to the owners. Washington Post

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