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March 6, 2015 Updates

The home of the Trail Blazers has been ranked fourth on PETA's list of the top vegetarian-friendly NBA arenas. NBA legend John Salley announced the list in a video posted on PETA's website. The Moda Center was ranked fourth this year for its farro kale pesto salad, grilled vegetable pasta and vegan pakora wrap. Dr. Jack's restaurant was mentioned for the curry hummus and bruschetta combo. kptv.com

March 3, 2015 Updates

For as good as Lillard is at the game that catapulted him from Oakland to Weber State to this place among the NBA's elite — rookie of the year, two-time All-Star, the latest Western Conference player of the week, leader of this Portland team (39-19) that is fourth place in the West — his reputation as a rapper is right there with his basketball prowess. "A lot of people might think, 'Oh he's a basketball player and he's rapping? That's so cliché,' " said Blazers assistant David Vanterpool, a 41-year-old mentor of Lillard's who, as an owner of the Sugar Hill Gang's original Rapper's Delight vinyl, fancies himself an expert on such musical matters. "But he's no joke. He's a rapper who plays basketball, in my opinion." USA Today Sports

Lillard doesn't have an album yet, but all these days of learning and late nights of writing inevitably will lead to that day at some point down the road. As Vanterpool noticed not long after they became so close in 2012, Lillard is a student of the rap game in the same way he is with hoops. He's quite studious, too, often turning his views into verses during late-night, hotel-room sessions that offer the kind of solitude and serenity he craves these days. USA Today Sports

"When I listen to music, I listen for the substance, I listen to the bars, I listen to the beat, and I try to paint a picture with everything that I hear in music," said Lillard, who routinely researches the meaning of words that he hears for the first time as a way to increase his vocabulary. "Whether it's R&B, rap, jazz, country, whatever it is, I try to paint a picture. That's what I try to do when I write because I know I've got a story to tell and I know that there are a lot of people who have probably some of the same experiences, people who might have failed and done bad coming from what I've come from and some who know what I'm saying, who feel exactly what I'm saying." USA Today Sports

The celebration of the life of Jerome Kersey held this afternoon at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum was exactly that – a celebration. There were a number of tears and gut-wrenching moments, but there was also a lot of laughter and a general upbeat to the proceedings. It was fitting for a man who has positively impacted so many. The event was hosted by Bill Schonely, and featured speeches from Blazers President and CEO Chris McGowan, Team Chaplain Al Egg, Blazers Founder Harry Glickman, Teammate Terry Porter, Former Blazers Community Relations Executive Traci Rose, his best friend Ron Sloy, his daughter Kiara Kersey, and his wife Teri Kersey. The current Blazers team and staff was in attendance, along with family, friends, and fans enough to fill the floor of the Coliseum, as well as much of the lower level of the surrounding stands. Blazers Edge

Porter ended by addressing Kersey himself: "Well good friend, The good Lord has called you, but you don’t have to worry about being a second round pick in his draft. You are a guaranteed lottery pick." Sloy also was also visibly affected throughout his words, finally breaking down at the end, as he said, "If love could have saved Jerome, he would have lived forever." Blazers Edge

March 2, 2015 Updates
February 28, 2015 Updates

The first thing I learned about Leonard came during his flight to Portland to be introduced as a draft pick in the summer of 2012. The Blazers bought their lottery pick a first-class ticket. Leonard bought his girlfriend a coach-class ticket, then traded seats with the woman seated beside her, sending a stranger to first class so he could sit with his girl. The 6-foot-11 Leonard, knees against the seat in front of him, is no dummy. "We're getting married this summer," he said. Oregonian

February 26, 2015 Updates

Jerome Kersey, the beloved former Portland Trail Blazer who died suddenly on Feb. 18, is the first person to receive a memorial bike lane in Bike City U.S.A. The Portland Bureau of Transportation posted a photo of the newly painted bike path in front of Moda Center on its FaceBook page on Wednesday. Oregonian

February 25, 2015 Updates
February 24, 2015 Updates
February 23, 2015 Updates

But after the game, the eight-year NBA veteran admitted to playing somewhat timid with his new team and in a new role. "Obviously, I was a little passive," Afflalo said after the game. "They want me to be my best but out of respect for my teammates you want to come out there and feel the game (out) a little bit, so I was a little passive. But I see the potential and I see the opportunity there and I learn from Game 1 and become more and more aggressive with confidence." Oregonian

February 22, 2015 Updates

On Friday, Afflalo wrote a first-person blog post for The Players' Tribune, a web site featuring stories written by professional athletes, during which he said, in part: "I want to make this clear: I'm here to help this team reach its goal of winning a title. It's been 38 years since the Trail Blazers last won an NBA championship. It isn't just enough to be a contender -- it's time for us to show the media, fans and most importantly, ourselves, why we're a championship-caliber team." On Saturday, Afflalo echoed a similar sentiment. "I was excited," he said, revealing his reaction to news of his trade. "To come from (a losing team) to this one here, to a team that's right in the thick of things and trying to contend for a championship, I couldn't help but be happy." Oregonian

February 20, 2015 Updates


Only four Hall of Famers, but plenty of fantastic names in the Top 50 of the storied franchise.


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