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April 30, 2015 Updates

Barkley: "But the reason I think LaMarcus should stay in Portland, LaMarcus is a very good player. If he goes to New York or the Lakers, people going to expect him to be a superstar player. He's a good player. There's a difference between being a good player and being a superstar. He's in a perfect situation there in Portland. "I think some guys, if they become free agents, if you go to another team, especially in a major market, people expecting you to be LeBron James or Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis. Those are the three guys who are superstars in the NBA in my opinion, and I'm not paying these other guys all that money." Oregonian

Nicolas Batum knows what kind of season he had for the Trail Blazers. "Bad,'' he said. "My worst year.'' And he knows when the smoke clears from the Blazers' disappointing 4-1 series loss to Memphis that he will take the brunt of the criticism. "I understand that,'' Batum said. "There were huge expectations. I felt we could do something special this season, collectively and personally. So I understand. Since I signed this contract, the first two years I was OK. This one, like I said, was my first bad one. But I understand why people get mad. I'm the first one to get mad at myself.'' Oregonian

April 29, 2015 Updates

Speaking of which, the Mavs certainly plan to make a strong effort to sign Portland’s All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, a Dallas native expected to explore his options in free agency. How exactly Aldridge would fit with the Mavs isn’t so clear. ESPN.com

But right about this time, the momentum changed. Right about this time, Lillard delivered an impassioned talk during a huddle on the Blazers' bench, lighting a fire under his teammates. "He was like, 'We won't lose this game,'" Batum said. "He started everything." Lillard has delivered plenty of passionate pep talks in his three years in the NBA, but this was different. "I've never seen him like that," Batum said. "Not like that. Not with so much passion. There was blood in his eyes." Oregonian


Only four Hall of Famers, but plenty of fantastic names in the Top 50 of the storied franchise.


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