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June 16, 2011 Updates

Orlando Magic small forward Quentin Richardson is recuperating from a recent surgery to repair a disc in his lower back, the Orlando Sentinel has learned. Richardson underwent the surgery a week ago, and his recovery time is estimated at a total of six to eight weeks, a team official said. "I'm feeling good and on track with my recovery," Richardson said in a text message. Orlando Sentinel

April 10, 2011 Updates

Richardson also believes the Magic's roster boasts a high skill level and basketball IQ which in turn helps the team pull out victories even though the level of play is sometimes subpar. "I mean if you look around this room we have a lot of talent here," Richardson said to HOOPSWORLD. "That says a lot knowing we've been up and down with our play but we've still been able to win some games even though we've looked pretty at times. That lets you know the level of talent we have in this room." HoopsWorld

As Hawks head coach Drew stated, you can't just 'flip the switch' in the postseason and expect different results. The veteran Richardson is talking the same tune. "Yeah I think we definitely need to go into the playoffs playing well," Richardson said. "I think that's the most important part of this last little stretch; going into the postseason playing well." HoopsWorld

April 7, 2011 Updates

NBA disciplinary officials have suspended Orlando Magic reserve small forward Quentin Richardson for two games without pay for shoving Gerald Henderson in the face during the fourth quarter of Wednesday night's overtime win over the Toronto Raptors. Richardson will miss Sunday afternoon's home game against the Chicago Bulls and Monday night's road game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Richardson's suspension comes at an inopportune time for the Magic even though the team already has clinched the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. Orlando Sentinel

Richardson refused comment after the game, but teammates later said Q-Rich retaliated after Henderson hit him in the face with elbows several times. Dwight Howard said that Richardson had a cut lip. Although Richardson was ejected for his actions, he could face more punishment from the NBA, which is sensitive this season to player disruption and always to fighting. My guess is that Q-Rich will be a little less rich after the league fines him sometime today. The fine could be $25,000 to $35,000. Miami center Zydrunas Ilgauskas was fined $25,000 for his elbow-induced scuffle with Washington rookie John Wall recently — and didn’t throw a punch. Wall swung his arm at Big Z, and was ejected and received a $35,000 fine. Orlando Sentinel

April 3, 2011 Updates

While the Orlando Magic players respect what Rose has been able to accomplish this season, they're puzzled why their own franchise player, Dwight Howard, isn't getting more respect around the league. "I definitely think him [Howard] and D-Rose are right there," said Magic forward Quentin Richardson to HOOPSWORLD. "I don't want to take anything away from Derrick Rose because he's been nothing short of spectacular but I mean I just don't think they say enough about big fella at all. I mean I've heard LeBron and other people's names mentioned and not even his at all. So it's like how can that be?" "So to me if Derrick Rose is going to win it then I think he should be a close second," Richardson continued. "I'm not trying to take anything away from the young fella (Rose) because his team has one of the best records, the best record in our conference and he's the major reason for that. But at the same time Dwight has been nothing short of spectacular too and I don't think he gets the credit mainly because he's a big man or whatever they may say but the numbers and his body of work don't lie." HoopsWorld

March 29, 2011 Updates

The Magic were fuming in the final minute of overtime last night. After Dwight Howard fouled out on a controversial call with 1:17 left in the extra session, injured Quentin Richardson railed at the referee, "The fix is in," and Howard got into it with heckling fans. After the final buzzer sounded in the Knicks' 113-106 triumph, Hedo Turkoglu and Richardson ran onto the court to sarcastically clap at the refs. New York Post

March 24, 2011 Updates
February 22, 2011 Updates
January 8, 2011 Updates

Smith said that he hasn't received any trade requests from Richardson, Duhon or Williams. "It's actually been the other way around," Smith said. "They've come to me and asked not to be traded." Orlando Sentinel

And no, Quentin said he has never asked Smith to move him. "Not once," he said. "I like it here. I like my teammates and coaches. I still believe we can win here. (Asking for a trade) is not something that crossed my mind." Quentin knows, of course, that he could be traded and is probably on Smith's short list. The 10-year vet was dealt four times in less than two months in 2009. "I know it's something that can happen," he said. "I do know anything is possible." Orlando Sentinel

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December 14, 2010 Updates
November 1, 2010 Updates

Evan Dunlap: I just wanted to know if you could a little bit more about that point, about the distinction between shooting guard and small forward and how it's not as prevalent [now]. Quentin Richardson: For me, most of my career, it's been kinda like a blur. It's like, it's not really distinct, you know what I mean? It's like, if somebody is taller, or for whatever reason, you may play different guys at the two or different guys at the three, but for me, I've always played both and guarded both positions, depending on who's starting with me. When I first started in the league, me and Corey [Maggette], we were basically the same height, same build, I was listed at the two and he was listed at the three, but it didn't matter. It was just like, if he played against somebody... I don't even know how to compare because we'd guard different guys based on who Coach [Alvin Gentry] thought we could guard better. To me, it's always been just the wing, man. You could get cross-matched for a lot of different reasons anyway, so it doesn't mean a whole lot, to either position. Orlandoinstripedpost.com

ED: So is that something you've seen, a change over your career, as the positions become less and less rigid? QR: I would say so. Probably at the point... probably before I got in the league, when guys like T-Mac [Tracy McGrady] and you had the whole wave of guys like Darius Miles... 6-9 three-men coming in, and it was kinda like, you don't know "are they a four, but are they being played at three because they're so young and fast and athletic?" And then they develop into a three. You look at Lamar Odom and guys like that, when they came in, they were known as strictly threes. T-Mac was a two, and they were trying to play him at the one some. At that point, it kinda got wishy-washy where you had guys at 6-10, 6-9, that could play the wing, and then you got so many talented guys, and now it is what it is. Orlandoinstripedpost.com

September 22, 2010 Updates

In Richardson, Van Gundy feels the Magic made an upgrade at small forward, especially in the 3-point shooting department. And Duhon gives the Magic a smart and steady player capable of being a reserve or a starter should Nelson suffer an injury. Those might seem like minor changes, but Van Gundy feels those two additions could have a huge impact. ``We only made a couple of additions, but they were really key additions,’’ Van Gundy said. ``(President of Basketball Operations) Otis (Smith) has been wanting to get a younger, long-term solution to the back-up point guard for a couple of years and Chris does that for us. And we really like what Quentin brings to the team as well.’’ NBA.com

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