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September 19, 2010 Updates

Emma died of breast cancer at 47 in 1992. In an eight-month period, Quentin, then 12, lost his mother, his grandmother and a brother, Bernard. A tattoo of a cross bears their names: Mom, Grandma and Bernard. "I know I've lost a lot of people and important things along the way, but that all goes into the character of who I am," Quentin said. "God did it all for a reason. That's the way I look at it." Orlando Sentinel

After meeting Pops, former DePaul coach Pat Kennedy wasn't surprised why Quentin was "so grounded." Why Quentin's idea of entertaining a Blue Demon recruit was to go bowling instead of night-clubbing. Kennedy remembers Quentin's father refusing to let the McDonald's all-American leave the house until his chores were done. "Quentin was on an AAU Nike team. One day the AAU van was there to pick him up, but his father said he couldn't play because he didn't wash the dishes," said Kennedy, now coach at Towson University. "His father's the greatest." Orlando Sentinel

Richardson said he was ordered by the Knicks to undergo anger-management treatment after an incident with a teammate in 2005. But he knew what was boiling inside: He had just lost another brother, Lee Jr., to another cold-blooded shooting in Chicago. "It was a couple weeks after my older brother got killed. That's what it was," Quentin said. It was too much to bear, for Quentin, for the surviving Richardsons. They had lost Bernard, aka "Bam-Bam," a union window installer, after he was gunned down in 1992 on the south side in a random shooting. He was 23. Thirteen years later, Lee Jr. and his father were approached by two men brandishing guns one night. A former Navy man, Lee Jr. was shot after a struggle and later died. He was 31. Orlando Sentinel

August 12, 2010 Updates

Clark, 34, and co-defendants Elbert Dunnigan and Gino Wilson, robbed 31-year-old Richardson and his father, Lee Richardson Sr., at gunpoint at the Richardsons' yard at 115th and Parnell on Dec. 5, 2005. When the robbery went bad, they started shooting, killing the younger Richardson but missing his father -- who survived by playing dead -- before being captured after a wild 5-mile chase. Clark, the getaway driver, hit and injured a Chicago cop with his "van from hell" as he fled, and he attempted to run down two more after leaving the Richardsons for dead in the snow, prosecutors said. Assistant Cook County State's Attorney James McKay told Kazmierski that Clark "doesn't deserve to live," urging a sentence of natural life. Chicago Sun-Times

August 10, 2010 Updates

You just signed on with Orlando, who’s expected to really contend for the championship. How much are you looking forward to the season and your contributions? Quentin Richardson: I’m excited. It’s a great situation on a team that has a chance to contend for a title, it’s gonna be a whole lot of hard work, but I think we’re definitely ready for it. I’m leaving here Friday (August 6) to head to Miami so I can drive up to Orlando to get started working with the coaching staff. I’ll spend the rest of my summer in Orlando working toward the goal. Also, Jameer [Nelson], he has a thing out in Philly, where he invites all of the guys out on the team, no coaches, and we work out everyday. Has has different events set up for us to hang out and bond and get close. Those are some of the things you need to do if you wanna be a championship-caliber team. I’m really excited that they already have these types of things in place, and I’m just going to that situation trying to contribute. SLAM

July 15, 2010 Updates
July 14, 2010 Updates

Watch the video below. Richardson, responding to a question by Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post, says the first Orlando Magic player to reach out to him was none other than Jameer Nelson. “Once I made a decision, Jameer contacted me yesterday and we’ve been talking back and forth about his thing he does with the team so I am going to go up to that,” Richardson said. Orlando Sentinel

July 13, 2010 Updates

Goodwin also represents Orlando free-agent swingman Matt Barnes, who opted out of a contract that would have paid him $1.6 million next season to become a free agent. Many observers believe the signing Tuesday of swingman Quentin Richardson ends the possibility of Barnes going back to Orlando. But Goodwin hasn't completely ruled it out. "At this point, it's still not out of the question,'' Goodwin said. "We'll see what they want to do.'' Asked Tuesday about the chances of Barnes returning, Magic general manager Otis Smith told FanHouse's Tim Povtak, "We have options.'' FanHouse.com

July 12, 2010 Updates

Unable to reach a contract agreement with gritty small forward Matt Barnes, the Orlando Magic instead agreed to a deal with veteran wing Quentin Richardson on Monday. Just four days after inking Chris Duhon to a four-year, $15 million pact to shore up their point guard spot, the Magic landed Richardson to add depth at small forward. He'll either start or play beind Mickael Pietrus next season. NBA.com

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