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October 20, 2010 Updates

Rafer Alston was supposed to be in southern costal China today. Zhejiang Guangsha, the team Skip was planning to work out for, bought him a plane ticket scheduled to leave from New York yesterday at the ungodly hour of 4 am, scheduled to arrive in Shanghai at the even more ungodly hour of 3am today. With another flight to the province’s capital, Hangzhou, management figured a full day was necessary to show Skip around town, get him familiar with the team, make their pitch and have him signed as quickly as possible. One major problem — Alston never got on the plane, so says the Qianjing Evening News. According to the article, Zhejiang called him at three in the morning to confirm that he was getting on board the flight. Instead, they got his agent who informed him that Alston wasn’t NiuBBall.com

Zhejiang’s GM, Ye Xiangyu is bu man, “not satisfied” with being stood up two times in seven hours: ”Throughout, we haven’t had a conversation with Alston himself, it’s always been with his agent. Regardless, Alston is an adult and he should have his own ability to make judgement. Our import player who played for here before, Jelani McCoy, voluntarily talked with Alston and said that we can relax.” “We can wait and see, but not for too long. If Alston doesn’t come again, we’re going to have to change up our plan and find another import immediately.” NiuBBall.com

October 18, 2010 Updates

Rafer Alston could move next season to China. According to the Chinese media, the personal assistant of the veteran 34-year-old, Eddie Lau, is in the Asiatic country to negotiate his possible signing for Qingdao. The Chinese club is optimistic about the chances to sign Alston, a free agent after leaving the Miami Heat before the end of the last season thehoopsmarket.com

October 15, 2010 Updates

Jorge Sierra: Rafer Alston will be visiting the Guangzha Lions on Monday, personal manager Eddie Lau told HoopsHype.com. Twitter

October 12, 2010 Updates

Alston in Zhejiang would presumably give them the inside track, but he that may not be the case after all. The same article is reporting that Alston, despite agreeing to come to Zhejiang, personally reached out to Qingdao Double Star two weeks ago and the two sides have mutual interest in each other. If a deal is reached, Skip will sign an agreement with Double Star similar to Stephon Marbury’s with Shanxi Zhongyu that would include opportunities on the business side of the basketball in addition to an annual salary. NiuBBall.com

September 27, 2010 Updates

With Flip Murray expected to stay in the NBA this season, Zhejiang Guangsha has set their focus on signing one of either Von Wafer or Rafer Alston, according to Hoopchina.com. Wafer is currently signed with the Celtics, but it’s not certain he will be on their opening night roster. The Celtics brought 17 players under contract into camp, a number which now stands at 16 after Oliver Lafayette was cut over the weekend. With Delonte West brought on board earlier this month to solidify Boston’s backcourt rotation, Wafer is no longer a lock to make the team. He is seen to be competing with former UMASS standout, Tony Gaffney. NiuBBall.com

September 23, 2010 Updates

Chinese teams are looking for foreign singnings that may elevate the league's level and importance. The last team wanting to do an impacting move is the Zhejiang Guangsha lion, which have a US agent list recommending at least two American players. The first one would be Ronald Murray, although it may be pretty difficult for them to get him as it's known he already has to offers from NBA franchises. The one that could be more possible would be Rafer Alston. Alston, a free agent, was reportedly waiting an NBA offer, specially from the Knicks, but it never came. Anyway, Xiang-Yu Ye, Zhejiang Guangsha lion's General Manager, confirms both players priority is to come back to the NBA. thehoopsmarket.com

August 9, 2010 Updates

Rafer Alston has to fight the familiar feeling every time he steps into a park with a game going on in New York City. The former Cardozo star, nicknamed Skip 2 My Lou, got his start and legendary status on the streetball circuit before getting his break in the NBA. “It hard to fight the temptation not to play again,” Alston said watching from the sidelines at the Tri-State Classic in Harlem Saturday. “Every time I come I have the urge.” New York Post

Alston, who played his college ball at Fresno State, has spent 11 seasons in the NBA after being drafted in the second round by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1998. One place he doesn’t plan on ending up is with the Miami Heat, the team he finished last season with after being bought out by the Nets. “I like going where I can help a team,” Alston said. “I think they got all the help they need on one team. There is no way I can help them.” New York Post

July 2, 2010 Updates

Veteran point guard Rafer Alston isn't asking for forgiveness. He's just asking for another chance. He just wants people to understand. Alston, 33, knows how badly he blundered when he abruptly disappeared from the Miami Heat last spring, leaving behind nothing but a vague text message to explain his actions. After 10 days of not hearing anything else from him -- and failing to return any phone messages left for him -- the Heat suspended Alston March 6 for the rest of the season. "Looking back, I probably would do the same thing again. I don't regret leaving the team, but I do regret not communicating better what was happening. For that I was sorry,'' Alston told FanHouse Friday from his home in the New York area. "I had to leave.'' FanHouse.com

Alston left the Heat suddenly to be at the side of twin sister Racine Alston, whose personal depression in Houston had her contemplating, and talking about, suicide. It shook up Alston to the point where he shut out everyone -- including his mystified employer -- but his family. "I just wasn't going to take the chance of going back and forth to Houston worrying about her,'' he said. "It was not something I could compromise, then worry about what might happen.'' FanHouse.com

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