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October 24, 2014 Updates

Four weeks after undergoing hand surgery, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo participated in his first full-contact practice Friday as he continues to make strides towards playing in the team's season-opener next week. ESPN.com

October 23, 2014 Updates

The Boston Celtics continue to operate as planned – and hoped – in their attempt to have Rajon Rondo available for Wednesday’s Opening Night. The star point guard began practicing in minimal-contact drills earlier this week and his hand has held up “great” under the increased workload, according to Brad Stevens. Stevens stated prior to Thursday afternoon’s practice that Rondo will continue to increase his participation in contact drills over the next two days before the Celtics take the weekend off. “The biggest thing over the next few days is determining [if it’s] as healed as it needs to be,” said Stevens. “All indications are that it’s healing really quickly and the surgery was a great success. I think he’s more ready to roll than not.” NBA.com

October 22, 2014 Updates
October 21, 2014 Updates

Rondo underwent a reevaluation last week that showed encouraging progress, but he has not been cleared for contact with nine days to go before the Celtics host the Brooklyn Nets to open the 2014-15 season on Oct. 29. "I don't know. I still haven't had any contact yet," Rondo said when asked about playing on opening night. "The opener is a little bit over a week away. I don't want to set goals; I just want to go as my hand heals." ESPN.com

October 20, 2014 Updates
October 18, 2014 Updates

Any player worth his contract naturally believes that with the right amount of work and chemistry, any team he’s on is playoff-worthy. When Rondo looks at all of the C’s’ incongruous parts, and factors in the Stevens effect, he believes the postseason is a realistic goal for this team. “I believe in Danny (Ainge) and I said it a month ago. I’ve been through it. One year we were the worst team in the league and the next we were the best,” he said of the wild swing between his rookie season and the 2008 Celtics championship team. “Anything can happen. Injuries are a big factor in your success. The trade deadline is a big factor. That’s what makes the NBA exciting. “But if you give me four guys who are going to compete and play as hard as possible, then I feel like I can win every game.” Boston Herald

October 15, 2014 Updates

Boston has gauged the market for both over the last year or so, and its expected price for Rondo has been sky-high, per several league sources. That price will drop as Rondo’s deal ticks toward expiration, but the market for him is thin. Point guard is stacked leaguewide, and Rondo is 28, coming off ACL surgery, and seeking a max contract as he approaches free agency. A few suitors could wait to chase him in the offseason instead of dealing assets now and risking that Rondo walks in July. Grantland

October 13, 2014 Updates

Rajon Rondo was dribbling with his surgically repaired left hand. Rondo could be cleared for contact next week. Boston Globe

October 11, 2014 Updates

“Rondo has done some non-contact, offensive type work in practice,” Celtics head coach Brad Stevens told reporters prior to tonight’s game against Toronto. “But just shooting, but no real defensive work yet.” Stevens said Rondo will not be cleared for contact anytime soon. CSNNE.com

October 8, 2014 Updates
October 7, 2014 Updates

The Rockets are widely expected to take a step back this season, thanks to all the depth they squandered on the Bosh dice roll, but they expect to have significant salary-cap room next summer -- when they can chase point guards as accomplished as Goran Dragic and Rajon Rondo if they choose -- as well as in the summer of 2016. Which is when, sources say, they'd like to give Harden an opportunity to serve as Houston's lead recruiter in the pursuit of a free agent named Kevin Wayne Durant. ESPN.com

October 6, 2014 Updates
October 5, 2014 Updates

"Guys like Rondo come along only every 20 years," Cousy said. "So I would do everything I could to keep him." Rondo's contract expires at the end of the season, and he said that he'd like to remain in Boston, but there's no guarantee of that, especially if the Celtics post another losing season and another team offers him a maximum contract. So Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge will have to decide before the February trading deadline if he should deal him. "Obviously," Cousy said, "you don't want to lose a talent like that and get nothing for him. I'm a big Ainge fan. I think Danny has done an excellent job since he's been there. He's a hard worker, he's a good guy, he's smart. If he really thinks he's going, then sure try to salvage something." Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Rather than try and strike a deal to get jersey No. 2 from Miller, which is what players often do, Smith has opted to instead wear the number worn by one of his favorite players. “I got a chance to know Rajon and follow him my sophomore year. I'm a big fan of his game," Smith told WDRB-41 in Louisville, Kentucky. "When coach (former Celtics coach and current Louisville head coach Rick Pitino) asked me to watch film of point guards, he (Rondo) was one of the first people that I watched, along with Steve Nash, to help me prepare for my senior season.” Smith said as much in June when he was in town to work out for the Celtics. "Believe it or not, he's actually my favorite point guard," Smith said at the time. "I'm a score-first guy and been a score-first guy my whole life. But I like his poise, the way he gets into the lane. He's able to find people and the way he's able to pass the ball ... a lot of people can't do that." CSNNE.com

Rondo’s injury is similar to the one Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love sustained twice. The first time Love allowed it to heal without surgery, and after a second fracture, he underwent surgery. Love sustained the first fracture in October 2012 during knuckle pushups and the second time he fractured the third metacarpal in January 2013 in a collision with Denver’s Kenneth Faried. “I anticipate that it’s going to get back to 100 percent,” Shin said. “I see these types of fractures all the time. I’m sure they got the bone fragment together perfectly and fixed it well to allow for early range of motion. I think he’ll have a great result and be back in 6-8 weeks.” Boston Globe

While doctors initially said he would miss 6-8 weeks with the injury, Rondo said during the team’s media day on Sept. 29 he could miss as many as 10 weeks. According to Dr. Steven Shin, the director of hand surgery at the noted Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, the injury is not considered serious nor should there be any lingering effects. “First of all, it’s a very common injury,” Shin said. “And from what I read, he slipped in the bath. It can definitely happen from that mechanism of injury, a slip and fall or slip and falling on another object. For elite athletes, the fastest way for them to get back to playing is to get it fixed [with surgery].” Boston Globe

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