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June 20, 2014 Updates

During an appearance Thursday on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie,” Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo talked about Love, including their meeting up at a Red Sox game during Love’s recent weekend trip to Boston. “Not recruiting at all,” Rondo said. “Kevin is under contract. With the CBA, the NBA takes that very seriously: no recruiting. We were at the game, I was sitting on the Monster seats, had some great seats, enjoying myself. I took a glove out with my son and we tried to catch a ball, but none never came. “As I was exiting, Kevin Love was at the box suites and I spoke to him, said hello, no pitch, just wanted him to enjoy his time in Boston, and that was about it.” Boston Globe

June 12, 2014 Updates

At long last though, Rondo looks healthy and has been a regular visitor to the team’s practice facility and draft workouts all summer. His constant presence has been welcome sight for Stevens and the rest of the team’s coaching staff. “He’s been great,” Stevens said. ““Physically, he looks fantastic. That really sets a tone having him come in. That really is helpful.” Boston Globe

June 11, 2014 Updates
June 5, 2014 Updates
June 3, 2014 Updates

"I’m sitting at the outside bar [at the EMC Club], and Rondo comes walking up from out in left field," Hames explained. "He’s with his family and walking really, really slow. So I said, ‘Hey, Rondo, are you here to recruit K-Love?’ He was like, ‘Huh?’ I said, ‘You’re here for K-Love, right?’ Again, he looks at me real weird, and I point across the bar, and I go, 'That’s Kevin Love. He’s sitting right there!'" Hames said Rondo dropped his bag, then went over to greet Love. Rondo joked Monday that the meeting lasted "about 39 seconds" and that he didn't put a hard sales pitch on Love. "No, the only pitch that was thrown, I think, was [Red Sox pitcher] Jon Lester -- he threw out a couple pitches," Rondo joked. "I didn’t pitch anything. I just told [Love] to enjoy his time here." ESPN.com

June 2, 2014 Updates
June 1, 2014 Updates

Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love has had himself quite the little weekend taking in the sights and sounds of Boston. He capped it off on Sunday at Fenway Park by attending the Red Sox-Rays game. During the game, it appears he ran into Rajon Rondo, a moment one lucky fan caught and shared on Twitter. Boston Globe

May 28, 2014 Updates

Zormelo also sent Rondo an in-depth email that included a synopsis of what Rondo had done well, areas where he needed to improve and a scouting report for his next game. Rondo was asked if the Celtics were aware that he was seeking constant counsel from someone outside the organization. “Not really,” he said. “But I’m just trying to get better. There’s nothing wrong with that.” New York Times

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