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May 25, 2012 Updates

Randy Foye had a solid season replacing Billups as the shooting guard. Foye wants to return, but he might have to leave to get playing time. Los Angeles Times

May 23, 2012 Updates

Olshey said the Clippers would like to add a shooting guard with some size and a back-up forward with shooting range and passing ability. Olshey and the Clippers will also have to make a lot of decisions regarding their own free agents. Chauncey Billups, Randy Foye, Nick Young, Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans will all be free agents this summer. Orange County Register

May 14, 2012 Updates
May 13, 2012 Updates

Guard Randy Foye on momentum of Memphis: “We have to put this game behind us, as hard as it is, and we have to go to Memphis and play one more game. It won’t be easy to put this game behind us but as a professional basketball player you have good games and you have bad games. You have good wins and bad losses but the good thing about it is we always get another shot.” Sulia

April 16, 2012 Updates

Roy became Rookie of the Year and a three-time All-Star while Foye's promising rookie season alongside Kevin Garnett quickly regressed because of a sophomore-season knee injury and a work environment that crumbled when Garnett was traded away. "I understand the whole Foye-Roy thing, I didn't ask to be selected there," he said. "I worked my butt off. I had a great college career. Whatever happened, happened. It just seemed like I was hated because of someone else's success. If I hadn't gotten hurt, I would have been right up there, playing my butt off helping the Wolves become a contender. It didn't happen. It seemed like people turned on me after my second year. "I loved being in Minnesota. Minnesota was great to me. The people outside of basketball were great to me. But at the same time I was frustrated for being blamed for something I couldn't control." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

April 1, 2012 Updates

He could let the pressure of an uncertain future control his emotions, but Randy Foye won't succumb to those forces. Instead, the Clippers shooting guard said he will play the game he loves as he always has — with passion, joy and all out — and let everything work itself out. This is the final year of a contract that pays him $4.250 million. One would think Foye would be worried about how he performs during a contract year. "Naw, I try not to. Not at all," Foye said. "My whole thing is just playing ball. I'm just playing ball and letting everything happen." Los Angeles Times

Foye, 28, would love to re-sign with the Clippers, who hosted the Utah Jazz on Saturday night at Staples Center. He knows that's not a guarantee, but it's not something Foye is overly concerned about during this season. "It's already written. The story of Randy Foye is already written," he said. "I'm just fighting through whatever I have to fight through to get there. That's why I believe in God. I believe that whatever is needed God will take me there." Los Angeles Times

It was a huge game in that regard, the momentum continuing that could ensure Del Negro survives the season. Meanwhile, the players who had reportedly given up on him continued to come to his defense. "Everyone was on coach, saying that he lost the team, saying that guys are not responding to him," said Randy Foye, who had 20 points and hit a three-pointer with 47 seconds left to put the Clippers up 96-95. "None of that was true at all. We just stuck with it. We stayed behind coach. We understood that we had three in three days against a tough playoff team in Indiana, and then Oklahoma City, the No. 1 team. And then it was emotional when Chris [Paul] went back [to New Orleans, in a loss]. We understood that, but everybody else didn't. I think the main thing is just to stay together. Whenever you hit a little bit of adversity, stay together." SI.com

March 31, 2012 Updates

Despite being wildly inconsistent for the past two months and losing three games in three days last week, the Clippers have seemingly turned the corner when it matters most. “Everyone was on coach, saying he lost the team and saying the guys were not responding and none of that was true at all,” Randy Foye said. “We just stuck with it. We stayed behind coach. We understand we played three games in three days against tough playoff teams in Indiana and Oklahoma and had an emotional game in New Orleans when Chris went back. We understood all that but everyone else didn’t. The main thing is to stay together whenever you hit a little bit of adversity.” ESPN.com

March 8, 2012 Updates

Basketball is still the easy part. That could be printed on his business card. Sometimes life is a make-or-miss proposition, and the fact that he’s shooting 38 percent this season as a starting two-guard is irrelevant to him as long as he can consult the standings without cringing and suit up again tomorrow. "You know me — I’m not afraid to fail," Randy Foye said Wednesday night in the hallway opposite the visitor’s locker room at the Rock. "And even if I take a shot and make it, I’m going to be back in the gym tomorrow and take so many it was like I missed it. "I’m not going to pay attention to the numbers. A lot of guys — great players — are shooting under their averages this year. I’m just looking at the team record, and if I do something to help get the next ‘W,’ that’s all that matters. That’s what we play for." Newark Star-Ledger

So you realize, we told Foye, that you’re going from being a fourth guard to the guy that everyone is going to leave open in a tie game with two minutes left in a playoff game? That’s a burden for someone who has spent his life flouncing around Lotteryland. His five years in the pros have produced the following records: 32-50, 22-60, 24-58, 26-56, 32-50. That’s five seasons of 27-55. Foye laughed. "If you know my history, you know I’m mostly successful in the fourth quarters," he said, before proving it with nine of his 24 points in the final period. "It’s just basketball. Yeah, I’m still getting used to a new role, because I’m used to having the ball. And I’m not a spot-up guy. But I’m picking my spots. And when I’m open I’m letting it fly." Newark Star-Ledger

August 31, 2011 Updates

The Los Angeles Clippers won’t let the lockout interrupt their development. Last week, the young team held a minicamp in Los Angeles that lasted four days and included ten players. Blake Griffin and Mo Williams organized the workouts. Eric Gordon, Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes, Trey Thompkins, Travis Leslie, and Brian Cook were among the players in attendance. The players worked out for several hours each day and then spent time together off the court once the training sessions concluded. The team is improving their chemistry on and off the floor, and the workouts gave the two rookies, Thompkins and Leslie, an opportunity to meet their new teammates. HoopsWorld

August 25, 2011 Updates

According to Impact owner and renowned trainer Joe Abunassar, the Clippers' Blake Griffin, Mo Williams and Randy Foye came by last week and expressed a desire to enter the league with a team made up solely of their teammates. Oklahoma City center Nazr Mohammed is trying to convince Kevin Durant, James Harden and others to do the same, while Indiana's Dahntay Jones and Denver's Al Harrington are making similar pitches to their respective teams. SI.com

July 30, 2011 Updates

Jerry Zgoda: Happy wedding day wishes to former #Timberwolves guard Randy Foye, getting married today in NYC! Twitter

June 18, 2011 Updates
June 15, 2011 Updates

I interviewed Aminu before Oklahoma City Thunder game on April 2 (the huge comeback game), right after I listened to the VDN presser and found out that Randy Foye was going to start at small forward, not Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu was slumped in his seat next to his locker, slowly snacking away at an apple. He answered my questions, just like he always, but he was clearly unhappy. When I asked him about Ryan Gomes being injured he only responded with an apathetic reply. “Gomes ain’t playing?” He went back to snacking at his apple. I asked him if he thought he would get more minutes with Gomes out. “Nah, not really. Never know what the rotations are, sometimes what’s his name plays… Randy Foye. So, being a rookie I just, whenever I’m out there, I’m out there.” ClipperBlog.com

Aminu clearly stressed the disconnect and/or disappointment between him and VDN, because VDN had just told the press that Foye would start, and his references to his teammate, Foye, were clearly dismissive. ClipperBlog.com

June 1, 2011 Updates

Growing up on 3rd Street in the city’s North Ward without a mother or father made life difficult at times for Newark native and Los Angeles Clippers Guard Randy Foye. Foye, who is in his fifth season in the NBA, lost both of his parents in unrelated incidents before his sixth birthday. Facing challenges and overcoming barriers is nothing new to Randy or to hospitalized and sick children at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s (MBIMC) Children’s Hospital of New Jersey (CHoNJ). Randy will lead the Kids One Mile Fun Run on Sunday, June 5, 2011, at Branch Brook Park in Newark, as part of a joint partnership with Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and the Randy Foye Foundation to raise money for sick children and their families. The Kids One Mile Run begins at 10:45 a.m. and is preceded by a 5K race, which gets underway at 10 a.m. Registration for the race and fun run begins at 9 a.m. The minimum donation for the race is $25, which can be paid onsite the day of the race or in advance at www.randyfoye.org. Registrations will also be accepted on site the day of the race. Newark Star-Ledger

March 17, 2011 Updates

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