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May 13, 2013 Updates

When asked what Vesely needed to focus on this offseason, Coach Randy Wittman didn’t hesitate to mention that the 6-foot-11 big man had to worry about more than developing a consistent jump shot. “He needs to work on his head first,” Wittman said. Washington Post

“There are sometimes, I see Jan and he’s flying all around and I say, ‘That’s Jan.’ Other times, he’s shying away when he doesn’t have the confidence and that’s his main thing,” Wittman said. “I’m not smart enough to tell you I’ve got the answer to fix that. But we’re going to work on him. I mean, in trying to help him become a more confident player.” Washington Post

April 23, 2013 Updates

On Nov. 26, the Wizards lost a home game to San Antonio, 118-92. It was the 12th straight loss to start the season, and the postgame locker room for the Wizards was an emotional scene. On Thursday, a tale told by Martell Webster revealed for the first time just how emotional it was. “After we lost that 12th game and he came into the locker room – I don’t even know if he wants me to share this, but I don’t care – and he was crying, man, after that game,” Webster said. “And he told us that he cared about us. And for me, that was a point in the season where I was just like, I’m in. I’m totally in. I bought into the system. And when I did that, that’s when my season began to turn to a positive light, and I started to succeed after that point. “That meant a lot because it showed that he really cared. He didn’t care about his job. He didn’t. He just cared about the guys that he was coaching. And that was amazing. That was touching for me. But that’s when I realized that I really wanted to buy into this system.” Washington Post

A.J. Price said he also committed to the system after that night. “I definitely remember that,” he said. “That showed me how passionate he was as a coach. I think it did a lot for us, in terms of how we viewed him as a coach. Because anytime you get a head coach [crying], that’s not normal. Not to say it’s bad, but it’s just not normal that you’d see a coach show that much emotion, especially in this business. It let us know that we were dealing with a special type of guy who really cared about the job. Really cared about us as players, and I think that led to us really buying in even more and really giving it all we got, because he was showing to use that he was giving it all he had.” Washington Post

But then he got serious, and explained why he got so emotional. “We went through so much at the start of the year,” he said. “And the thing that really got me emotional more was the fight and the heart that these guys were putting into it, and we had nothing to show for it. “This is a game of emotion,” Wittman continued. “I’m an emotional guy. I don’t hide things from you guys, I don’t hide things from my players. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. That was the point, though, that showed me that these guys, even though we were 0-12, had a lot of heart. Had a lot of conviction to go out and continue to fight when it could have been easy to say, ‘Why?’ And they continued to do it. And I wanted them to know, even though we were 0 -12, and it might sound funny, how much I appreciated that, and how much I really trusted in them.” Washington Post

April 9, 2013 Updates

When Okafor attempted to explain afterward why Coach Randy Wittman had to make the decision to give A.J. Price more playing time, Wall snapped back, leading to a heated argument that was audible from the walls on the other side of the training room. “It was just me being young and very frustrated. I wasn’t making anything, turning the ball over, and we lost a lot of games that we should’ve won and I put the toll on me,” Wall explained, as he recalled his emotions before the encounter. “A lot of frustration was coming out. As a veteran and being a leader on the team, [Okafor] stepped up and said something. At the time, it was in the heat of moment. I was upset.” Washington Post

Wall was unaccustomed to having a teammate challenge him, but in hindsight, he couldn’t disagree with anything that Okafor told him: Wittman had to go with someone else if he was ineffective and Wall has to trust that the coach is doing what was in the best interest of the team, which should always come first “It wasn’t nothing bad. I felt like, what he said was right,” Wall said of Okafor “It was all the right things at the right time. 'You’ve got to learn how to control your anger more.' Ever since that day forward, I became more focused. Came to practice the next day, talked to him, put it behind us and I just went out there and tried to play basketball. Didn’t hold no grudges.” Washington Post

April 6, 2013 Updates

Wittman's situation is being cited in this late-season spin on the carousel to emphasize that he's no longer in danger. He would appear to have less to worry about than virtually all of his aforementioned colleagues, with one year left on his contract and the Wiz possessing a team option for the 2014-15 season. ESPN.com

April 5, 2013 Updates
March 25, 2013 Updates
March 24, 2013 Updates
March 14, 2013 Updates

The exchange came as Washington was blowing a 20-point second-half lead, but Wall rallied with eight fourth-quarter points to hold off the Bucks. "Oh, that's coaching. C'mon," Wittman said emphatically. "I love that." ESPN.com

March 5, 2013 Updates

The veteran big man wouldn’t deny the reputation that Brazil — and Rio in particular — has for being a little wild. “I know, and the whole world knows that,” Nene said. “You guys hear about the Carnival. All celebrities come down. But there’s a lot of things to do. Nice beach, nice mall. A lot of shows, a lot of events. For me, nothing’s changed … but for [my teammates], it’s going to be a lot of new things. I hope they slow down.” Coach Randy Wittman didn’t spend a lot of time elaborating on the trip. “Eh, the weather’s nice, especially at that time of year, I hope,” he said. Washington Post

February 28, 2013 Updates

Randy Wittman: Hey, John Wall is huge for this team. The people that want to bash John Wall have no idea how the game is being played and what his impact is on the game. I think everyone always looks at points and that's crazy. John Wall's more than a guy that can score points. I want him to be more than that and he wants to be more than that. Bullets Forever

February 26, 2013 Updates

While making his way to speak to reporters on Monday before the Wizards took on the Toronto Raptors, Coach Randy Wittman tripped over some cords in the locker room and nearly hurt himself. Of course, tripped is describing it lightly. “He did a triple jump,” Nene said afterward. When Wittman returned to the locker room to make his final preparations for the game, his players decided to make light of his mishap. They greeted him with four bright orange cones surrounding the loose wires. Handwritten signs read, “Coach’s tripping area,” and “Danger!!! Help Coach watch out for cords.” Washington Post

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