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December 11, 2012 Updates

The Wizards had to pay former coach Flip Saunders for this season, even though they fired him after 17 games last season. Wittman, meanwhile, is just 17 games into the first season of his two-year deal. Though Wittman is not getting paid the same as Saunders, Washington isn't enamored with the idea of paying three head coaches in a season that likely will not include the playoffs. USA Today

December 1, 2012 Updates

The consistent word in coaching circles is that the Wizards' Randy Wittman will be next in this merciless business to lose his job, amid ongoing whispers that he has been saved to this point largely only because Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is keeping cost-effective Wittman in place. ESPN.com

November 28, 2012 Updates

Maybe he thought his players could provide a different perspective on how to fix a season that has started with 12 straight losses. Whatever his rationale, the Wizards’ 53-year-old head coach decided on Tuesday to close his locker room doors, open the floor to his players and hear their suggestions. “I always want a dialogue with my players,” Wittman said. “If they see things that can be done differently they’ve got to speak up. … I want to hear their reasoning for if we're not doing something the right way. Is there a better way for them that they can see?” CSNWashington.com

No matter who Washington puts on the court, the team can’t seem to compete. Wizards head coach Randy Wittman has changed his starting lineup on four different occasions and eight different players have started multiple games for Washington. Wittman takes full responsibility for the losing streak. “I’m not pointing a finger at my players,” Wittman said. “Obviously, it lies with me. I know it lies with me and I’ve got to figure a way out to get this right. That’s what my job is and I’ll take full responsibility for that. I’ll continue to work and try to find a starting combination, people to play. That’s my job. Obviously, I’m not pushing the right buttons or pulling the right strings right now. I’ll continue to try to figure that out.” HoopsWorld

November 27, 2012 Updates
November 20, 2012 Updates

Losing has been the only constant, with the Wizards (0-9) off to the worst start in the history of a franchise that has had numerous lean years over the past three decades. “This isn’t fun,” Wittman said. “You don’t sleep very good. You don’t eat very good. The bowl of pasta doesn’t taste worth [guano] right now.” Washington Post

Following his team’s ninth straight loss, a 98-89 setback to the Indiana Pacers in front of a sparse crowd of 14,426 at Verizon Center, the Wizards coach wondered what it would take for him to find someone to lead his team to its first victory of the season. “I’m looking down the whole roster,” he said, “and if I had a cell phone I’d be calling the waiver wire trying to find another body. I mean, I’m just searching right now -- searching for people to give me consistency.” CSNWashington.com

November 18, 2012 Updates

Along with the boos during Saturday night’s loss came chants of “Fire Wittman!” One disgruntled fan stood and shouted as the game ended, “Ted, we deserve better!” The lone ray of hope is anticipating the return of John Wall and Nene, both of whom don’t have a timetable for return. Nene participated in his first practice Friday, but he is still likely to be weeks away from returning. As fans point out, not too many teams would be off to a good start with their two best players sidelined with injuries, but Wittman isn’t buying it. “That’s an excuse,” he said. “We’ve got enough here to win games, and we’ve got to believe that. I’ve got to help them believe in themselves. We’re low on confidence right now.” Washington Times

The Wizards will face the Indiana Pacers for the second time this season on Monday at Verizon Center, and Wittman says he’ll try just about anything to get that first win. He’s expected to change his lineups, giving struggling players fewer minutes, while relegating a few guys to a seat at the end of the bench with a DNP [Did Not Play] next to their names in the box score. “I’m going to continue to look for different combinations and try to find who is playing well together,” Wittman said. Washington Times

October 29, 2012 Updates

As the mid-Atlantic region made final preparations and braced for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, the Wizards made an adjustment of their own to avoid the severe storm. The Wizards will depart Dulles for Cleveland at 8 a.m. Monday ahead of their regular-season opener Tuesday against the Cavaliers, rather than practice at Verizon Center and travel in the afternoon as they typically would. “It’s not ideal but, you know what, safety first No. 1,” Coach Randy Wittman said. “Listening to people talk, they’re talking about the storm of the last 20 to 30 years that’s come across here. Obviously the league also has input on that, making us get out early to secure that we get [to Cleveland].” Washington Post

October 3, 2012 Updates

With Wall sidelined for eight weeks with a stress injury in his left patella, last year’s leading scorer, Nick Young, playing elsewhere and starting center Nene out indefinitely with plantar fasciitis, the Wizards figure to lean on Crawford for scoring, particularly in the early portion of the season. He’s taken that responsibility to heart in the first few days of training camp at George Mason University, so much so that Coach Randy Wittman made sure to mention how much the third-year player has stood out in practice. “It’s the three best in a row [from Crawford] that I’ve ever seen,” Wittman said. “So that’s a testament to him. Like I said, he had I think probably one of the better summers of anyone on our team in terms of his growth and understanding of me and the things that he’s going to have to do to take that next step.” Washington Post

August 9, 2012 Updates

The Washington Wizards announced today that Jerry Sichting will join Randy Wittman’s staff as an assistant coach. Sichting brings 24 years of experience as an NBA player, coach and talent evaluator to the Wizards’ bench, including 11 seasons serving as an assistant both alongside and under Wittman with the Minnesota Timberwolves. "I’m obviously very familiar with what Jerry will add to our staff and I’m thrilled to have him on board," said Wittman. “His experience playing, teaching and evaluating the game will be valuable on the bench and on the practice court as we continue to develop our players and establish this team’s identity." NBA.com

The Wizards are close to filling out Randy Wittman’s coaching staff with the addition of Jerry Sichting, league sources with knowledge of the situation have confirmed. An official announcement is expected to come soon. Washington Post

August 8, 2012 Updates

The Wizards are close to filling out Randy Wittman’s coaching staff with the addition of Jerry Sichting, league sources with knowledge of the situation have confirmed. An official announcement is expected to come soon. Washington Post

August 1, 2012 Updates

Randy Wittman on why the team decided to amnesty Andray Blatche: It’s happened. It just became, I think a situation where, I mean, Dray is a talented player and I wish him nothing but the best. I really do. It didn’t work out here. We can sit here and talk about reasons why and you might have a different reason than what I have. That doesn’t really matter. What has happened is what I think we had to do in trying to move forward and the direction that we’re trying to take this team into. I hope and wish the best for Dray. And maybe this can be the best thing for him in turning his career back around and being the player I think we all think he can be. Washington Post

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