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Miami will try to fight off elimination in the NBA Finals tonight with Ray Allen in the starting lineup and regular starting point guard Mario Chalmers on the bench. The Heat announced shortly before tipoff in San Antonio they will start LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Rashard Lewis and Allen. They also deactivated Greg Oden and Justin Hamilton, meaning Michael Beasley will be available for the first time in this series. Palm Beach Post

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The trust James has in his teammates — from Dwyane Wade to Bosh to Rashard Lewis — can be amazing. "You know, C.B. had just missed one, got a great look, but if I draw two and his man leaves him again ... I went right back to him and he knocked it down," James said. "I got a lot of confidence in my teammates and they got a lot of confidence in me and we live with the results no matter what happens." USA Today Sports

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Let's be honest: South Florida fans will jump from sport to sport, from team to team, for any intoxicating partnership with winning. "I think we've done a good job of transforming this into a basketball town,'' Wade said. "Now when people mention, 'Miami,' most of the sports fans around the country think, 'Heat.' '' There are 15 players who reflect the residue of this fame in their daily lives. They bump into it everywhere and the attention multiplies now. Chris "Birdman" Andersen gets stopped several times in one grocery trip. Rashard Lewis gets cheers picking up kids from school. "Any restaurant I go in, people clap for me, people want pictures,'' guard Norris Cole said. "That's just how it is now. It's pretty humbling to have happen to you, but when it happens all the time you figure it's just part of the playoffs scene." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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In the last four seasons, the Heat have won all three series they have been the road team. In addition to the Pacers and Thunder, they defeated the Chicago Bulls in the 2011 conference finals. "To win a championship, you have to win on road," forward Rashard Lewis said. "We're not going to say we're comfortable [on the road]. If we can get one, we feel like we've done our job. ... It [homecourt] can be overrated. Getting homecourt, I feel like it is a little added pressure because you have to win. You have to win at home." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Lewis said he will discuss his playing future with his agent during the summer. The plan is to play at least "two or three" more years long as it's in the right situation. He said he wants to remain playing for a contending team. "I'm not going to just continue to play if I'm playing for a team that's rebuilding with young guys that's not even a playoff-contending team," Lewis said. "My whole goal is to continue to play for a team that's going to compete. I feel like I do have more years left in me." Sun Herald

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“Even as we start the new season, I’m still extremely excited about winning a championship. I’m still focused on trying to get another one this season, we know we have even more of a challenge this year. But at the same, I still lie down at night and think about how San Antonio could have easily won that. It was a couple of seconds away from us walking in to the locker room with our heads down. Ball could of went either way and I’m just thankful that Ray was able to hit that three and we were able to send it to overtime to take it to a Game 7.” HoopsWorld

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Shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Heat issued a release that announced, "both forward James Jones and forward Rashard Lewis have exercised their player options for the 2013-14 season. Per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed." Except . . . those are just two of the three Heat players with player options for next season, with Ray Allen the third. The player-option deadline is Saturday. The reality is that Ray Allen is not opting in. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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