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November 4, 2012 Updates

Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are different. They’ve built a friendship that is stronger than the obstacles they’ve experienced dealing with the business of basketball. They’re like brothers who respect each other on the court and appreciate each other when the game ends. They’ve relied on their bond to help with the transition to Miami, while enjoying another chance to play together in the twilight of their careers. “I was sitting at my home in Connecticut when I found out; I was excited,” Allen said. “I randomly called him and he told me he was coming down and looking forward to being able to join. “I was very excited. He’s a guy that’s made a great career for himself. The teams we played for in Seattle, we had some great times. Over four years, we only made it to the playoffs one time, but he had some great teams. We had fun together and respected each other and that’s something I’ve always appreciated and cherished.” RealGM

October 13, 2012 Updates

What factors led you to sign with Miami? Rashard Lewis: I’m at a point in my career to want to win a Championship and it’s not all about the accolades, being an All-Star, scoring, none of that. I just felt like this was the best fit team to give me a chance to compete for a title. We haven’t done it yet, so we got our work cut out for us. If you look at the history of guys that defend an NBA Championship, it’s very tough to do that. SLAM

October 10, 2012 Updates

In courting Rashard Lewis during free agency, #Heat suggested he undergo a process called OssaTron on ailing knees Miami guard Dwyane Wade had it in March 2008, and it enabled him to bounce back from knee problems in the summer and win an Olympic gold medal while being Team USA’s leading scoring. Sulia

The process involves shock waves. It’s a non-surgical treatment the Heat believed could get Lewis, 33, back to at least somewhat resembling a player who was an All-Star in 2005 and 2009. “They just numb the knees basically like ultrasound,’’ Lewis said. “It breaks down a lot of the scar tissue and it kind of rebuilds it. It took me off the court for a couple of months… (The Heat believed) it was something that could really help me and get me back on the court playing at a high rate, and I told them anything that would help me be even a little bit better than I was the past season, the past couple of years, I’m willing to try.’’ Sulia

“This will be my 15th season,’’ said Lewis, who played the past year and a half with Washington before signing with Miami last summer as a free agent. “My whole goal is to play another five years and try to get to 20 years… The way I feel now, I most definitely think I can do it.’’ FOXSports Florida

October 1, 2012 Updates

With the addition of guard Ray Allen and forward Rashard Lewis, Miami Heat forward LeBron James believes the Heat can be "scary good." "We can be better than we were this past season," James said. "Are we better right now than we were just a couple of months ago? Of course not. But we've got time to get better. We have the potential to be better. We have the potential to be a lot better, and that is scary. USA Today

September 30, 2012 Updates

Rashard Lewis said he's not thinking about starting at power forward for #Heat, right now preparing for bench role "Right now, I’m not looking forward to starting,’’ Lewis told FOX Sports Florida. “I just want to come in and get healthy and get my legs back under me and get my wind going. I’m looking for coming off the bench.’’ But Lewis, who said Erik Spoelstra has said nothing so far about starting or not, said that’s not his preferred role. “That’s not my preferred role but that’s how I’m looking at things,’’ he said. “I’m going to let Coach just make that decision.'' Sulia

September 28, 2012 Updates

This time the journey will include offseason free-agent acquisitions Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. "It almost seems as if they've rewound the clock," Spoelstra said of the veteran 3-point specialists. "Ray seems like he's in the mid-20s. "We haven't really had a catch-and-shoot player with ability and skill set of Ray." Spoelstra said Lewis also appears rejuvenated and beyond his knee issues. "First time in two years he's been able to lean down and pick up his kids," Spoelstra said of Lewis. "The last two and a half weeks he's been playing and scrimmaging. And immediately you start to see his skill set the hurt us so much when he was with Orlando." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

September 25, 2012 Updates

What about the Miami Heat? James Worthy: I would have to say Miami still has a little edge simply because they won last year. It will be so much easier for them to win again because they know how to do it. With them adding Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, they have tremendous scorers and three-point shooters off the bench. Then they also have the greatest player in the game with LeBron James. I give them the edge because they're defending champions. Los Angeles Times

September 24, 2012 Updates

Will the Heat win back-to-back titles? BB: I've always been this way: Whenever a team wins the championship, I go with that team, because they are the champions. And there's no reason why you wouldn't. But I think the Heat have improved adding Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen. They are going to help them a great deal because now they have dependable three-point shooters to spread the floor. They didn't shoot the ball so well from the three-point line last season, although they did in the Finals. They were fortunate to get hot during the Finals. A lot of people have a problem with what Ray Allen has done as far as leaving the Boston Celtics and going to a rival, so he's going to have to play to the best of his abilities so that he can justify what he's doing. HoopsHype

August 2, 2012 Updates
July 16, 2012 Updates
July 15, 2012 Updates

Heat fans should appreciate Ray Allen next season, because there's no assurance he will be here beyond that. Two sources with direct knowledge tell us that Allen’s two-year deal with the Heat includes a $3.2 million player option for 2013-14. So if Allen wants to become a free agent again next July, he can. So can Rashard Lewis, due $1.4 million in 2013-14. Miami Herald

Heat fans should appreciate Ray Allen next season, because there's no assurance he will be here beyond that. Two sources with direct knowledge tell us that Allen’s two-year deal with the Heat includes a $3.2 million player option for 2013-14. So if Allen wants to become a free agent again next July, he can. So can Rashard Lewis, due $1.4 million in 2013-14. If Allen and Lewis both “opt-in” for 2013-14, Miami again would have only the $3 million mini-mid level exception, even if its amnesties Mike Miller, barring trades. If Allen and Lewis opt out, using the amnesty provision on Miller would give the Heat a $5 million exception. Miami Herald

July 11, 2012 Updates
July 10, 2012 Updates

Rashard Lewis will make nearly $18 million less next season than LeBron James. But that didn’t stop him from borrowing from James when he announced his intention Tuesday to sign with the Miami Heat. “I’m taking my talents to South Beach,’’ Lewis wrote in a text message to Mark Hartfield, a former teammate at Houston’s Alief Elkin High School and the son of their coach, Jarrel Hartfield. FOXSports Florida

Alex Kennedy: Rashard Lewis will officially sign with the Miami Heat tomorrow, source close to the forward confirms. That team is stacked. Twitter

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