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June 10, 2014 Updates

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford on Tuesday denied published reports indicating the Spurs will add highly regarded European coach Ettore Messina to Gregg Popovich’s coaching staff. “Is someone leaving our staff that I don’t know about?” Buford said when asked about the Messina report. “We have not had one conversation with anyone about a coaching position for next season.” San Antonio Express-News

May 17, 2014 Updates
May 7, 2014 Updates

San Antonio Spurs General Manager R.C. Buford was honored Wednesday as the 2013-14 NBA Executive of the Year by the National Basketball Association. Spurs fans know Buford well for the great working relationship he has had with Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich and Chairman and CEO Peter Holt. news4sanantonio.com

April 22, 2014 Updates
March 13, 2014 Updates

Q: Gregg Popovich said recently that Nando De Colo requested a trade earlier in the season. Were you exploring a trade all season, or did the deal with Toronto (traded Austin Daye to the Spurs for De Colo last month) just pop up last minute? RC Buford: I mean we looked for opportunities to help our team. There were times when Nando was playing a significant role that made it more difficult than other times because of injuries and such, so when opportunities became available that allowed us to help Nando accomplish his goals and give us an opportunity to look at Austin and see if he might be able to fit; I mean, often times things happen closer to the deadline than most, but it doesn’t mean that you were pursing it any harder or any less hard earlier than that. It’s just, people tend dance toward the deadline. San Antonio Express-News

Q: Speaking of Austin Daye, what are your thoughts on him? Does he fit long-term or is it just something right now — an experiment? RC Buford: I don’t know how you know whether he fits long-term. His body of work for us to evaluate is not great, but I think that parts of his game, that he does well, can fit the way we play. We haven’t had a lot of practice time, and he hasn’t had a lot of game time, so it’s almost impossible to say what his role is other then to say: I think he has an opportunity for the future. He’s under contract for next year and we’ll see what happens. (The time between) now and the end of the summer will have a big impact on his ability to create a role. San Antonio Express-News

March 4, 2014 Updates

Your best season was probably in 2001 with the Spurs because after that you ended up getting a six-year contract worth $48 million with the Portland Trail Blazers, right? Derek Anderson: Yeah, I had a great season, great team, great teammates... The general manager at the time was very disrespectful. The coach, teammates were great, the city and the fans were supergreat... I just didn't like the general manager at all. The GM you're talking about is RC Buford. DA: Yeah. I think he learned, after I left, that you can't be rude to people and expect them to stay [laughs]. HoopsHype

I think that's the very first time I hear some criticism towards Buford. Seems like he's always making the right decisions. DA: Yeah he does now. But look what he did. He had to learn. They won a championship during the lockout and I came two years later. David Robinson was retiring, Sean Elliott... they were losing the core and they had to start all over again. They had to get people in there. Again, when you have a core team like we had and a coach like [Gregg] Popovich, they would have won against the Lakers every year if you had me. HoopsHype

No other elite team has ever been at it as long as the Spurs, whose endless heyday began 17 years ago when Tim Duncan fell to them in the lottery and joined David Robinson in the game's greatest big-man tandem. Of course, Timmy's been on his own for 11 years; that's how long it's been since David retired. It was 14 years from 1999, when the Spurs won the first of their four titles, to last spring when they were five seconds from No. 5 before Miami’s Ray Allen tied Game 6 with a three-pointer, forcing an overtime, and, ultimately, Game 7 which the Heat won. Not even Bill Russell, who won 11 titles in 13 seasons with the Celtics, stuck around that long. Forbes.com

Popovich and his Euro-darkhorse pilfering GM, R.C. Buford, are on Spurs version 3.0, having gone from the original Duncan-Robinson-Sean Elliott nucleus to Duncan-Parker-Ginobili, then to this team that was five seconds away last spring with Kawhi Leonard leading a young supporting cast. Of course, this season they’ve been hit with all sorts of injuries... saving Popovich the trouble of resting guys, who are recuperating instead. In Parker’s case, the “forseeable future” lasted 12 days before he returned to make 10 of 15 shots in a victory over Dallas. Seems like a long run, if you ever stop to think about it. “I do,” said Popovich. “So the next time it gets turned over, somebody else is going to be there.” Forbes.com

September 19, 2013 Updates
September 1, 2013 Updates

The San Antonio Spurs, long innovators in NBA front-office operations, have hired well-respected prep recruiting analyst Dave Telep, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Telep will work in a scouting coordinator role for the NBA draft under GM R.C. Buford, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

July 11, 2013 Updates

“Manu has been an integral part of the Spurs franchise and the San Antonio community for the past decade and we are thrilled that he’ll spend his entire career as a San Antonio Spur,” said Spurs general manager RC Buford. “He’s is one of the most accomplished basketball players on both the NBA and international levels. His selflessness and willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team win are unmatched.” NBA.com

July 4, 2013 Updates

Ultimately, the Splitter and Ginobili deals may be seen as shrewd roster management. A few hours after Ginobili's salary hit the Internet, some of the league's smartest basketball executives marveled at Buford's masterful manipulation of the rules that govern roster building. “It's pretty clear what they're doing,” said one league executive who has been building rosters for most of the past 15 seasons. “With these two contracts, they're going to be just under the (projected salary) cap. Then they'll sign back Gary Neal, go just over the cap and, presto! They've qualified for the full mid-level cap exception, a little more than $5 million. That's going to make them a player for some good free agents who will be looking for jobs.” San Antonio Express-News

June 28, 2013 Updates

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford declined to comment specifically but described the news as premature. “I would leave it to the 76ers or Brett to comment,” he said. “To the best of my knowledge, I think people are jumping the gun on the process. But again, I’m not either the 76ers or Brett.” San Antonio Express-News

June 26, 2013 Updates
June 15, 2013 Updates

It's as hard to picture him as anything other than a San Antonio Spur as it is to picture the Spurs without Ginobili. If he decides to play another season or two, Ginobili could command more on the open market than in San Antonio, although it would almost certainly be less than the $14 million salary he was paid this season. San Antonio general manager R.C. Buford said he hopes it doesn't come to that kind of choice. "We'll address everything after the end of the season," Buford told ESPN's J.A. Adande on Saturday. "But our hope is for Manu to play through his career with the Spurs." ESPN.com

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