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September 5, 2013 Updates

Marc Mundet: Pete Mickeal's agent on RAC1: "Pete Mickeal already knows Barça's opinion. He respects them and he is free to sign with whom he considers. He'll continue playing. He gave priority 2 Barça, but now, he's same possibilities with Madrid, than NBA or EL team". Twitter @MarcMundet78

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“That’s because they’re having an election,” the former MVP of the Spanish ACB League said before Monday’s Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the Grizzlies. Splitter explained that the clubs that own the teams in the Spanish League elect officials every four years, a process that always brings campaign promises. “Every guy who runs for club president promises to bring in this guy or that guy so they can get elected,” he said. San Antonio Express-News

May 27, 2013 Updates

Spanish radio station Cadena SER is reporting that Real Madrid will make free-agent-to-be Tiago Splitter their top target during the offseason. The report, translated stateside at HoopsHype.com, describes the bid as a long-shot. Splitter, is well-known in Spain’s Liga ACB, where he played 10 seasons for three clubs. He was the 2010 MVP with Tau Cerámica, before joining the Spurs for the 2010-11 NBA season. The Brazilian became a naturalized citizen of Spain in 2004, and his wife is Spanish. San Antonio Express-News

May 24, 2013 Updates

While the Bulls have always been privately confident that Mirotic would come to Chicago next summer, even they don't know for sure. First, they would have to negotiate a buyout with Real Madrid. If they get past that complicated step, the most interesting portion of the negotiations will begin. As Forman stated, Mirotic could be signed for an exception or any available cap space. What if the Bulls offer him the midlevel exception at $5 million a year and he says no? What if he wants more and says that he will stay in Europe if he doesn't get the deal he is seeking? The Bulls believe that Mirotic could develop into a star at the 4, but how much cap space are they willing to give toward his future? The 22-year-old would appear to have most of the leverage in this negotiation. ESPN.com

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April 12, 2013 Updates

NBA teams interested in Mejri will have to compete with Euro teams for his services, though. Agent Bouna Ndiaye told HoopsHype they will test the Spanish and European market first - with Real Madrid reportedly in the lead now - and will only look at NBA options second. "I would be happy playing here with a Euroleague or Eurocup team too," Mejri said. "But the NBA... That would be a dream." HoopsHype

April 11, 2013 Updates

Chicago Bulls fans eager for Nikola Mirotic to join the team that drafted him with the 24th pick in 2011 will likely have to wait until the summer of 2014, general manager Gar Forman explained. "You're slotted in the first round, and I think the slot for No. 24 is $1.3 or $1.4 million," Forman said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "Well, he makes a lot more money than that right now over at Real Madrid. So the way the CBA is written is after three years then you're no longer slotted. Then you can use whether it's exception room or cap room in order to pay a guy. "So there's no possibility this summer because next year will be his third year. But after next year, the summer of 2014, then we'll be able to start some negotiations as far as a buyout possibly with Real Madrid or negotiate with him to come over here." ESPN.com

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