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November 25, 2014 Updates

Amar’e Stoudemire feels the Knicks were struck down by angels Monday night. Stoudemire chose an interesting metaphor to describe the way James Harden rallied the Rockets to victory. In fact, Stoudemire thinks Harden’s 6-of-6 free-throw shooting line in the final period was something out of divine intervention. In a clear slap at the officiating, Stoudemire said: “It was like an angel came down and started calling calls for him. Down the stretch, I don’t see how he was getting those foul calls.’’ New York Post

November 22, 2014 Updates

The NBA announced today that a scoring error was made during the Milwaukee Bucks-Toronto Raptors game on Nov. 21 at Air Canada Centre, which impacted the final score of the game but not the final outcome of the game. Bucks forward John Henson was incorrectly credited with a 3-point field goal when he made a jump shot in the lane with 1:44 remaining in the fourth quarter. The game statistics have been corrected and the final score of the game is Toronto 124, Milwaukee 82. Henson’s scoring total has been changed to six points in the official box score. All NBA games are reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the game statistics. Below is a link to video of Henson’s shot: http://www.nba.com/video/channels/originals/2014/11/22/bops-john-henson-hook-shot-112114.nba/ NBA.com

November 17, 2014 Updates
November 16, 2014 Updates

James Ham: Spoke with Pete D'Alessandro earlier and he says the NBA is still reviewing the Kings protest from Memphis. Kings believe they have a case. Twitter @James_Ham

November 11, 2014 Updates

In a rare state-of-the-Knicks address, Phil Jackson couldn't help himself. In addition to some illuminating observations about Carmelo Anthony and the triangle offense, the Knicks' team president fell into a familiar role: criticizing the referees. "I did step on the court today and tell players that if guys lean all over you and put their nose in your business, you have a right to protect yourself," Jackson said Monday night, using one of his pet peeves to answer a question about how involved he is with the team's day-to-day, on-court activities. "I was disappointed in the refereeing the other night with letting Atlanta slap the ball out of our players' hands and get turnovers that were really out of the positional favor. So we have to be much firmer with the ball and so that irritated me as a sideline observer." At one point, Jackson remarked that the reason he took the Knicks job was the opportunity to "impart what I have learned." Perhaps, the Zen Master also missed writing fine checks to the league office. CBSSports.com

November 10, 2014 Updates

The league has gone to great pains to say that the Replay Center, which gets direct game feeds from each of the NBA's 29 arenas, serves to supplement the referees, not do their job for them -- though it has not shuttered the notion that improved technology in future years might make using the Replay Center for the final decision possible. "Our feeling was the following: The Center is not here to replace the official," NBA Vice President of Operations Rod Thorn said Saturday. "We try to help the ref make the right call by giving him the best angle possible. His job is to call the game. At this particular time, that's the best approach for us. But as you know, in the modern NBA, we study everything. At some point in time, if we feel there's something that can help, then we'll address it." NBA.com

At any rate, using the Replay Center was not a topic of negotiation with the officials before the start of the season. The league says it wants the game in the officials' hands, and that using the Replay Center doesn't change the referees' job description to the point where it needed to be collectively bargained. "Our feeling is we have the right to do that, because we set what you [the referees] do and don't do, in essence," Thorn said. "We don't look at that as a collective bargaining issue at all. Obviously we worked very closely with the officials in trying to implement this. We listen if they have any advice for us or have any questions about this. But the NBA has implemented it, and we'll go from there." NBA.com

The inner ring of the RC (I would tire quickly continually typing "Replay Center") has three stations, manned by the three Replay Managers that oversee the Center. Those are senior league executives -- including Borgia, Executive Vice President of Referee Operations Mike Bantom and Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations Kiki Vandeweghe. Former NBA referee Bob Delaney also serves as a Replay Manager. There is also a PR person on staff every night to send out tweets via the league's NBA official handle (@NBA) any time there is an official review. Everyone who watches games on a given night works on staggered schedules. No one is pulling a 10-12 hour day, Borgia says, because tired people make mistakes. NBA.com

November 7, 2014 Updates

Hayward pulled a Hayward in the first half when he timed a James layup attempt and blocked it from behind. The Cavs though it was goaltending. The superstar even said he was told by an NBA ref at halftime that was the case. So, Hayward? “It was close,” he admitted. “They didn’t call it a goaltend. That’s all that matters, right?” Hayward wasn’t about to give any Cavs a chance to block his shot on the other end. He hurried back on offense and finished the highlight sequence off with a thundering dunk. Deseret News

November 5, 2014 Updates

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