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December 31, 2013 Updates

After Jose Calderon’s foul on Rubio led to a reset with 3.0 seconds on the clock, the defensive burden was fittingly placed on Marion’s broad shoulders. The versatile forward would answer the call, forcing a miss by Love in the final seconds to secure the win. “Listen, it was only fitting that he made that play. It was a great job,” Carlisle said of Marion’s defensive prowess in the final moments. “I just tried to make it hard for him, and I just stayed down and was ready to anticipate anything,” Marion added. “I’m all about winning games, whatever it takes. That’s all it boils down to.” Leading the way to the win with a season-high 32 points for his best scoring output as a Mav on 14-of-19 shooting and 4 of 6 from behind the arc, Marion also added six rebounds and three assists. “The last two games I think you can tell he’s confident,” Ellis said of his veteran teammate after Marion also registered a double-double with 14 points and 13 rebounds against Chicago. “I think he’s more tuned in of being disrespected by other teams leaving him that way, so he’s been working on his game and it’s paying off the last two games.” mavs.com

Timberwolves radio broadcaster Alan Horton absolutely unloaded on the referees during his play-by-play call of the game’s closing seconds, specifically name-checking both David Guthrie and Ed Malloy, who worked the game with Scott Twardoski. “The Timberwolves are screaming for a foul,” Horton said, as he watched replays of the final play in real time. “There was none called. Rubio off to Love — OH, THAT’S A FOUL! Love moved to his left on Marion, Shawn had his hand out, he went right across the arm of Love. That… is… unbelievable! The referees are booed as they go off the floor. BRUTAL! David Guthrie is right there, he didn’t have the guts to call it. Also… OH! ED MALLOY! 100-98. [Malloy] was sitting right there along the baseline and didn’t make the call. Marion went across the arm of Love. Any replay you look at shows that that was a foul. Ed Malloy was right there and didn’t make the call.” SI.com

December 3, 2013 Updates

Even Kings minority partner Shaquille O'Neal, who went through a similar learning curve with the officials, supposedly swings by once a month to impart some wisdom, although veteran Chuck Hayes rolled his eyes at O'Neal's assertion that he and Cousins are alike. "I don't think there's a similarity in the two at all," Hayes said. "In game, personality or character." Hayes believes Cousins, ultimately, needs to be the one communicating to the people he dislikes the most: the refs. "He needs to learn their names," Hayes said. "Their first names. Shane Battier taught me that. It's amazing what a difference that can make." Bleacher Report

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November 15, 2013 Updates

Anthony, who had 10 rebounds to go with his 45 points on 17-for-30 shooting, was salty about something else in the locker room afterward -- the foul disparity, and not getting calls himself. The Rockets were 38-for-44 from the free-throw line; the Knicks were 22-for-27. "You see how guys get their calls," Anthony said. "Me, I've got to get cut. You've got to see blood for me to get a call down there." CBSSports.com

November 14, 2013 Updates
November 13, 2013 Updates

C.J. McCollum: What is your day-to-day schedule like now, being in such a position in terms of controlling the fines? Rod Thorn: I get here anywhere from 8 to 8:30 (a.m.), and we have people that work here who have a series of reports that I go through when I get in. Did we have any flagrant fouls last night? Did we have any technical fouls? Did we have any altercations, fights, anything of that nature? I’ll have a report on all of that. We want to make sure that we’re on top of everything so that’s the first thing I do when I come in. If there is an altercation anywhere, I will always get a phone call, no matter what time it is. If there is an altercation, you interview the players to see what they felt about it and you end up making whatever decision you end up making. Normally we have anywhere from three to five meetings a day on a range of subjects. We’re also involved in international here, we have 18 people that I’m responsible for that work internationally so we get reports from them, talk to them, and see what’s going on in their lives. NBA.com

November 7, 2013 Updates

Carter got tangled up with Thunder rookie center Steven Adams under the basket with 4:01 to go in the third quarter. Adams instigated the tussle when he delivered a shove to Carter's neck area. But Carter, who has been in the league 16 seasons and usually keeps his cool, unleashed a sharp forearm or elbow to the neck and head of Adams. Carter got a flagrant foul, penalty two, for the play and was ejected from the game. Further penalties could be coming from the league office, which reviews all flagrant fouls. A suspension is not out of the question. Afterward, Carter was upset with his emotional lapse. Dallas Morning News

"I just want to apologize to the fans of both sides," he said. "There's no need for it. They're trying to clean up the game and make it fun for fans to watch. It was one of those things where I got caught in the moment and reacted to a reaction that was done to you. My intentions have never been that way. It's just one of those things." Asked if he thought the league would suspend him, Carter said: "It is what it is. There's nothing you can do. I hurt my team giving up free throws and points, so, I just have to deal with the consequences and move forward. It happened. Sometimes when you do something like that, you wish you could take it back. It was a physical game. We have a lot of history. All of them have been chippy and edgy." Dallas Morning News

November 1, 2013 Updates

The NBA has downgraded DeAndre Jordan's foul on Nick Young from a flagrant 1 to a standard personal foul. Jordan fouled Young with 1:25 left in the second quarter of the Clippers' 116-103 loss to the Lakers on Tuesday. The officials ruled it flagrant during live action, then confirmed it on review -- awarding the Lakers two free throws and possession of the ball. Los Angeles Times

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