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This offseason, Jackson is eligible for an extension for the first time. “Hopefully we’ll sit down and figure things out,” Reggie Jackson said. It’s the James Harden summer, as some could infamously recall, the offseason in which he was shipped from OKC because he couldn’t see eye-to-eye with the organization about an extension. But despite the somewhat similar on-court situations — Jackson is now filling Harden’s bench role – the business side of things is drastically different. Oklahoman

As a restricted free agent following next season, Jackson will have plenty of potential suitors. But he won’t command near a max deal, which Harden got in Houston. So he falls a lot closer to the Thunder’s price range. Plus, this time around, OKC will be more financially flexible. When Jackson’s extension would take effect, Kendrick Perkins’ $9 million deal will be coming off the books, Serge Ibaka’s contract will remain flat and, as has been reported recently, the NBA’s luxury tax is expected to be elevated. Oklahoman

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The biggest questions going into Game 5 for the Thunder is the status of two of the team’s starters, Reggie Jackson and Serge Ibaka. Jackson rolled his right ankle early in Game 4 but sounds as if he’s blocking out whatever pain and discomfort he might be feeling entering Thursday’s contest. “I’ll be ready at tip-off,” Jackson said. “I’m not really worried about it. Mentally just get through it. No excuses. I’m just ready to play…When game time comes, I have no injury. That’s about as much as I can say for it. I’m going to be able to do what I normally do. I have to mentally push through it and go out there and play the way I play.” Oklahoman

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So far, that’s not Jackson. Soft-spoken. Introspective. Considerate of people. Jackson goes around saying that the only thing that can happen at the foul line is make or miss. The only thing that can happen in a ballgame is win or lose. He seems to have the perspective of a padre, not a pit bull point guard, though that’s exactly what he is. “The embrace meant so much,” Jackson said. “We all may have our moments where we’re barking at each other, trying to get things done, but we’ve been here watching each other putting in the work to get better. Just that moment, getting it done, didn’t matter who got it done. We were happy to get it done. “Special to share that moment with ‘em. We believe in each other so much. We’ve been talking about being able to hoist the trophy. We felt like that was a big moment for us.” Oklahoman

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However, Durant said he wouldn’t allow his players to wear an opponent’s brand of shoes if he was a coach, echoing the sentiment of Denver coach Brian Shaw earlier this season and even singling out one of his teammates. “I get on Reggie almost every day, he wears LeBron’s,” Durant said. “Fish (Derek Fisher) wore some Kobe’s when he first got here, but I gave him a pass because him and Kobe are like BFFs. I can feel where Brian Shaw coming from.” Oklahoman

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Another tense moment came between Jackson and Durant at the end of the first period, though. This time, Jackson didn’t so much as look off KD as much as he just didn’t get it to him as the Thunder was holding for the final shot. Instead of immediately firing it to Durant after he grabbed a defensive rebound with 9.9 seconds remaining, Jackson dribbled slowly up the court as Durant was calling for it. When they crossed halfcourt, Durant still was calling for Jackson to get him the ball. But Jackson went with it, eventually pulling up for a 15-footer that rattled around before falling out. Oklahoman

Jones missed the putback and the Thunder came up empty. Durant wasn’t happy about it. He was shaking his head in what appeared to be a mix between disappointment and disbelief. But as the two began to walk toward the bench, they stopped near the free throw line and started discussing the sequence. They stood there, alone as three teammates watched nearby, discussing the matter. Oklahoman

By the looks of it, Jackson was explaining that it was a miscommunication and he might have thought KD was going to a different spot on the floor. After roughly 30 seconds going back in forth trying to figure it out, the two smiled, gave each other five and went and took a seat on the bench. Oklahoman

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Thunder guard Reggie Jackson didn't win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge while partnered with Phoenix guard Goran Dragic. But maybe Jackson will be back next year for a different competition. He expressed interest this week in participating in the dunk contest. “I wouldn't rule it out,” Jackson said. “I was told that I was mentioned as possibly an alternate (this year). I'm happy I didn't get picked. I don't want to be necessarily rewarded maybe for being shorter and dunking. I actually want to have some good tricks up my sleeve if I do anything.” Oklahoman

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Darnell Mayberry: Using Jackson in this fashion is seriously the biggest reason why I think his days in OKC are numbered. There’s no reason a guy as talented as he is, with Russell Westbrook sidelined, should be subject to such sporadic minutes. He’s better than a backup at this point but will never start in OKC. And unless he’s getting not just starter’s minutes, but also sensible minutes, why stick around? Not to mention the money aspect. Remember this night when it comes time for Jackson to make a decision on his future. Oklahoman

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