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March 14, 2014 Updates

Jones missed the putback and the Thunder came up empty. Durant wasn’t happy about it. He was shaking his head in what appeared to be a mix between disappointment and disbelief. But as the two began to walk toward the bench, they stopped near the free throw line and started discussing the sequence. They stood there, alone as three teammates watched nearby, discussing the matter. Oklahoman

By the looks of it, Jackson was explaining that it was a miscommunication and he might have thought KD was going to a different spot on the floor. After roughly 30 seconds going back in forth trying to figure it out, the two smiled, gave each other five and went and took a seat on the bench. Oklahoman

February 16, 2014 Updates

Thunder guard Reggie Jackson didn't win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge while partnered with Phoenix guard Goran Dragic. But maybe Jackson will be back next year for a different competition. He expressed interest this week in participating in the dunk contest. “I wouldn't rule it out,” Jackson said. “I was told that I was mentioned as possibly an alternate (this year). I'm happy I didn't get picked. I don't want to be necessarily rewarded maybe for being shorter and dunking. I actually want to have some good tricks up my sleeve if I do anything.” Oklahoman

January 19, 2014 Updates
January 1, 2014 Updates

Darnell Mayberry: Using Jackson in this fashion is seriously the biggest reason why I think his days in OKC are numbered. There’s no reason a guy as talented as he is, with Russell Westbrook sidelined, should be subject to such sporadic minutes. He’s better than a backup at this point but will never start in OKC. And unless he’s getting not just starter’s minutes, but also sensible minutes, why stick around? Not to mention the money aspect. Remember this night when it comes time for Jackson to make a decision on his future. Oklahoman

December 22, 2013 Updates
December 20, 2013 Updates
December 18, 2013 Updates
December 6, 2013 Updates
December 4, 2013 Updates

It’s absolutely too early to really think about this seeing as Jackson isn’t eligible for an extension off his rookie scale deal until July 1 of next summer. And if no extension is reached there prior to Oct. 31 (sound familiar?), he’d become a restricted free agent July 1, 2015. Meaning, the Thunder would have the ability to match on any offer sheet he signs. But again, the fear is increasing as Jackson puts up lines like 23 points on 10-14 shooting, 18 on 8-11 and 13 on 5-10, looking like all his game is missing is an over-the-top beard. DailyThunder.com

November 25, 2013 Updates

Jackson's waited a little longer. He was a rookie, a late first-rounder in 2011, when the Thunder reached The Finals against Miami, not getting much time at all as he learned the ropes. But OKC veterans like Nazr Mohammad put the word out that the kid was getting things done in practice, and that he was going to be good. "It was tough," Jackson said. "A guy like Nazr told me to be patient, just continue to work, and my time would come. Nazr and Royal Ivey were my vets. I give them a lot of credit for not letting me go haywire ... just preaching to me on road trips that my hard work was going to pay off." NBA.com

November 22, 2013 Updates

“Perk takes a lot of bullying for us,” Thunder guard Reggie Jackson said. “He makes it easy. He brought that fire for us. Got us a little amped up. Especially with his pregame speech, talking about us being dogs, going out there, being aggressive.” Oklahoman

November 4, 2013 Updates

Brooks on Jackson and Westbrook together: “They’ve both become dynamic players on the offensive end. One of your guards is usually going to be a 2-guard, and you’re going to have to pick who you’re going to guard with. Guarding a point in this league if you’re not a point is hard. For whatever reason, that step over is tough. And they’re both great pick-and-roll players and I trust Russell’s ability to guard any 1s, 2s or 3s in this league with the exception of a few. And they’re both great defensive rebounders for their position.” DailyThunder.com

October 31, 2013 Updates

After the game, Jackson walked gingerly through the team's dressing room, grimacing as he sat at his cubicle. When asked about the injury, Jackson just looked up and smiled, choosing to not comment. Asked how long he's been dealing with discomfort, Jackson again declined to comment. With customary starter Russell Westbrook sidelined while recovering from knee surgery, the Thunder can't afford to lose Jackson. Veteran Derek Fisher is the only other healthy point guard on the roster. Oklahoman

October 25, 2013 Updates
October 21, 2013 Updates

“Oh, man. Russell today…” Jackson said when asked how Westbrook looked, cracking a sly smile. “It’s actually funny. My brother and his brother talk a little before games. His brother told mine that Russell’s probably bouncing better than ever. I had to see it to believe it. One of the dunks (today), he went up and looked like the old Russell, plus some, head at the rim. We’ll be happy when he gets back fully healthy, but it’s good to see him with a smile on his face, being about the team, bouncing back and happy to be back on the court.” Oklahoman

July 8, 2013 Updates
May 17, 2013 Updates
May 16, 2013 Updates

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