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January 5, 2015 Updates
December 7, 2014 Updates

How much has it helped going against Westbrook over the years in practice? Reggie Jackson: It has helped a lot. We got a dog in the fight. He is always competitive, I am always competitive. We both want to prove we are the best point guard each day we step on the court. Both believe in ourselves a tremendous amount. I am sure he thinks he is the best and I do the same, so I think once you get too aggressive, personalize it like that, it is fun. It makes both of us excel in our game. HoopsHype

As a rookie you saw minimal time. How difficult was coming in and not seeing much action? RJ: It was tough not playing. I understood it might happen, but I was as very optimistic that I could come there and play immediately. It didn’t happen, so I took advantage of watching other guys play and see what brought them success and I also watched what failed to work. I would sit down at the time with my assistant coach Brian Keefe, who is with the New York Knicks. HoopsHype

November 17, 2014 Updates

Harden held out for what he believed he was worth. Jackson is now doing the same. “I fell into the same situation, and that could have been my only contract And I’m sure Reggie feels the same way,” Harden told The Oklahoman. “He has to get the money that he’s earned and that he’s worked his whole life for. It’s the nature of the business. It’s going to happen every single year and it’s going to continue to happen.” Oklahoman

Harden’s advice for Jackson as he navigates this process is simple: keep your head up. “I just said to him, keep going out there and hooping,” Harden said. “Do what you’re doing; going out there, being aggressive and attacking, being the vocal leader that you are and everything will fall into place.” Oklahoman

November 15, 2014 Updates

Reggie Jackson wanted to shoulder the responsibility, because I assume that’s what he read it says to do in the Alpha Dog Handbook. “I failed my teammates,” Jackson said, somehow low-talking even more than he normally does. “They played great. We were never supposed to go to overtime. I let them down tonight. If anyone rests uneasy, it’s my fault.” DailyThunder.com

Jackson was talking about the look he at at the end of regulation, a clean opportunity at the buzzer to put the Pistons away and seal a big win for the Thunder. He shook Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on an iso at the free throw line, but seemed to stumble just slightly. He was open, but didn’t have enough time to reset, so he faded and let it fly high, hoping for one of those traditionally favorable Chesapeake bounces. It circled the iron and fell out, and the Thunder were off to an overtime they never gave themselves a chance in. “Loved it, loved the look I got,” Jackson said. “I was wide open. Just didn’t go in.” DailyThunder.com

November 14, 2014 Updates

He’s generating a market value that’ll test the Thunder’s resolve in restricted free agency this summer. Every night, executives examine Jackson, and his offer sheet possibilities are climbing into the $13 million to $14 million range. As one Eastern Conference executive told Yahoo Sports: “He’s a bigger Eric Bledsoe – and probably better.” Yahoo! Sports

Jackson turned down the security of the extension offer in October – risking injury this season and loss of value – for ultimately a simple reason: He doesn’t need the financial security as much as he needs his dogged pursuit of becoming an NBA starter, becoming a star. Oklahoma City can match an offer sheet this summer, but that’s a dance that Jackson wants no part of discussing now. “I am still with the Thunder,” he told Yahoo, “and there are no selfish thoughts when I’m on the floor. I am going to help this team win.” Yahoo! Sports

Reggie Jackson still doesn’t own a car. He drives a Hyundai on a sweetheart lease with an Oklahoma City dealership. He’d use a moped, but understands that’s probably a bad idea. He shops for his clothes on the Macy’s and H&M clearance racks, forever searching for the double markdown – red sticker clumped upon red sticker. “I just need to look presentable on the walk from the bus into the arena,” Jackson told Yahoo Sports. “My goal every day, basically, is to not get fined for the dress code. I’ve never needed much. “I’m a minimalist.” Yahoo! Sports

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November 10, 2014 Updates

Travis appreciates that Reggie learns from disappointing moments. He likes that he lets others provide the praise when he's doing well. He just knows how hard he works and wants him to stay positive. “[Travis] has always been there for me,” Jackson said. “Somebody I can always come back to. He'll let me know things. Life's not always perfect, it's not always gonna go the way I scripted it. He's someone, when I get kind of down and gloomy, someone who always picks my spirits up and lets me know that, I guess he's saying to me I was destined to be great so just understand that and I gotta kind of sometimes be easier on myself and let things go. That's probably something I've dealt with my whole life, just being hard. Whether it was in the classroom, no matter what I was doing in life, I'm just constantly beating myself up. So I've just been trying to get better with myself over my career.” CBSSports.com

“I just want to be perfect in everything I do,” Jackson said. “Growing up, as a kid, I always woke up early. I guess the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm' is something that stuck with me. I worked super hard, always tried to be the first guy in, the last one out, that mentality. I want to be the best to ever play. That's just how I approach it.” CBSSports.com

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