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December 8, 2012 Updates

The Oklahoma City Thunder has assigned guard Reggie Jackson to the Tulsa 66ers of the NBA Development League, it was announced today by Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti. Jackson has appeared in 10 games this season with Oklahoma City averaging 1.8 points and 1.0 rebound in 5.6 minutes per contest. NBA.com

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Had Reggie Jackson remained at Boston College for his senior year, the Eagles likely would have finished better than their 9-22 record last season. But Jackson decided to take a chance on a professional career, and the move paid off as he reached the NBA Finals as a reserve guard with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Jackson knew he would be taking a chance when he declared himself eligible for the draft, partly because a work stoppage was looming. His first professional season did not go smoothly, and Jackson is focused on making up for lost time in preparing for next season. “It was a roller coaster ride, not knowing what was going to happen during the season,” Jackson said. “I got hurt, there was the lockout, a shortened training camp, so I wasn’t able to go through a full preseason. I was behind the eight-ball right away. “We had a bright future and a lot of people picked us to win. Then Eric Maynor goes down and he’s one of the best point guards in the league.” Boston Globe

Asked about being prepared for the adjustment to the professional game, Jackson replied, “Hard to tell. The biggest thing is mental, I believe. I was probably as ready mentally as I could be to take on everything — stepping into Eric’s shoes and taking criticism and just being able to bounce back. “It helped, hopefully, and it will help me throughout next season. I’ve definitely just been taking care of my body and, since I’m getting older, my muscles are catching up with each other, and I’m stronger all over. I’ve gained weight, probably 10 pounds from my junior season at BC to my rookie season.” Boston Globe

July 7, 2012 Updates

Royce Young: OKC announces its summer league team. Of note: Cole Aldrich, Perry Jones III, Reggie Jackson, Lazar Hayward, Latavious Williams, Ryan Reid. Twitter

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Thunder reserve guard Reggie Jackson visited Norman “Michael” Richards III, who was shot in Bricktown after Oklahoma City’s series- clinching win over the Lakers, in the hospital Friday. “It’s a sad incident,” Jackson said. “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t seem like he or his family are bitter about it. It was good to sit down and talk with him and hopefully brighten up his day.” Oklahoman

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The reins fell to rookie Reggie Jackson to assume Maynor’s duties as the second unit’s floor general. It’s a mixed blessing to get an opportunity for real minutes at the expense of a teammate’s fate. “Unfortunately with his injury, I’ve had to step into that spot, “Jackson told HOOPSWORLD. “(It’s) a chance to carve out my role.” Jackson explained how Maynor has been verbally helping him adjust since he can’t physically demonstrate anything at the moment. “I love the way the team is, at the same time me and him (Maynor) do compete. All of us compete. He’s been hitting up almost like a big brother…congratulating me, telling me things where I can improve, really how to get the guys situated and what their tendencies are. We’re all helping each other out.” HoopsWorld

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August 8, 2011 Updates

While most veteran players have had their paychecks suspended, they at least have, or should have, some kind of coin in reserve. Jackson has yet to receive his first pro check at all. Instead of signing his rookie contract last month, Jackson was forced to take out a loan. He says it's a small amount that only keeps him afloat. “I'm trying to pay back as little as I can and just get through the times right now,” Jackson said. “I've grown up not being super wealthy. I went to college being broke and found a way to manage through that. So I'm just getting by. Basketball's never been about money and never will be. I'm living comfortably enough to where I'm satisfied. But I'm also not out there buying a big house and a big car. I'm not trying to do that. I'm OK with settling for less fancy things.” Oklahoman

August 1, 2011 Updates

The day before the draft, Sports Illustrated reported that the Thunder had given Jackson a promise, citing speculation among numerous league executives. Other rumors had Jackson linked to Miami, which owned the 31st overall pick in the second round. It was never clear whether the Heat promised Jackson and triggered the Thunder to snatch him up earlier, whether the Thunder promised Jackson and stuck to its guns or whether it was all hogwash. Oklahoman

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