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November 10, 2014 Updates

Travis appreciates that Reggie learns from disappointing moments. He likes that he lets others provide the praise when he's doing well. He just knows how hard he works and wants him to stay positive. “[Travis] has always been there for me,” Jackson said. “Somebody I can always come back to. He'll let me know things. Life's not always perfect, it's not always gonna go the way I scripted it. He's someone, when I get kind of down and gloomy, someone who always picks my spirits up and lets me know that, I guess he's saying to me I was destined to be great so just understand that and I gotta kind of sometimes be easier on myself and let things go. That's probably something I've dealt with my whole life, just being hard. Whether it was in the classroom, no matter what I was doing in life, I'm just constantly beating myself up. So I've just been trying to get better with myself over my career.” CBSSports.com

“I just want to be perfect in everything I do,” Jackson said. “Growing up, as a kid, I always woke up early. I guess the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm' is something that stuck with me. I worked super hard, always tried to be the first guy in, the last one out, that mentality. I want to be the best to ever play. That's just how I approach it.” CBSSports.com

November 7, 2014 Updates

Perkins wasn’t proud of his actions, either. “Just let the game come to you,” Perkins said about Jackson. “But with myself and with Serge, we got to do a better job with our body language and leadership skills, because I didn’t like the way I acted in the Brooklyn game as far as my body language toward Reggie. But we know Reggie means well. We support him. He’s one of my good friends off the court. So it’s no harm in that.” Oklahoman

Some have determined that he doesn’t want to be here and have braced themselves for that perceived desire to become a problem. Now, whether fair or not, Jackson will be criticized at the slightest sign of selfish play. Any possession that ends without Jackson making a pass is liable to be deemed stat-padding. Any forced shot could be seen as money-seeking selfishness. Oklahoman

“I don’t play for the fans so I’m not worried,” Jackson said when asked to explain future moments that might be viewed as selfish. “As long as my teammates know that my heart’s in the right spot, that I’m trying to do everything I can to go out there and compete and help my teammates and that we’re all trying to rally and get a win, that’s all I care about. Some fans are going to cheer you on. Some fans aren’t going to do so. They’re going to criticize you. That’s how the world works. So I’m not really worried about it.” Oklahoman

November 5, 2014 Updates
November 4, 2014 Updates

Chris Mannix: On Reggie Jackson: Don't expect a James Harden situation to unfold. Thunder confident they can and will match offers next summer, I'm told. Twitter @ChrisMannixSI

And Thunder coach Scott Brooks had been so happy earlier in the day about getting Reggie Jackson back from injury for the Nets game. "Having nine guys is a lot better than eight," Brooks said, having turned to page 373 in the coach's handbook, in the chapter titled, "How to placate the media with gallows humor." Well, now it's back to eight -- and, by the way, Jackson shot 8-for-20 with seven turnovers in his return. "I felt like I let my team down," Jackson said. CBSSports.com

November 3, 2014 Updates
November 1, 2014 Updates

Royce Young: Jackson and the Thunder were never close on a deal. They're tabling the talks for next summer while letting the market decide his value. Twitter @royceyoung

“Bottom line,” one NBA general manager told Yahoo Sports, “how much are they willing to pay for Westbrook’s backup?” The loss of Westbrook to a fractured hand on Thursday night – possibly for a month – will give Jackson a chance to showcase his skills in the near future, a platform that could make Jackson’s case for a free-agent deal. Some teams believe Jackson could command a deal in the $13 million-$14 million-plus annual range – especially because of a belief that investing more into an offer sheet could cripple the Thunder’s chances of matching it. Yahoo! Sports

October 31, 2014 Updates

After discussions on a contract extension perished on Friday, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson is determined to pursue restricted free agency as a means to hunt a starting job in the NBA, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Jackson has been described as eager to get on the market next summer, out of All-Star Russell Westbrook’s shadow and prove his value as a frontline NBA point guard. Yahoo! Sports

Some teams believe Jackson could command a deal in the $13 million-$14 million-plus annual range – especially because of a belief that investing more into an offer sheet could cripple the Thunder’s chances of matching it. Yahoo! Sports

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