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Thunder general manager Sam Presti said Thursday he hasn't considered trading guard Reggie Jackson if no contract extension is reached before the Oct. 31 deadline. "We don't look at [Jackson] as anything other than a core member," Presti said. "We want to invest in Reggie. There's not a lack of clarity in that regard. Figuring out how best we do that is my job. And I'm going to do everything I can because I believe that he's a great example of a lot of things that we try to do here. He was drafted, he's been developed by our coaches and our support staff and the next step is to keep him with us for a long time." ESPN.com

"That's just not something we've considered," Presti said about the possibility of repeating a trade with Jackson. "I think with him in particular he's a guy we see being here for a long time. It may not be something we get solved in October, but the system is set up to try and give you an early opportunity to do that and we'll try to take advantage of that. We want to get things done in advance if possible, but if not, we'll pick it up next season and do it in earnest again." ESPN.com

September 3, 2014 Updates

How are contract negotiations going? Reggie Jackson: We haven’t really talked about it much this summer. I know my representation and the Thunder have been talking. But mostly I haven’t really gotten to talk super much about it. I’ve been busy. I think we’re just trying to figure things out and hopefully we can get a deal done. Do you think something will get done before the deadline? Reggie Jackson: I’m not sure. I’m always hopeful. I’m hoping for the best, expecting the worst. That’s just how I kind of approach things. I’m just happy and blessed to be able to play basketball another day and wake up another day. Just seeing another day is a blessing. I hope to get things done. But if not, it is what it is. I can’t really dwell on it. I have to go out there and compete. That’s where I am. I have to go out there and enjoy the game and trust that my representation and us sitting down and figuring things out is hopefully going to lead to us getting something done before the deadline. Oklahoman

To piggyback on that, what did you make of the deals Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons got this summer, and do you look at those extensions as sort of barometers for yourself? Reggie Jackson: Yeah. I definitely factor in all those things. Young players getting paid. Especially with Gordon, who I believe was the class before me, and then Chandler who was in my class. A second-round pick who I’m happy for. He went out and got a major payday, and hopefully he lives up to the expectations. I’m sure he’s preparing for this season. We met each other, I believe, our rookie year. Chandler’s a great guy. Oklahoman

What can we expect to see from you next season? Reggie Jackson: Probably an even more confident player. Just somebody who’s going to go out there and be free flowing. I think the great players in this league treat it as pick-up. They just go out there and have fun. They don't really think necessarily too much. They just play instinctively. I’m still trying to get better at not beating myself up about plays. Try to learn from them. I’ve got to move on and just continue to play and just correct myself and understand I’ve been playing this game my whole life. Oklahoman

Is it something that you can see happening next year, or on this team would you be more comfortable coming off the bench? Reggie Jackson: Nah (laughs). I don’t think about ever coming off the bench for any team. If that’s the role I’m put in, that’s what I’m put in. But since the day I thought about playing in the NBA, I’ve always been a starter. Everything I’ve thought about, whether it be middle school, high school, kids leagues, I never envisioned coming off the bench. When you think about playing basketball, you see the first five guys get on the floor, and that’s something I’ve always prided myself on being. I want to be the best player I can be. I want to be the best player in the world. I don’t think those guys are necessarily coming off the bench. So I’ve never thought about that or even had that idea in the back of my mind. Oklahoman

Reggie Jackson: For some people it’s important. To others it’s not. It’s very prideful for me. I feel like I’m very talented. I feel like I can lead a team. That’s just how I’ve been raised and that’s just how I’ve always felt. I want to be the guy in charge. I want to be the guy leading the team. The head of the snake. I guess that’s just how I’m encrypted DNA-wise. I played quarterback in high school. I had a year I was a receiver. But I was more comfortable playing quarterback. I’ve just always been good leading my team. That's how I’ve always been, being vocal. And when the ball’s in my hand, I feel like I can make the right plays and just impact the team. I definitely want to finish the game. That is the most important. But I’ve never envisioned myself coming off the floor. I always felt like I’d start the game and finish and play every minute of every game if that’s what’s asked of me. That’s one of the goals I’ve had and I still have to this day. Oklahoman

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This offseason, Jackson is eligible for an extension for the first time. “Hopefully we’ll sit down and figure things out,” Reggie Jackson said. It’s the James Harden summer, as some could infamously recall, the offseason in which he was shipped from OKC because he couldn’t see eye-to-eye with the organization about an extension. But despite the somewhat similar on-court situations — Jackson is now filling Harden’s bench role – the business side of things is drastically different. Oklahoman

As a restricted free agent following next season, Jackson will have plenty of potential suitors. But he won’t command near a max deal, which Harden got in Houston. So he falls a lot closer to the Thunder’s price range. Plus, this time around, OKC will be more financially flexible. When Jackson’s extension would take effect, Kendrick Perkins’ $9 million deal will be coming off the books, Serge Ibaka’s contract will remain flat and, as has been reported recently, the NBA’s luxury tax is expected to be elevated. Oklahoman

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The biggest questions going into Game 5 for the Thunder is the status of two of the team’s starters, Reggie Jackson and Serge Ibaka. Jackson rolled his right ankle early in Game 4 but sounds as if he’s blocking out whatever pain and discomfort he might be feeling entering Thursday’s contest. “I’ll be ready at tip-off,” Jackson said. “I’m not really worried about it. Mentally just get through it. No excuses. I’m just ready to play…When game time comes, I have no injury. That’s about as much as I can say for it. I’m going to be able to do what I normally do. I have to mentally push through it and go out there and play the way I play.” Oklahoman

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