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January 30, 2012 Updates
January 13, 2012 Updates

The reins fell to rookie Reggie Jackson to assume Maynor’s duties as the second unit’s floor general. It’s a mixed blessing to get an opportunity for real minutes at the expense of a teammate’s fate. “Unfortunately with his injury, I’ve had to step into that spot, “Jackson told HOOPSWORLD. “(It’s) a chance to carve out my role.” Jackson explained how Maynor has been verbally helping him adjust since he can’t physically demonstrate anything at the moment. “I love the way the team is, at the same time me and him (Maynor) do compete. All of us compete. He’s been hitting up almost like a big brother…congratulating me, telling me things where I can improve, really how to get the guys situated and what their tendencies are. We’re all helping each other out.” HoopsWorld

January 8, 2012 Updates
August 8, 2011 Updates

While most veteran players have had their paychecks suspended, they at least have, or should have, some kind of coin in reserve. Jackson has yet to receive his first pro check at all. Instead of signing his rookie contract last month, Jackson was forced to take out a loan. He says it's a small amount that only keeps him afloat. “I'm trying to pay back as little as I can and just get through the times right now,” Jackson said. “I've grown up not being super wealthy. I went to college being broke and found a way to manage through that. So I'm just getting by. Basketball's never been about money and never will be. I'm living comfortably enough to where I'm satisfied. But I'm also not out there buying a big house and a big car. I'm not trying to do that. I'm OK with settling for less fancy things.” Oklahoman

August 1, 2011 Updates

The day before the draft, Sports Illustrated reported that the Thunder had given Jackson a promise, citing speculation among numerous league executives. Other rumors had Jackson linked to Miami, which owned the 31st overall pick in the second round. It was never clear whether the Heat promised Jackson and triggered the Thunder to snatch him up earlier, whether the Thunder promised Jackson and stuck to its guns or whether it was all hogwash. Oklahoman

The man himself says it was the latter. “The speculation helped me, I guess, in getting drafted where I was,” Jackson said in a telephone interview. “I understand this whole promise thing and (the way) everybody looks at it. But draft night is crazy. If everybody knew the draft (beforehand) I don't think people would show up to New York to watch it. I don't think people would tune in to watch it…I had no idea where I was going just like the next guy.” Oklahoman

June 23, 2011 Updates

The Miami Heat adore Boston College’s Reggie Jackson with the 31st pick, but there are questions about him. Jackson has provided no medical records on his knee to teams, and has refused workouts as well as even the most rudimentary of interviews. Several teams with picks in the 20s are still considering drafting him, including the Bulls and New Jersey Nets, but without medical reports it can be hard to guarantee millions of dollars on the rookie wage scale. Riley is intrigued with Jackson’s ability to shoot the ball, and that’s why sources say he prefers Jackson over Duke’s Nolan Smith, the ACC Player of the Year, at that spot. Yahoo! Sports

Numerous executives are speculating that the Thunder (No. 24 pick) have given a promise to Boston College's Reggie Jackson, whose camp has refused all workouts and made it known that the point guard already has an NBA home somewhere. The logic leading them there relates to Oklahoma City's bigger picture. It's believed that the Thunder are preparing for life without backup point guard Eric Maynor because of the finances in play. SI.com

June 22, 2011 Updates

With (Reggie) Jackson sitting out the NBA pre-draft combine and workouts, there has been a lot of speculation that he has a promise in place and we've received word that OKC could be the team. The team is said to be shopping backup point guard Eric Maynor and that could be to clear room for Jackson. Reggie lacks great point guard skills but has a huge (7-foot) wingspan and is a quality isolation player. OKC will hope he can become something in the mold of a Russell Westbrook. He's one of the draft's high risk/reward picks. HoopsHype

June 21, 2011 Updates

Multiple sources indicated to the Herald that Jackson played through the knee injury all season and the procedure was relatively minor. Of course, the fact he’s still not back on the court allows the possibility the injury is more serious. As far as a promise, a handful of teams have been linked to Jackson. The Celtics [team stats], who have the 25th pick, reportedly made a promise to Jackson, but a team source strongly denied that. Obviously, no team is going to tip its hand before the draft, but the presence of Avery Bradley makes the C’s an unlikely landing spot. Bradley is a similar player to Jackson and was the Celtics’ first-round pick last year. Boston Herald

June 19, 2011 Updates
June 18, 2011 Updates

Chad Ford: Bottom line. He's got a promise. It's not Celtics, Nets or Blazers. It's Heat at 31. But it doesn't stop a team from drafting him higher. Twitter

June 17, 2011 Updates
June 1, 2011 Updates

One guy you won't be reading about for the next week or two is Boston College's Reggie Jackson. Jackson didn't show to the Chicago pre-draft combine citing an injury. He hasn't worked out for anyone since, prompting speculation that he might have a promise from a team to be drafted. In recent weeks, speculation on the internet has swirled around the Celtics and Nets as the teams that gave him promises. Not true according to both the teams and a source close to Jackson. ESPN.com

Jackson has a legit injury. He had a minor procedure on his knee on May 17th (the day after school ended), a source close to Jackson tells me. Jackson is currently rehabbing and should be ready for workouts on the second week of June. Once he's cleared to workout, he'll have a pretty full schedule. A number of teams, starting with the Pacers at No. 15, the Knicks at No. 17 and the Bobcats at No. 19 are fans of Jackson. And it's hard to see him slipping past the Miami Heat at No. 31. ESPN.com

May 18, 2011 Updates

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