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February 20, 2012 Updates

What's it like being an All-Star — the perks, benefits, the whole experience? Reggie Miller: "There's two different levels. Getting voted in by the fans, which can be a popularity contest decided by a guy in his basement clicking 'Reggie Miller' a million times, and being a reserve selected by coaches. To me, it means more going in when selected by your peers. It was always exciting to be one of the 24 guys out of the 300-plus in the league selected to put on a great spectacle. Los Angeles Times

August 22, 2011 Updates

Whether or not the legendary Pacers sharpshooter and current TNT analyst is headed back to Indianapolis as a general manager or in another front office capacity remains to be seen. Miller addressed the situation this afternoon in a statement given to NBA.com, leaving the door open for a possible return to the franchise, city and state he called home during his storied 18-year NBA career: “After playing my entire 18-year career and spending the better part of my adult life affiliated with the Pacers; I’m honored to be mentioned as someone Mr. Simon, whom I respect a great deal, would consider for such an important role within the organization. I have had no formal discussions or meetings at this time with Mr. Simon or Pacers management.” NBA.com

August 21, 2011 Updates

Miller may eventually become president of the Pacers one of these days, but if Simon has his choice at the moment he’d rather have Bird stay in his current position as long as possible. When asked via email if he or anybody else has talked to people, including Donnie Walsh, to get their thoughts about Miller in the Pacers front office, Simon said, “No..hoping Larry stays as long as he wants.” Indianapolis Star

Miller has spent the past six years working in television, not learning how to run a team. I agree with Wojnarowski that Walsh would be a good person for Miller to learn from. Having Miller return will likely bridge the gap between some of the “old” Pacers and the current group. Miller hasn’t been seen much around Conseco Fieldhouse since he retired, according to sources. I’ve only seen Miller at the fieldhouse three times since he walked off the court in May 2005. Once for a TNT game, his jersey retirement and during his documentary premiere. Indianapolis Star

August 18, 2011 Updates

Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon has heeded Larry Bird’s private and public proclamations that Bird is working his final year as the team’s president, that his staying through the lockout had been a favor to his boss. As Simon investigates possible succession plans, there’s one candidate emerging over everyone else: Pacers legend Reggie Miller. Yahoo! Sports

Simon has been canvassing people he respects – including his longtime former general manager Donnie Walsh – for opinions about how they believe Miller would do with the transition from television to management. Several people with longstanding ties to Miller and the Pacers are pushing Miller to pursue the job, and as one tells Yahoo! Sports: “He’s going to look hard at this, if it’s presented in the right way.” Simon has considered this possibility for several years, sources said, and thinks the timing could be right to groom Miller to run his basketball operations. This is likely Miller’s one chance to ever run a team. And where else would he rather do it, but in the city, the state, where he became basketball royalty? Yahoo! Sports

And the reason Simon could bring Miller, with no executive experience, to the Pacers is the same reason he brought Bird and Thomas to Indianapolis: the chance for Walsh to mentor Miller. “Herb really wants that to happen,” says a league official with close ties to Miller and Walsh. Yahoo! Sports

Walsh is extremely fond of Miller, and sources say Simon believes Miller could evolve into a good basketball executive. The possibility of teaching him the trade, the craft, and eventually handing the Pacers over to Miller is intriguing to Walsh too, sources said. Miller isn’t the only choice, because there’s one more ex-Pacer that the owner and Walsh have a fondness for: Chris Mullin. Walsh wanted to hire Mullin with the Knicks, but ownership wouldn’t allow it. Still, Reggie is Reggie in Indiana. There’s no more magical pro basketball name there. Yahoo! Sports

June 7, 2011 Updates

Reggie Miller: Great day to be a Golden St Warrior fan, my good friend Mark Jackson is taking over the reigns as Head Coach. Fasten your seat belt people!! Twitter

May 17, 2011 Updates

Speaking on a conference call Monday in conjunction with his network's coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference finals between the Heat and Chicago Bulls, Miller said he thought criticism has been over the top regarding the Heat's celebration after closing out the previous round against the Boston Celtics. "I had zero problems with the way the Heat handled their postgame celebration over the Boston Celtics," the former Indiana Pacers star said of last Wednesday's postgame scene at AmericanAirlines Arena. "I was in the very same boat when we finally beat the New York Knicks in '95. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 14, 2011 Updates

The Western Conference finals belong to ESPN. That means Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy courtside, with Stuart Scott, Michael Wilbon, Jon Barry and Magic Johnson in the studio. TNT owns the rights to the Heat-Bulls Eastern Conference finals, with Marv Albert, Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller courtside. Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley will be in the studio, with guest appearances from Kevin McHale and Chris Webber. Charlotte Observer

April 19, 2011 Updates
March 17, 2011 Updates

The biggest shock, however, is that former Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller was not selected as a finalist, but Rodman made the cut. “I don’t understand why Reggie Miller isn’t a finalist,” former Bears coach Mike Ditka said. “But it doesn’t matter whether I understand. Reggie Miller was a good all-around player. You take the gown away from the other guy, and he’s just another player. But Rodman played on championship teams, and he played with great players. Maybe that’s why they put you in there. I don’t know.” Chicago Sun-Times

“I’m not surprised that Rodman is a finalist,” TNT analyst Mike Fratello said. “What shocks me is that Reggie isn’t. Reggie stayed in college four years and came into the league with an outstanding work ethic and a tremendous personality. He was a tremendous competitor who represented the NBA with distinction and got to an NBA Finals. “But Rodman was a great rebounder/defensive specialist who helped some good teams win multiple championships. He deserves it. So while Reggie was a fine leader and one of the NBA’s all-time best three-point shooters, obviously, what this comes down to is championships.” Chicago Sun-Times

“Dennis won seven straight rebounding titles plus two defensive player of the year awards,” Pippen said. “Having played with him on three championship teams, including the team that won an NBA-record 72 games, he ranks among the game’s elite players of all time. He was our best front-line defender who consistently dominated players who were much bigger.” Chicago Sun-Times

February 19, 2011 Updates

Reggie Miller, believed to have been a leading candidate in his first year of eligibility, was not among the finalists. Miller, a five-time All Star, played his entire 18-year career with the Indiana Pacers and held the N.B.A.’s record for 3-pointers until Ray Allen broke it last week. “Reggie Miller, that guy’s a Hall of Famer,” said Bill Walton, who, like Miller, is a former U.C.L.A. great. “The Hall of Fame is about history, it’s about changing the course of history. I am flabbergasted, flabbergasted on a lot of fronts. Flabbergasted that Jamaal Wilkes is not already in the Hall of Fame, flabbergasted that Reggie Miller is not front and center here today. If I was in charge, things would be different.” New York Times

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