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May 25, 2011 Updates

New York Knicks forward Renaldo Balkman helped turn lemons into lemonade Wednesday as part of a seventh-grader's efforts to help those afflicted with cancer. Balkman took orders behind the table at Anthony's Lemonade Stand — 13-year Anthony Frederick's fundraiser for cancer research. The teenager's mother, Dru Frederick, was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. His father, Tony, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for leukimia. San Antonio Express-News

April 27, 2011 Updates

Point guard Anthony Carter is a free agent and intrigued the coaching staff. They could buy out Renaldo Balkman's final two years. The oft-injured Ronny Turiaf has a player option of $4.3 million that he's likely to exercise, but the Knicks also could buy him out. Rookie point guard Andy Rautins also may be released to open a roster spot. New York Post

April 24, 2011 Updates
March 23, 2011 Updates

I’ve read you’re part of the Puerto Rican National team. With Louisville’s Rick Pitino now at the helm, how do you feel about playing with them? Renaldo Balkman: Yeah. This will be my second year playing with them. He’s a good coach. Last year was basically all new for me. This year will be all new for me again. New coach, new everything. SLAM

February 28, 2011 Updates
February 24, 2011 Updates

Alex Kennedy: Source confirms that NYK shopped Corey Brewer and Renaldo Balkman, which is why neither played last night. Twitter

Sources close to the New York Knicks are saying both Renaldo Balkman and recently acquired Corey Brewer are being shopped by the team. The Knicks are looking to offload one or both, to open roster spots for potential free agents that could clear waivers in the next week. HoopsWorld

February 22, 2011 Updates

Anthony will sign the contract extension to complete the deal, which sends four players and three draft picks to Denver in exchange for Melo, point guard Chauncey Billups and reserves Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams and Renaldo Balkman. Denver Post

February 17, 2011 Updates

The Nets and Nuggets are discussing a deal that would send Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Melvin Ely, Renaldo Balkman and Shelden Williams to the Nets for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh and four first-round draft picks, a league source with knowledge of the talks told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night. Now, the pressure could be back on the New York Knicks to sweeten their offer and get Anthony before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Knicks president Donnie Walsh has seemed willing to let Anthony go into free agency, when New York can try to sign him in the summer. The Knicks and Nuggets have negotiated steadily in recent weeks, but Denver has been frustrated with New York’s reluctance to part with key young players in a deal. Yahoo! Sports

January 10, 2011 Updates

From the standpoint of easing Anthony's concerns about signing a three-year, $65 million extension with the Nets, it represents a major breakthrough for the Nuggets. But executives in contact with Denver officials say Ujiri hasn't given up on recruiting the Blazers to contribute Batum and wants more time to shop the current offer and make sure it is the best deal he can get. In addition to getting another young player -- and Denver isn't sold on Harris, given the $17.8 million price tag over the next two seasons and the progress of Ty Lawson -- the Nuggets are continuing to explore getting off one of their long-term contracts as part of an Anthony trade. Sources say they are working feverishly to find a taker for either Al Harrington or Renaldo Balkman, a requirement that complicates matters even more. CBSSports.com

Do you talk to George or to management about your situation? Renaldo Balkman: They know. They know. I mean, we talk every now and then, nothing like all the time. We're not like best buddies or anything. You know how coaches and players can be sometimes. But at the same time, if he calls my name, I do the best I can do. Like I say, stay professional about it. NBA.com

Do you get to the point where you say, 'if you're not going to play me, I'd like for it to happen somewhere else?' Renaldo Balkman: I mean, it gets to that point a lot. But at the same time, I'm here. And whatever happens after this, happens. I can't just keep running on how I'm not playing, or get rid of me, 'cause I might go somewhere else and not play, too. It might be my destiny to play here. I'm not playing right now, but after a while, I might get to playing, and end my career here in Denver. So I don't want to wish bad on me by getting traded. I do want to play basketball. I'm a basketball player. I came in this league playing basketball. I don't know want to end up leaving the league not playing basketball and not nobody knowing who I am. But for the most part, I stay professional about it and come to work every day and work hard. NBA.com

December 7, 2010 Updates

We haven't seen much of Balkman this year, but the reason is similar to last season (which we discussed often in this very mailbag): He hasn't been giving it his all at practice. His focus has been wishy-washy. I've been told he doesn't know all the plays and he doesn't always make the best decisions on the court. And so, it's understandable why other guys are getting more playing time (or, well -- playing time in general). Denver Post

October 8, 2010 Updates

Balkman has endeavored to become a more detail-oriented player. And yes, a harder-working player. Arriving early and staying late are now norms. Coming into the Pepsi Center at night to get shots up is in as well. "Last year was hard for me," Balkman said. "I was hurt and didn't play in a lot of the games; I sat out probably half of the season due to my back. But I came in this year with an attitude like, injury-free with the mind-set that I'm going to play my heart out. "Staying after late like I'm doing now, come in later on at night and coming in early, that's showing all of the coaches that I'm dedicated to the game, dedicated to the team." Denver Post

September 23, 2010 Updates

When McKinley got drafted by the Denver Broncos on April 26, 2009, one of the first phone calls he received was from Balkman, who was thrilled to hear they would have a chance to reunite as pro athletes in the Mile High City. “I called him immediately,” Balkman said. “I told him I’d try to find him a crib, whatever he wanted. I told him when he gets here, hit me up. Anything he needed, I was here for him. He always used to come over and hang out and chill with me.” NBA.com

Like most of the people who were close to McKinley, Balkman said his friend never showed any outward signs of someone contemplating suicide. According to an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s report, McKinley was depressed after knee surgery in August and talked about killing himself. “It’s crazy, man. He never showed signs of nothing (suicidal),” Balkman said. “I still don’t believe it.” NBA.com

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