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A source familiar with the process said Dunlap was offered the job Monday night, after interviewing in Charlotte with owner Michael Jordan, vice chairman Curtis Polk, president of basketball operations Rod Higgins and general manager Rich Cho. He has accepted. Charlotte Observer

June 14, 2012 Updates

Rod Higgins and Rich Cho understand that the Bobcats need more than just a talented rookie, whether it be Bradley Beal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes, Thomas Robinson or even Andre Drummond -- to make the Bobcats competitive from their laughingstock of a season. CBSSports.com

Cho won't say anything bad about the Blazers or owner Paul Allen, but he can't help but feel bitter. What began with such promise after a four-hour interview on a yacht in Helsinki ended with a phone call from President Larry Miller telling him it was over almost before it started, with little or no explanation. "It wasn't the right fit," Cho says. "I'm in a great place now." Portland Tribune

Higgins and Cho share front-office duties. Though he is too modest to admit it, Cho is the point man on virtually everything, including the draft, free agency, putting together a summer-league team and the hiring of a coach. "Rod has been wonderful to work with," Cho says. "We complement each other really well. He has a smart basketball mind." Cho is mindful of not trying to take credit for Charlotte's front-office decisions. He wants everyone working toward a common goal. "It was a team effort in OKC," he says. "One of the things Sam always preached -- and I really believe in, too -- is teamwork. That's something I've instilled here with the Bobcats." Portland Tribune

June 11, 2012 Updates

The Charlotte Bobcats have narrowed their list of head coaching candidates to Jerry Sloan, Brian Shaw and Quin Snyder, according to league sources. After going through an initial interview with Charlotte executives Rod Higgins and Rich Cho, each of the three candidates will meet with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan within the next week or so. ESPN.com

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The Charlotte Bobcats had a 25% chance of landing the top pick in Wednesday’s NBA Draft Lottery, but the worst winning percentage in NBA history wasn’t enough to earn the right to draft Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. Obviously the odds were stacked against Charlotte—just as they are against every team—but that wasn’t any consolation to Bobcats general manager Rich Cho. “From a competitive standpoint you want number one,” Cho told HOOPSWORLD, “but we’re going to get a really good player at number two.” HoopsWorld

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Nearing the end of another lost season as Bobcats owner, Jordan recently told his GM, Rich Cho, to start planning for a rebuilding campaign. He also dropped a bombshell, telling Cho and other deputies that if this one doesn’t produce a winner and he continues to lose millions over the next “three to four years,” then he intends to sell the team. “I told Rich to make us better,” Jordan told one associate recently. “If that doesn’t work and I can’t make a profit in the next three to four years, then I’m selling.” New York Daily News

March 27, 2012 Updates

But he flew to Charlotte for a conversation that came down to a key moment, when Cho asked if the Bobcats really wanted to win. As in, did they want to win so badly that they'd be willing to follow in the footsteps of Cho's former employer, the Thunder, who won 20 games one season, and then 23 the next, in the process of amassing the core of their current team? In other words, Cho was asking, were they willing to lose? "Are you willing," Cho remembers asking, "to take a step back to take two steps forward?" Cho says the room answered, unanimously, "yes." A few months later, that team is 7-40. Cho explains how the Thunder did it. When they had cap room, they didn't use it. Massive losing streaks helped too. The team's point guard of the future (Russell Westbrook) learned on the job while leading the league in turnovers. ESPN.com

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Let him describe, harkening back to the summer of 2007: “OKC has the best record in the league right now, but people forget how hard it was when we started out that first year of the rebuild. There are a lot of parallels’’ between that and the Bobcats now, Cho described Wednesday. “We traded Ray Allen (to Boston) and drafted Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. People forget we won only 20 games that year. We had a 14-game losing streak, an 11-game losing streak and an eight-game losing streak. We started out the season 9-36. “So we go back into the lottery and draft (Russell) Westbrook. And we start out 3-29. We have another 14-game losing streak and an eight-game losing streak and a seven-game losing streak. Wind up the season 23-59. “So we go back into the lottery and draft James Harden. There’s a whole process and it’s not easy going through this process.’’ Charlotte Observer

Cho’s point: Without a plan and the patience and conviction to stick to it, the Bobcats won’t get markedly better. That plan is about drafting wisely, managing the salary cap and looking for trades that add draft picks or young prospects. “Rod and I are definitely on the same page as far as where we are with the team,’’ Cho said. “We’re fortunate to have an owner who is very supportive and on the same page. It’s not easy going through it, but that’s part of the process.’’ What about the criticism in the short run? “If you don’t have a thick skin, you shouldn’t be in the business,’’ Cho replied. Charlotte Observer

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