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October 18, 2013 Updates

Timberwolves brass has two choices when the final roster spots are filled before opening night, decisions that, barring a trade or free-agent signing, will force Flip Saunders and Rick Adelman to decide between veteran savvy and rookie potential. If it is life experiences they want, fifth-year guard A.J. Price has them and maybe then some. Price was invited to training camp partly because of his connection with new Wolves General Manager Milt Newton from the season they spent together in Washington a year ago, partly because of three seasons with the Pacers and one with the Wizards. And partly because of two transformational years in college when he went two seasons without basketball because of complicated brain surgery and his own decisions. At age 27, he is trying to stay in the NBA with an opportunity he admits was the only real one that didn’t involve playing overseas. He is competing with fellow veteran Othyus Jeffers and rookies Lorenzo Brown and Robbie Hummel for the team’s final two jobs because of what Adelman calls his professionalism and Price himself attributes to life’s lessons learned. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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October 13, 2013 Updates

Just four games into a preseason that so far is even, Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman delivered a scolding after Saturday’s 104-97 loss to a Raptors team they had beaten in Toronto three days earlier. And he presented his players with some soul-searching concepts after Saturday’s loss. “They’ve got to figure out what they want to do as a team,” Adelman said. “I just told them, ‘What kind of season do you want?’ That’s really up to us to make what we want. They’ve got to figure out what they want to do as a team.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The rest: Rubio and Barea combined to shoot 2-for-17. Add Shved’s 0-for-4 night and the three made two of 21 shots. “Awful, our guards went 3-for-whatever it was,” Adelman said, adding training-camp invitee Othyus Jeffers’ 1-for-1 night. “They’ve got to come in and they’ve got to make plays. It’s not just the guards. The shooting problems carry right to the same thing: What’s your mental attitude? How are you approaching the game? Are you really doing this thing all out or are you going through the motions? “I know it’s the exhibition season, but we’re trying to get better and we really can’t get better if we don’t go out with better effort than we’ve shown.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

September 30, 2013 Updates

The decision wasn't an easy one, but Rick Adelman is back with the Minnesota Timberwolves. As his wife, Mary Kay, battled an ongoing health scare, the now 23-year NBA head coach gave serious thought to the difficult idea of retirement. But after months of sorting through the uncertainty, Adelman felt he was finally comfortable enough to signal his return for what will be his third year at the helm of the Wolves. "It really took quite a long time," Adelman said Tuesday, making his first appearance of the season at the Wolves' annual media day on the eve of the start of training camp. "I just wanted to be sure, because it was just the unknown. But the whole time I was pretty intent about going about it anticipating being back and doing the things that are necessary to be ready for that." 1500 ESPN

September 21, 2013 Updates

Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed last weekend Adelman is going to be with the team this season too. I guess that's good news for you, right? RR: I'm very happy. I can only say good things about him. He has proved throughout his career that he's a coach that gives confidence to the players and has a system that I personally like very much. It's very entertaining. Coach is demanding, but at the same time empowers you and gives you freedom to make decisions. He's not the yelling type, he uses other ways to teach things and commands a respect that he really has earned. He was dealing with family issues last season. Did you see differences between Adelman in your first year in Minnesota and the second one? RR: Well, it's personal issues and that's always going to affect you. But he's been a professional all along and has been around the team all the time he could. You have to be thankful for the effort he was making at times to be with the team. HoopsHype

September 20, 2013 Updates

Last season, Adelman was forced to take a three-week leave midseason to help his wife, Mary Kay, who was suffering from seizures. Rubio says it is a huge lift for the Timberwolves that he has opted to return. "It's great news," he said. "He's great for us. He's doing a great job. He had a tough time last season but I'm just happy because I owe a lot to him. I love the way he wants us to play." ESPN.com

September 16, 2013 Updates

There never has been much doubt about Rick Adelman returning as Timberwolves coach, but it wasn’t for sure until he brought his coaching staff out to his home in Portland, Ore., last week and laid out the plans for this season. Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed Adelman’s return Sunday. “Yes, he did [say he’s coming back],” Taylor said. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

September 11, 2013 Updates

Wolves coach Rick Adelman has been meeting with his staff in Portland this week, and talked by telephone with president of basketball operations Flip Saunders for an hour Monday night. "He's excited about everything we're doing right now," Saunders said. "I'm very confident that Rick is going to be back." Adelman missed a few weeks last season to be with his wife, Mary Kay, who was experiencing seizures. St. Paul Pioneer Press

September 10, 2013 Updates

Jackson said the only negative is that he has no idea how long Adelman will coach because of the uncertain health of his wife, Mary Kay, who suffered from seizures last season, causing Adelman to miss 11 games in January. Jackson said he has spoken with Adelman, and it’s clear to Jackson that the head coach is preparing to work this season. “He’s a private guy — he’s not telling anyone what he’s going to do,” Jackson said. “But if the opportunity is there for me to come out and coach and learn from him, even if it’s one year, that’s huge for me.’ Minneapolis Star-Tribune

August 30, 2013 Updates

But McGrady wasn't a natural leader. His personality never matched his talents, Morey believed, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. For his first three Houston seasons, it fell upon coach Jeff Van Gundy to supply that leadership — by default — and as Morey accurately points out, you never want your team drawing its entire personality and toughness from someone wearing a suit. (Even in Chicago, where the Bulls assumed Tom Thibodeau's rugged personality over these last three years, that wouldn't work if lunch-pail guys like Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler weren't involved.) After Morey fired Van Gundy before the 2007-08 season, new hire Rick Adelman was hoping McGrady would take on a bigger leadership role. Grantland

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Saunders also said he remains optimistic that Rick Adelman is ready to return as coach next season. “I think he feels very good about where we’re going,” he said. “Feels very good about what we’ve done to improve the team. We’re moving forward to try to change some things to keep our players healthier over the course of the season. We’re being very proactive in doing that. I think he feels, as we feel, that if we can keep our team healthy and with the pieces we’ve added, we have a chance to do something special.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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