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January 13, 2012 Updates

But the offer stills stands for Barry to help Howard, a career 59.5 percent foul shooter. “He’s a candidate for the underhanded," said Barry, who played in the NBA from 1965-67 and 1972-80 and who ranks third in history in free-throw percentage. “It’s crazy that somebody who is shooting that poorly wouldn’t want the opportunity to improve. When you’re at the free-throw line, it’s always the same. It’s the same distance; nobody is guarding you. “(Howard) really needs to do it. I was watching him practice once (on tape) shooting free throws, and he just doesn’t have good technique. And somebody just kept feeding him the ball to shoot. And all that did was perpetuate his bad form." FOXSports Florida

November 9, 2011 Updates

Rick Barry: “If I was still a player today I would be totally ticked off by the fact that we didn’t make a deal months ago. I really do believe that this could’ve been resolved and should’ve been resolved a long time ago. Why they always have to come down to this I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of Billy Hunter. I think Billy Hunter is one of the worst things that happened to the NBA. Yes he got them an unbelievable deal last time but he also was responsible for the lockout in the late 90’s which cost the players one third of their salaries basically and got nothing for it. Sports Radio Interviews

August 9, 2011 Updates
July 3, 2011 Updates
March 1, 2011 Updates

What about the buddying up of elite players in the NBA? How is that going to change the league moving forward? Rick Barry: “A few guys are finally getting smart and realizing you know it’s not about, they’re making so much money as it is. It’s about trying to win a ring and trying to be the best there is in the world and being the champion. If you have an opportunity I know some of the guys…LeBron [James] was criticized by Michael Jordan, criticized by Magic Johnson. Yeah well that’s easy for them [Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson] to criticize because they won all these championships and had these guys there that they had to play with. I mean if Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wasn’t there and James Worthy and all those other players and Magic [Johnson] had played seven years with the Los Angeles Lakers and had won a championship and didn’t see a potential to win one and go team up with another title, do you think he would have stayed in Los Angeles? I don’t think so. Not if he had an opportunity to go and win a title. Magic [Johnson] was about winning and I certainly respect that about him, but it’s really easy to talk about that and criticize somebody when you’ve never been in there shoes.” Sports Radio Interviews

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