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How good is Rick Carlisle? Derek Harper: I'd say right up there with the Popoviches and the great coaches that are in the league right now. I don't think you're going to find a player or a GM in the NBA that wouldn't take a guy like coach Carlisle. I think the thing that makes Rick so good is how persistent he is about his system, what he wants done. He doesn't waver. I've never seen a guy that, no matter what's going on on the outside, on the inside, it's detail, it's detail. It's getting guys ready. Dallas Morning News

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For those growing tired of players flopping in the NBA, don’t expect any changes next season. At least not according to Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, who is a member of the NBA’s Competition Committee. “The competition committee met this week and a lot of progress has been made this past year and in the playoffs with the rule decreasing the amount of flops and attempted flops,’’ Carlisle said Saturday. “I believe we’re going to stay the course with the rule basically the way it is, and just continue to work to clean it up. “And as time goes on, if it needs to be addressed again, it’ll be addressed again.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Of all the coaches you played for, who do you think you’ll resemble the most? Jason Kidd: [Rick] Carlisle and [Danny] Ainge, a mix of those two. New York Post

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Carlisle and the Mavericks went through something similar following their title run in 2011. Dallas failed to re-sign a number of key players from that championship team, including current Celtic Jason Terry and recently retired guard Jason Kidd. "Gut-wrenching" was how Carlisle described seeing those players leave, well aware that the road to repeating as champions would be daunting after their departure. CSNNE.com

"We're going to be active in free agency," said Carlisle, who did not specify any particular players the Mavericks were targeting. "We're an aggressive franchise by nature; our owner (Mark Cuban) is. And that's good. We're going to put together a good team." CSNNE.com

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Rick Carlisle: “We have six guys under contract. Three of them are rookies. One of them was basically in the rotation all year. One guy started nine games, in and out other than that. And the other guy didn’t play much at all. Then we have our three main veteran guys. So we have spots open at virtually every position. From that standpoint it’s very important because we’re basically looking to fill out a team. However it goes, with the new CBA if you’re able to get a big free agent, you have to kind of go one way with your approach to the rest of the cap, if you don’t, then it could be a totally different mode, etc. There are going to have to be different layers to this plan, obviously.” Dallas Morning News

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The Mavericks and every other team in the league will send a small army of personnel to Chicago, where the NBA’s predraft camp begins Wednesday. The camp is always an important time. But for the Mavericks, who will have their highest draft pick in more than a decade, it’s even more significant this year. “We’ve identified 71 guys that we believe are draft worthy, and this is our first chance to see them in person,” Carlisle said Tuesday. “And I feel that this draft is going to be a lot better than many people think. When you’re drafting at 13 and 44, you have to be ready for anything.” Dallas Morning News

“Every significant NBA exec and every significant agent — they’re all in one place for three days,” Carlisle said. “So obviously, it’s a great place to see everybody and there’s plenty of opportunities to talk.” And mingle. With every mover and shaker in the league on hand, it’s a virtual farmland filled with seeds of trade talks and free-agent chatter. The Mavericks figure to be very active between now and the draft, which is June 27. Free agency begins July 1. Dallas Morning News

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