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March 5, 2013 Updates

On his way out of Orlando, the general manager's words stayed with J.J. Redick: It's nothing personal, Rob Hennigan told him. "But it is personal," Redick says now. Perhaps this is a blessing and curse, because professional sports can break a ballplayer's heart this way. Redick's loyal this way. He immerses himself in the franchise's fabric, invests in the community. His two old coaches – Mike Krzyzewski and Stan Van Gundy – still get calls and texts on a regular basis. "My wife Chelsea and I built a life in Orlando," Redick told Yahoo! Sports. "Listen, there was no anger [over the trade], but there was a little bit of disappointment. "Part of me wishes I could've been there my whole career and been part of the rebuilding, part of the turnaround, and gotten back to the finals in my 11th or 12th year. That's the romantic in me, the idealist." Yahoo! Sports

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February 14, 2013 Updates

Turkoglu said the league tested him in December, and Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said team officials were told by Turkoglu about the positive test a week ago. Hennigan said he believed Turkoglu “unknowingly” took the substance. “Clearly, Hedo made a mistake,” Hennigan added. “He knows he made a mistake. He’s owning it. It’s certainly a disappointing circumstance for us, but I personally feel very confident in the amount of diligence we use to inform our players as to what can and cannot be taken.” Orlando Sentinel

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By technicality, the Magic fulfilled four separate deals when they sent Howard to the Lakers. And ultimately, Orlando netted the $17 million-plus exception, which now allows it to acquire a “replacement player” to match salaries of one of those four trades (which actually was Howard for Nikola Vucevic). It’s very intricate to assess whether general manager Rob Hennigan will opt to utilize this massive trade exception, largely because Orlando is presently bordering the salary cap threshold and certainly wouldn’t want to run the risk of surpassing the luxury tax penalty line. However, there are two very appealing facets of this exception. First off, while a team is not permitted to use its trade exception to sign a free agent, it can splurge its “gift card” to negotiate a sign-and-trade that involves a free agent. So for instance, if Orlando was interested in acquiring any of the marquee free agents available next summer (ex. Monta Ellis, James Harden, or Al Jefferson), it can do so via a sign-and-trade even if the Magic were over the cap. NBA.com

I don't know what new General Manager Rob Hennigan or CEO Alex Martins said to Big Baby and teammates, whether they threatened to evoke a curfew or trade anybody who causes a stir to Milwaukee. (The club's D-League affiliate is Sioux Falls, by the way.) Whatever – and it's taken some getting used to — but the Magic look like a totally professional organization again. The Magic and owner Rich DeVos were so embarrassed and humiliated by all the Howard-related antics that they cleaned house and maybe tented the arena for fumigation. There will be no airing of dirty — or slightly soiled — laundry. Opinions and tongues will be held in check. Requesting a trade? Fill out a form. Orlando Sentinel

September 22, 2012 Updates

Magic GM Rob Hennigan is finished overhauling the basketball operations department, including the front office, coaches and scouting department. "Yes, that's done," he said. "Twenty-three new staff members." Orlando Sentinel

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“We feel this is the best deal for us, considering the circumstances,” Hennigan said in a press conference in Orlando. “We talked to a lot of teams … there were options that we looked at and explored, there were a lot of permutations of certain things. “At the end of the day you look at what’s available in theory and what’s available in reality. Sometimes those two things aren’t always the same. We felt with all of the options we did explore, this was the best one for us.” New York Post

``A primary goal for our basketball team is to achieve long term sustainability while maintaining a long term vision. We feel this deal puts us in a position to begin building in that direction,’’ Hennigan said in a release. ``In addition to the six players joining our team, we will be in a position to maximize our salary cap flexibility in the near future, as well as utilize the multiple draft picks we have acquired going forward.’’ NBA.com

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