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So Hunter claims that one of the highest-compensated players and his agent called him on Oct. 27, 2011, and said a 50-50 BRI deal had been struck with ownership and Hunter should accept it. I am not certain who that player is. I have been told by two different sources it was Kobe Bryant. Bryant and Fisher share the same agent — Rob Pelinka. Bryant and Fisher are close friends; they joined the Lakers the same year. Bryant was the NBA’s highest-paid player in 2011-12, earning $25 million. Bryant spent part of the 2011 offseason in Germany receiving experimental treatment for his arthritic knee. Given his salary, advancing age, health concerns and legendary competitive zeal, no NBA player had more reason to be desperate for an end to the lockout than Bryant. FOXSports.com

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Do you think the James Harden trade could possibly affect KD's decision to resign in OKC when his contract is up? or is that too far down the road. Sorry to bring up the trade again. Darnell Mayberry: It's quite all right, Scott. I doubt the trade has any bearing on KD's feelings toward the franchise or the city. What I do question is how the agent, Rob Pelinka, might steer Durant. Many of Pelinka's clients have moved on to other markets. Eric Gordon, James Harden, O.J. Mayo. Andre Iguodala and Carlos Boozer among others. It seems his players have no loyalty to their original teams. But my question is is it the players or the agent? Oklahoman

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For good reason, they hope the long term for Gordon in New Orleans extends beyond, say, Jan. 15, when Gordon becomes eligible to be traded under NBA rules. Which, come to think of it, brings us to the next in a long line of contradictions when it comes to Gordon's status and immediate future. What does it mean, exactly, that he hasn't requested a trade now, at a time when he and his agent, Rob Pelinka, know full well that he can't be traded? CBSSports.com

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If he is a restricted free agent, you could assume that Phoenix and other teams would offer Harden a maximum-level, four-year contract. The bigger question is whether Harden will be allowed to get to that point and whether signing Harden to an offer sheet would be as fruitless as it was for the Suns with Eric Gordon. Harden could accept slightly less than a maximum deal with his preference in Oklahoma City, whose small-market finances would like him to sacrifice money to lessen the more punitive new luxury tax’s impending burden. The Thunder’s maximum-level contracts for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and a four-year, $48million deal for Serge Ibaka make a Harden decision taxing. But with multiple teams sure to come with a maximum offer for Harden, it is hard to see him agreeing to less, especially after how his agent, Rob Pelinka, handled Gordon’s situation. Arizona Republic

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Last week, I reported that University of Connecticut’s Andre Drummond signed with Rob Pelinka of Landmark Sports Agency. The agent of players like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Carlos Boozer has another potential rookie NBA player signed to his agency. That player is former Syracuse guard Dion Waiters. businessinsider.com

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Pelinka was a member of the University of Michigan men's basketball team in the late 1980s and early '90s and was a teammate of the Wolverines' famed “Fab Five.” Pelinka is best known for representing Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. He also represents Thunder guard James Harden among others, but Durant said Pelinka's ties to Harden didn't weigh into his decision. “Me and James are really, really good friends so of course people will think that,” Durant said. “Rob is just a great worker. I'm happy to have him on my team.” Oklahoman

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