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March 8, 2012 Updates

In one of his first practices with the Bulls, Parish botched one of the plays and was amused to find Jordan jawing at him just inches from his face. "I told him, 'I'm not as enamored with you as these other guys. I've got some rings too,' " Parish recalled. "At that point he told me, 'I'm going to kick your ass.' I took one step closer and said, 'No, you really aren't.' After that he didn't bother me." Parish said he should have retired at least two years sooner than he did, a fact that was drilled home to him repeatedly in Bulls workouts. "By the end, Luc Longley and Bill Wennington were killing me in practice," he said. "Clearly I stayed on too long." Parish remains an avid fan of the NBA and is impressed with how the current Big Three have handled their final days. "Those three guys gave us a reason to be proud of the Celtics again," Parish said. "I give Paul Pierce all the credit. He put his ego aside for the betterment of the team. That speaks volumes about him as a person." ESPN.com

August 20, 2011 Updates
August 9, 2010 Updates

O’Neal has said he’s ready to accept a complementary role, but Parish believes the future Hall of Famer possesses enough skill and presence to make a dramatic difference in Boston’s interior game. “I was happy about the acquisition of Mr. Shaquille O’Neal, it was a good move because the Celtics are trying to win it now,’’ Parish said last week. “Before the other veterans run out of gas, [Kevin] Garnett, [Paul] Pierce, and [Ray] Allen. So their mission is to try to win it now. I think between those two guys [Shaquille and Jermaine O’Neal] in the middle, the center position is secure.’’ Boston Globe

“Shaq can still start for at least 15 teams, maybe 20 teams,’’ Parish said. “I would say that time has caught up with him but he can still be a factor and not to mention defensively. He’s long and has a lot of mass and is going to take up a lot of room and that definitely is where the Celtics’ strong suit is, defensively. I think that’s where he gets it done. I think Shaq will definitely bring a defensive presence along with Garnett. He’s going to cause a lot of havoc defensively and he still can get it done offensively.’’ Boston Globe

“He’s lost a step, but any time you design a game plan with Shaq on the [opposing] team, it starts with Shaq in my opinion because he is still a load,’’ Parish said. “Shaq can still rebound and Shaq can play defense and that’s what the Celtics need most from him. Because the Celtics are going to surround Shaq with plenty of offense. He definitely can get it done defensively, but he can’t do it for a long period of time. “Like I said, for 20 minutes or on a good night, 30 minutes, he can still get it done.’’ Boston Globe

“One of the reasons why it worked out so well in Boston is Garnett and Allen were older players,’’ Parish said. “Those guys [in Miami] are under 30, and are they going to be able to put their egos aside trying to carve out their niche, their legacy? It looks good on paper, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success on the court. “I don’t see them coming out of the East because they don’t have a true point and true center, because [Zydrunas] Ilgauskas is not going to get it done against Shaq, Jermaine, and [Orlando’s] Dwight Howard.’’ Boston Globe

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