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October 16, 2013 Updates

Hours removed from the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies challenging Michael Jordan to a charity one-on-one game, MJ had a response: “Comical.” That’s the word the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (and Hall of Fame player) used in a brief interview with the Observer Wednesday. If new Grizzlies owner Robert Pera wants to play one-on-one for $1 million to charity (as he said on Twitter), Jordan won’t be his opponent. “I think that’s comical,’’ Jordan said. “It didn’t make any sense. Why would I play one one-on-one? It’s a no-win situation for me no matter what.” Charlotte Observer

And now Grizzlies owner Robert J. Pera is challenging Jordan to a one-on-one game, offering to stake a $1 million contribution to charity. Pera had been joking with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Twitter, asking why Cuban had postponed a one-on-one game between them since “I would make quick work of him.” Then Pera upped the stakes with this Tweet directed at Hall of Famer Jordan: “If we are talking a charity game, get me MJ! I’ll up the charity contribution to $1 m” Charlotte Observer

September 26, 2013 Updates

Memphis Grizzlies Chairman and Controlling Owner Robert Pera will play Grizzlies guard Tony Allen in an exhibition game of one-on-one in the Coventry Health Care Practice Facility at FedExForum on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 4 p.m. Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph will officiate. Media is invited to attend. Pera and Allen agreed to the exhibition contest and to donate $100,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to tip-off the 2013-14 season. The event will be streamed live at grizzlies.com and broadcast live on ESPN Radio 92.9 FM. This event is closed to the public. NBA.com

September 16, 2013 Updates

There are 12 other NBA owners on the list, including Kroenke (Nuggets), Micky Arison (Heat, $5.9 billion), Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers, $3.9 billion), Charles Dolan (Knicks, $3.3 billion), Tom Gores (Pistons, $2.7 billion), Mark Cuban (Mavericks $2.5 billion), Josh Harris (Sixers, $2.5 billion), Robert Pera (Grizzlies, $1.95 billion), Herb Simon (Pacers, $1.95 billion), Donald Sterling (Clippers, $1.9 billion), Glen Taylor (Timberwolves, $1.7 billion) and Benson (Pelicans). ESPN.com

June 12, 2013 Updates
June 2, 2013 Updates

Doubts about Hollins' willingness to work for new Grizzlies owner Robert Pera and CEO Jason Levien have likewise been in circulation since the coach's multiple critiques of the Gay deal in the immediate aftermath of the trade. Sources told ESPN.com that Hollins' relationship with star forward Zach Randolph has been strained at times throughout the season as well. ESPN.com

May 31, 2013 Updates
May 28, 2013 Updates
May 14, 2013 Updates
February 23, 2013 Updates

The Nets get their first look at the revamped Grizzlies Sunday in Brooklyn. By sending Gay to Toronto and off-loading Marreese Speights to Cleveland, it's all about shedding salaries and avoiding taxes for the new ownership group, headed by Robert Pera. Those weren't basketball-driven decisions, but had everything to do with the new bosses' demands to save money. As one team official put it, "They put a gun to our head." New York Daily News

February 16, 2013 Updates

Randolph was asked if he agreed with team chairman Robert Pera, who this week said his new-look Grizzlies are better equipped for playoff success after a trade that sent Rudy Gay to Toronto. "I definitely do," Randolph said during a media session in a ballroom at the posh Hilton Americas hotel here. "I think once we get our identity together and continue to play, get some more games under our belt as a unit and come together, I think we can surprise a lot of people." Memphis Commercial Appeal

February 12, 2013 Updates

When John Hollinger was hired, that was a signal to many people that the Grizzlies are going to rely on analytics and advanced stats. How much do you rely on those types of things? Pera: Well, we like the movie "Moneyball." They use a lot of advanced statistics for the Oakland A's teams. But the difference between baseball and basketball, is (in) baseball, you have individual players, they each have an on-base percentage and a batting average, defensive capabilities. All these parts added together equals the strength of the team, right? But in basketball it's completely different. A player can be immensely valuable in one system and maybe not as valuable in another system. I think it's the combination of pieces in basketball. Analytics are a great tool but you also have to look at the individual player analytics in the context of the system you're running. Q: Did you read a lot of Hollinger before you hired him? Pera: Sure, sure, of course. The Player Efficiency Rating, it's officially adopted by ESPN, so it's a great metric. Memphis Commercial Appeal

Pera: I think what I was trying to say is like OK, I don't want to profit off this team at all. I'm not running it as necessarily a business. Definitely I'm prepared to write a check (to cover franchise losses), and I will write a check at the end of the year. And whether I'm worth a billion dollars or 10 billion dollars, I believe creating a great franchise isn't about throwing money. You've got to carefully assemble the right parts and have the right chemistry. And then what I wanted to say, not only are we not thrifty, but we've inherited financial obligations from the previous ownership for moving the team to Memphis, which we're paying, and the FedEx sponsorship, naming rights, that's all front-loaded from (previous owner Michael) Heisley's time. We're perfectly OK with those economic burdens. I just used a bad choice of words. I wanted to illustrate that we're financially committed. Memphis Commercial Appeal

More (rightfully) dismissive replies followed before ‘BeBoutBidness’ and ‘LilFrontOffice’ pointed out that Pera was awarded “All-Star” status (usually given to a poster with a massive amount of posts) after just one message on the board – a sign that this might not be some joker that was quick to grab the “Robert Pera” handle. And then, in his first meeting with local media in three months on Tuesday, Pera admitted to following the team’s message board. If not grabbing ideas from it as the thread he replied to posited. Rightfully, the thread was bumped up almost immediately. Yahoo! Sports

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