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June 11, 2012 Updates

The Charlotte Bobcats have narrowed their list of head coaching candidates to Jerry Sloan, Brian Shaw and Quin Snyder, according to league sources. After going through an initial interview with Charlotte executives Rod Higgins and Rich Cho, each of the three candidates will meet with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan within the next week or so. ESPN.com

June 3, 2012 Updates

Wasn't Adam Morrison Michael Jordan's pick though? Rod Higgins: "No. From my gathering, because I wasn't here at that particular time, I thought it was Bernie Bickerstaff. … It's a fair question and I'm sure every market and every team has to kind of go through that process because you can second guess. I'll sit here and tell you guys that we're fairly equipped to make sound decisions. You can go back and forth and always say what if, but at the end of the day, I think that Kemba Walker and Bismack are going to be pretty good at the end of the day. I think Gerald Henderson is going to be pretty good." Deadspin.com

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April 26, 2012 Updates

LB says Jordan’s people didn’t have a “clue’’ and made him “sick’’ and were “spies.’’ Here’s what I saw: Rod Higgins (who I’ve had more than a few battles with) put up graciously with hundreds of hours of all the garbage that comes with being Larry’s personnel guy. Ask Billy King. Ask Donnie Walsh. You think I haven’t? Larry is a magnificent maniac. He has a savant quality when it comes to basketball, but he’s loopy; overreacts to whatever he last saw. Like a crab in the sand, searching for the next feed. Charlotte Observer

It used to be that “Good Larry’’ dynamic lasted five seasons (Indiana, Philly). Lately (New York, Charlotte) the exasperation exceeds the genius way too quickly. Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson were true believers, and then the day before the start of training camp two years ago Larry told them the front office had sold everyone out and they’d be terrible. That’s probably not the best message to send to your two key players entering a season. Whatever purpose LB intended, Wallace and Jackson saw this as renouncement. Imagine your parents telling you, “You’ll be nothing….uh, sorry.’’ Charlotte Observer

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December 26, 2011 Updates

Cory Higgins, Colorado’s all-time leading scorer, will fill the Charlotte Bobcats’ 15th roster spot. Higgins is the son of Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins. Cory Higgins was recently cut by the Denver Nuggets. At 6-5, Higgins fills what the Bobcats wanted from a fifth guard: A player with the size and skill set to play either guard spot. “One of the things I pride myself in is playing either position, and more importantly, being able to guard either position,’’ Higgins said after practice Sunday night. Charlotte Observer

Higgins acknowledged he expects a little extra scrutiny, playing for a team his father assembled. “A lot of people are going to think I’m here just because of him,’’ Cory Higgins said. “That’s not the case. I worked hard to get here and I’m here to prove to everybody, and the coach staff, that I belong here and I keep this spot.’’ Charlotte Observer

December 23, 2011 Updates

One of two NBA veteran small forwards -- Bostjan Nachbar or Jamario Moon -- could fill out the Charlotte Bobcats' regular-season roster. Bobcats player-personnel chief Rod Higgins plans to bring in Nachbar and Moon for workouts Saturday. Charlotte Observer

June 24, 2011 Updates

Rod Higgins continues to be non-commital about making a qualifying offer to Dante Cunningham. Small forward is the Bobcats' most shallow position, but maybe they just don't want to guarantee Cunningham a million dollars for the season. Charlotte Observer

March 1, 2011 Updates

When asked about the timing of the deals and the direction of the team, Jackson would neither endorse nor oppose the decisions made by his bosses. "I don't think that's my place. You know what I mean? I think my job is to play basketball, and let MJ and Rod handle that. That's where I'm at with it. All I know is that I'm going to go out there and worry about what I can control, and that's my play. Whichever guys I have in here to go to war with, that's who I'm going to war with. I have no control over that so I don't worry about it," Jackson said. "If I owned the team, yeah [I'd want a say]," he continued. "But I work for Michael Jordan. I work for Rod Higgins. I'm just going to play my role and play basketball." HoopsWorld

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