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June 4, 2013 Updates

Then J-Kidd showed up in East Rutherford. And instantly, the Nets went to back-to-back NBA Finals. Right, happens all the time. “I was thinking of that today,” said Rod Thorn, the man who brought Kidd to Jersey on July 18, 2001. “I remember when Larry Bird went to the Celtics, they took a huge jump up -- it’s happened with a few special players. But we went from 26 wins to. . . .what, 52 as soon as Jason arrived? That’s a pretty incredible jump. And that was almost entirely Jason.” Newark Star-Ledger

May 11, 2013 Updates
May 10, 2013 Updates
April 1, 2013 Updates

Do you have a timetable on deciding whether to bring Bynum back? Rod Thorn: "I don't. He doesn't become a free agent until the end of June, the first of July." Will that be your decision to make the offer? Rod Thorn: "That decision? He is a free agent, he can go anywhere he wants to. It's not just what we want to do, it's what he wants to do, too." Will the Sixers make an offer? Rod Thorn: "We'll have to see what transpires." Delaware County Daily Times

Will that be your decision or ownership's? Rod Thorn: "Ownership obviously will have a part in it. The basketball people will make recommendations and ownership will .. and doctors will play a big part in that." So the Sixers will need some medical reports before deciding? Rod Thorn: "Oh, for sure. Oh, yeah. You try to do your due diligence. As Andrew is a free agent, he'll do his due diligence and try to figure out exactly where he would like to play --- or he wouldn't, as the case may be. And from our perspective we will do our due diligence and try to figure out what we should do." Delaware County Daily Times

With two home games left, do you feel the Sixers should have achieved more this year? Rod Thorn: "With the (Andrew) Bynum situation, we gave up some terrific assets in order to get Andrew. And Andrew hasn't been able to play. So I think we played about as well as we could play otherwise. I think we have done some good things. We had a bad stretch in the year. Obviously, we are finishing up here on a pretty high note. But we rolled the dice to so speak with Bynum. I think if we had Bynum, we'd be a really good team. And with him not being able to play, it's been a tough thing for us." Delaware County Daily Times

Are you expecting to make trades? Rod Thorn: "You never know when trades come. They can come at any time. Sometimes when you aren't even thinking about it, somebody may call and say, 'Hey, we're interested in such-and-such,' and you end up making a trade. But we're always looking to do something. And hopefully, it will work out that we can." Delaware County Daily Times

Any worries that Doug Collins won't be back? Rod Thorn: "Oh, we certainly hope that he will. Doug is one of the top coaches in the league and has done a terrific job here over the course of his almost three years now, and I think everybody is hoping that he will be back. That decision ultimately will be up to him." Delaware County Daily Times

March 14, 2013 Updates

Sixers president Rod Thorn called Andrew Bynum's injury situation "bizarre" and confirmed that insurance would reimburse the organization for at least a portion of the one-time All-Star center's $16.9 million salary this season. "There is a league-wide insurance that he's under that gives you some relief along those lines," Thorn said before the Sixers played the Miami Heat on Wednesday at the Wells Fargo Center. "It's the same league-wide program that every player's under. Unless you have a pre-existing condition — and he didn't — so he's on the same one as everybody else." USA Today Sports

Bynum was originally diagnosed with a bone bruise in his right knee in September and with a "mirror issue" in his left knee in November, when a piece of cartilage broke loose and his joint swelled after going bowling. The Sixers expected Bynum to be ready to play in the season opener, but as the season progressed, the team and player repeatedly delayed the date of his expected debut. "It's a little bizarre, there's no doubt about it," Thorn said about Bynum's inability to get on the court. "He's had problems. He's worked very hard. As you can see when you see him, he's huge. His upper body, he works in the weight room, he works hard, he just hasn't been able to play. It's been very tough for him and obviously it's been very tough for us." USA Today Sports

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September 21, 2012 Updates

The Sixers on Friday agreed to a deal promoting assistant GM Tony DiLeo to general mnager under president Rod Thorn, a league source told CBSSports.com. Thorn will stay in his role for the time being, and DiLeo will eventually replace him as part of the team's previously agreed upon succession plan when Thorn retires, the source said. According to one of the people with knowledge of the matter, Ujiri mutually decided with Nuggets ownership to stay the course in Denver, where he has substantially remodeled and upgraded the Nuggets' roster since trading Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks in February 2011. Ujiri also managed to get involved in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and earned the respect of his peers by winding up with Andre Iguodala in the deal while also moving future salary. CBSSports.com

The 76ers have narrowed the search and appear to be leaning toward promoting assistant GM Tony DiLeo to the GM job, league sources said. The 76ers had considered former New Orleans Hornets GM Jeff Bower, but as the Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported, DiLeo has emerged as the favorite to take over for Thorn. Yahoo! Sports

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