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Sources say Dallas is about ready to move on from the Roddy Beaubois experiment. The Mavericks have thought for years that the talented young Frenchman could be another Tony Parker, but he has not been able to master the move from shooting guard to point guard. Nor has he been able to fill the void left by J.J. Barea. If they don't move him before this year's deadline, he could be gone over the summer. ESPN.com

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The play of Roddy Beaubois has opened the question of whether Jason Kidd's return from his calf muscle injury would mean Kidd will come off the bench. Don't hold your breath, Carlisle said. "No, I wouldn't," he said when asked if he would consider starting Beaubois over Kidd. "At this point, it's just something I wouldn't do. Jason is a starting player on this team at this time and that's my view of him. "Now if he came and begged me to do it, I'd probably listen. But you're talking about situations where we don't know when Kidd is coming back. It could be awhile. Or it could be next week. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves." Dallas Morning News

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Having seen promising young guard Rodrigue Beaubois go down playing for France and now seeing face of the franchise Dirk Nowitzki nursing an injury and out of Dallas' lineup after playing for Germany, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he will continue the uphill battle to make international basketball off limits to handsomely paid NBA players. Cuban has argued that NBA owners should not be saddled with the full risk of their players suiting up for their countries in the offseason, and he said other owners agree with him but aren't as vocal in their opposition. ESPN.com

Beaubois’ level of toughness was questioned Monday night when Phoenix Suns guard Sebastian Telfair clobbered him on a fastbreak attempt early in the third period. Telfair was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game, while Beaubois picked himself up off the floor and calmly sank the ensuing two free throws to give the Mavs an 86-74 lead. “The Flagrant 2 play was a massive play in the game – a big momentum play,’’ Carlisle said. “I thought (Beaubois) showed toughness, he showed resolve, he continued to concentrate. “He’s more and more coming to the realization that his game is predicated on the defensive end first, and that’s what’s going to bring us success this year.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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Carlisle wants Beaubois to be this year’s J.J. Barea. He needs players at every position — but particularly guards — who can come off the bench with unbounded energy. Beaubois knows what is expected. “I know I have to come in and be ready to bring my energy and do what I can,” Beaubois said. “I’m working on it. I just came back from the injury, so every day I feel better. I just have to keep pushing myself. “Offensively, the more I play, the more comfortable I get. But defensively, there is no excuse. I just need to keep pushing myself.” Dallas Morning News

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Before Saturday's 96-81 win over New Orleans, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blew off Thursday's blowout loss at San Antonio and even said he wasn't surprised that his 38-year-old point guard Jason Kidd tweaked his lower back playing in his sixth game in eight nights. In fact, Cuban put a positive spin on it, saying that it'll at least give Kidd some forced time off and will allow some younger players more court time. Cuban wasn't even terribly concerned about the Mavs still having a larger number in the 'L' column than the 'W' column. "That’s going to be the thing that people have got to realize and we do already, that you can’t take any one game or any two games in some cases as a reflection of anything," Cuban said. "It’s really going to come down to, do you make the playoffs and can you figure out a way to get in the playoffs rested?" ESPN.com

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The compacted 66-game schedule will afford that as Carlisle will look to spread playing time as far down the bench as he possibly can. So far in training camp, Beaubois seems to have his quickness working for him as he regains the confidence he showed as a rookie. "The thing with him, we've all seen the flashes of brilliance," Carlisle said. "But we're looking for consistency. We're looking for consistency in terms of concentration and in terms of him utilizing his abilities. And, I believe he's getting better. He had a really solid day [of practice Saturday]. We really need him and Dominique [Jones] and Ian [Mahinmi] and our young guys to be ready because we're going to need them." ESPN.com

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Ndiaye plans to also seek deals in Europe for some of his other NBA clients, such as Portland’s Nicolas Batum and Denver’s Timofey Mozgov, but added that Roddy Beaubois of the champion Dallas Mavericks underwent surgery on left foot surgery last month and won’t pursue opportunities in Europe. “This is a trend. Everybody is trying to sign NBA guys,” Ndiaye said in a telephone interview from Paris. Seraphin “may just sign with a team, because I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait. The market will be overloaded by NBA players. It doesn’t hurt to have a pre-agreement if we find something we like. We may just wait and see. But nothing would happen until the European championship ends.” Washington Post

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Dallas Mavericks guard Rodrigue Beaubois, who re-injured his troublesome left foot in the regular season finale, had surgery and will be out two to three months. The team released a statement saying the surgery addressed lingering lingering symptoms from the fracture he suffered last summer. The team said the procedure was successful and Beaubois is expected to make a full recovery. The story was first reported by the French-language website sports.fr. Beaubois, 23, played in only 28 games this season after fracturing the left foot while preparing for the 2010 World Championships with the French national team. In the season finale, however, he sprained the same foot and didn't make it onto the floor during the playoffs despite being active. abc.com

The Mavericks hope the latest surgery on guard Roddy Beaubois’ left foot will cure what has been a long-troubling injury that was suffered nearly a year ago. Beaubois underwent surgery for the second time on his left foot after suffering a fracture in it last August while working out for France before the World Championships. The Mavericks said that the procedure was to address “lingering symptoms’’ from the injury sustained last summer. He is expected to make a full recovery. Dallas Morning News

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Mavs sources openly scoff at a Josh Smith rumor, strongly deny a Roddy B rumor and easily chuckle at critics who think an NBA prospect cannot be had at No. 26. But when the subject is a possible Suns trade of Steve Nash? Everyone stuffs a sock in it. Why? Let’s discuss what’s cookin’ down at Mavs HQ – with inside thoughts on Parker, Mayo and Calathes, too --in Your All-Access Pass: Scout.com

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