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“My kids have been vetted; the players have seen them,” Hunter said, adding, “They’re probably more competent than most of the people on my staff.” Roger Mason Jr., a union vice president, said that he was aware of the family connections but that “I never paid much mind to it, to be honest with you.” New York Times

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Roger Mason Jr. said his surgery in New York on Monday to repair a broken left index finger “went well,” with the doctor actually placing a splint on it that would allow him to perhaps play within a week. Mason, however, is more likely to take his time while recovering, since there is also a pin in his finger that will have to be in his hand for eight weeks. “It probably makes more sense to just rest it and take no risk,” Mason wrote in a text message. The Wizards waived Mason in order to sign Morris Almond from the Developmental League. Coach Randy Wittman credited Mason for playing through the pain for 18 games and still trying to contribute to the team. Washington Post

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He played the next 18 games despite the injury, wearing tape over his injured finger and scoring in double digits eight times, but the pain suddenly became too unbearable. After scoring just three points in a loss to Cleveland on Saturday, Mason elected to have surgery to and effectively end his season. Mason said he would have the procedure on Monday in New York, while the Wizards plan to waive the eight-year veteran shooting guard and use his roster spot to add another back-court player for the final six games of the season. “I didn’t want anyone to hit it so I kept it quiet,” Mason said in a text message. “Plus I wanted to keep playing thru it to show young guys toughness and leadership.” Washington Post

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Marc J. Spears: After playing in pain, Wizards guard Roger Mason to have season ending finger surgery Monday, source tells Y! Sports. Wiz will waive Mason. Twitter

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Roger Mason: Sad to see my lil bro @Hamady Ndiaye waived today. It's a part of the biz, but he got too much work ethic and drive to let it keep him out! Twitter

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And while an extension for Grunfeld certainly is out of the question at the moment, the Wizards actually will be fairly well positioned next summer to make a significant move in a deep free-agent class. Assuming they buy out Rashard Lewis, who only has $10 million guaranteed out of his $22 million salary, Washington would have less than $35 million in committed payroll. And since the youth movement is in full swing, Grunfeld might be able to extract another asset if he decides to move veteran guard Maurice Evans and/or Roger Mason to a contender that needs guard help. Both are on one-year deals and can't be traded until March 1, and their veteran experience is needed in the locker room. But if either one decides he wants a trade, sources say the Wizards will try to accommodate them. CBSSports.com

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Saunders realized the message had sunk in as Roger Mason continued to encourage Blatche to keep playing hard, even as his home fans booed simply for existing, and teammates came to support JaVale McGee after he missed four consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. “When you get somebody that’s slumping, it’s your responsibility to help lift that guy up. If you don’t lift him up, he’ll destroy the team. When I saw that happen, that reminded me of what we talked about.” Washington Post

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Assembling a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t an easy task. It can be very frustrating at times and there were plenty of points during the lockout where talks turned sour. However, looking back on the experience, Evans and Mason felt it was extremely rewarding and worth the time they spent traveling and sitting in various hotel conference rooms. “It was a serious mental grind,” Mason told HOOPSWORLD. “You don’t know what it’s like in that room until you’re there. The guys that are there, David Stern and the owners, are savvy business men and that’s what they do for a living so it was a good learning experience. It was business so obviously there were never any hard feelings. I feel really proud that I was able to represent the guys.” HoopsWorld

Prior to every game this season, opposing players have gone out of their way to thank Mason and Evans for the work they did throughout the lockout. Not only did they attend nearly all of the meetings in New York, but they also traveled the country to hold regional meetings with players and agents. It was a busy summer for the two veterans, but they’ve received plenty of support. “It’s been awesome,” Evans said. “Every game, we play guys who have just been so grateful and thankful for the work that we all put in during the offseason. I’m sure Derek [Fisher] is getting those same compliments from a lot of the guys.” HoopsWorld

Evans, 33, and Mason, 31, are hoping that their experiences, both on and off the court, will help them eventually land a front office job once their playing days are behind them. “I would love to share my knowledge and my talents in the front office, and somehow use my ability to read people and evaluate talent,” Evans said. “I want to use the great experiences I have, playing on championship-caliber teams, to really help young guys develop and prosper in this league.” “I love the game,” Mason said. “I want to keep playing for awhile but when I’m done, I’ve got the experience of putting together the CBA. I’m very versed in that now and I’m sure I’ll be doing something that can take advantage at that skill set.” HoopsWorld

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Washington Wizards star Roger Mason also has a paternity hearing today ... but so far, he's a no-show. TMZ.com

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Roger Mason Jr. refused to place any blame on the league or his team for the mishap on Friday in Milwaukee that resulted in him suiting up, playing, scoring and then getting ejected because he wasn’t eligible to play. He was angered that his name was omitted from the team’s 15-man roster, but said, simply, “It was a human mistake. It happens.” Washington Post

We now know why Roger Mason was not on the Wizards active roster Friday night against Milwaukee. A league source told me that the NBA was installing a new data system and Roger Mason’s name was still on the Knicks active roster (his former team) despite the fact that he played two previous games this season for Washington. Mason was escorted off the floor during Washington's 102-81 loss to the Bucks in the first quarter after Mason checked into the game. He even scored although his two points were given to Rashard Lewis. Roger was clearly upset and his coach took the blame for the error in his post game press conference. CSNWashington.com

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