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A night after limiting Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert to 12 points on 4-of-10 shooting, Gortat has to quickly regroup. “Quite honestly, it’s one of the matchups I’m always waiting for,” Gortat said. “I’m definitely going to need those fouls, because I’m going to use the fouls. The most important thing is make sure he doesn’t get to the paint easy. Do everything to push him out of the paint. Let him make a jump shot. End of the day, he’s going to make a few. We got to live with that. Washington Post

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"We have not only good players, we have good people on the team on and off the court," Hibbert said. "It's brought the community back. It's been a long process, but it's one that we worked for and we earned it. How you go about your business on the court reflects how people look at you. You can give out as many turkeys as you want, but people read you're late to practice or you're late to games or acting a certain way, they aren't going to buy into it." SB Nation

All this happened as Peyton Manning transformed Indianapolis into a football town. From 2006-10, the Pacers were a nondescript, capped-out team in a small market with unfavorable draft picks and little hope of getting better. Attendance dropped each year before bottoming out in 2008, when they averaged only 12,222 fans, dead last in the NBA. "When I came here in the '08-09 season, the arena was empty," Hibbert said. "You could hear a pin drop." SB Nation

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The Pacers lost to the Bulls in the first round the season before you signed with them. Did you see this kind of development coming? Did you like Paul George's game, or see Roy Hibbert becoming a rim protector like this? David West: Honestly, the only I guy I knew about was Danny [Granger]. I knew they were just about complete in terms of the next four to six years, with Paul [George] being in his second year, and all the other young guys. I knew there was going to be an opportunity to put my post in the ground here, if I was able to come in and have an impact. Grantland

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So, while a sellout crowd was celebrating a win observed by a playoff-worthy number of national media members, one that improved the Pacers' record to 19-3, the players were sitting quietly in their locker room, uttering nothing that could find its way to a Miami bulletin board before next Wednesday's rematch in American Airlines Arena. “It feels good, but it's just one game,” Roy Hibbert said after playing the role of difference-maker with a game-high 24 points on 10-of-15 shooting. “We've been there before, that's the biggest thing. We're not going to run around chest-bumping and stuff like that. It's not like three years ago, when if we got a win like this it was the highlight of our season. We just have to move on.” NBA.com

“What is a rivalry these days?” he questioned the questioner. “A rivalry is Celtics-Lakers (in the 1980s), when you meet four out of five years. Bulls-Pistons. Those are rivalries. We've played (the Pacers) two years in the playoffs and you guys make it into a rivalry. There's no rivalry in the NBA these days. You don't see the competition enough. It's two really, really good teams striving to win a championship. “Rivalries? There are no rivalries.” NBA.com

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Several members of the Pacers organization took to Twitter to post updates on the long, strange trip to the Texas. First, fog in San Antonio forced the team plane to take a detour and land in Houston. Then when the Pacers boarded a charter bus to complete the more than 3 ½ hour road trip to San Antonio, the bus had issues. Notwithstanding, Roy Hibbert posted a video on Instagram of Watson trapped in the restroom. The always-entertaining Yahoo Ball Don't Lie gathered all the highlights here. So you know about the grounded plane and What A Burger pitstop, but you might not have known that the team had a previous scare during their arrival to snowy Salt Lake City. The best thing about this story – ask any of the Pacers and they'd tell you how the other guy was frightened during the rough landing. Several players offered their different versions after the win over the Jazz. "Ohhh! It was rough," Hibbert exclaimed. Indianapolis Star

Vogel, who was working his way down the post-game spread, didn't take his eyes off the meatballs to offer this: "I was texting my goodbyes," he said. Hibbert continued: "I was sleeping then all of a sudden it just started rumbling for like 10 seconds straight. The rookie grabbed me on my leg –" "Yo! What's going on over there," Solomon Hill responded when he heard his name being besmirched. Indianapolis Star

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