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December 30, 2012 Updates
August 30, 2012 Updates

What about Westbrook? Royal Ivey: He’s the self proclaimed best dresser in the NBA [laughs]. I love Russ because, you know, he’s himself on and off the court. On the court he plays with a lot of fire and he’s intense and competitive, and that’s what people see. But off the court, he’s happy-go-lucky. He also thinks that he’s a great dancer. Him, Durant, all those guys. I have love for all of them and they have a special place in my heart. SLAM

You went back to Texas last summer and got your degree (in applied learning and development) and, like you say, education is clearly something that is important to you. Do you find that you’re different than other players in the League in terms of how much you value education? Royal Ivey: Yeah, because of my parents. You know, education was always big in my family. Books before basketball, books before basketball. It didn’t matter the circumstances, it was just always books before basketball. That was engrained in my head, and, when I didn’t get my degree after four years of college, we were all disappointed, but I told my parents that I was going to [eventually] go back to school and get my degree. And I did. I’m a man of my word. SLAM

July 27, 2012 Updates
July 17, 2012 Updates

Guard Royal Ivey has returned to the Sixers, coach Doug Collins told reporters today. The 6-4 Ivey played in 71 games with the Sixers in 2008-09, averaging 3 points per game in 12.1 minutes as a reserve. Ivey appeared in 26 games the following season before he was traded to Milwaukee in the deal that brought Jodie Meeks. Philadelphia Inquirer

July 11, 2012 Updates
July 7, 2012 Updates
July 3, 2012 Updates

Presti said he has explored the option of re-signing each player. Ivey and Mohammed likely would be minimum-wage offers, and Fisher would also come at a bargain. Dallas, Miami and Chicago are said to have a keen interest in Fisher. Oklahoman

June 17, 2012 Updates
May 15, 2012 Updates

Ebanks, who had just checked into the game, inserted himself into a loose ball scrum after the whistle had already stopped play. He then shoved Thunder reserve guard Royal Ivey using both hands, for no apparent reason. That led to the usual jawing between the teams and Ebanks and Ivey were hit with double technicals. Ebanks then picked up a second technical and an automatic for talking back to one of the referees. On his way off the court, things got even more interesting. Ebanks tossed aside a chair and stripped off his jersey as he entered the tunnel. CBSSports.com

January 30, 2012 Updates

Nick Collison: My teammate Royal Ivey, however, still wants revenge. He was one of four rookies in Atlanta who were called the "Toys R Us Clan" by the older guys. He was responsible for bringing donuts and the local newspaper every single day. Before and after every flight, the rookies had to load and unload all the bags on and off the plane. They had to get up an hour earlier on the road to deliver the practice gear to each room. On road trips, Kevin Willis would call Royal's room at 2 A.M. and say "Rook, I need you to go get me a carton of cigarettes." Now, Kevin Willis didn't smoke, but Royal still would have to get out of bed and find a convenience store to get him his cigarettes, then knock on his door and deliver them. All that Royal would get for his troubles was a "Thanks Rook," as he watched the grinning veteran throw the cigarettes in the trash. GQ.com

September 27, 2011 Updates

Two weeks ago, 10 players on the Thunder roster met for four days in Austin, Texas, on the campus of the University of Texas. That camp was set up by reserve point guard Royal Ivey, who is on the verge of earning his bachelor's degree from UT this fall. Next week's camp has been orchestrated by reserve center Nazr Mohammed, a former University of Kentucky player. Prohibited from any contact whatsoever with any team or league officials, NBA players must organize workouts among themselves. The Texas session lasted four days and included weight training and court work in the morning, followed by pickup games in the afternoon. Oklahoman

August 26, 2011 Updates

Grantland: Complete this sentence: The Thunder would have beaten the Mavericks if … Ivey: “The Thunder would have beaten the Mavericks if it was 2013. It’s experience. Those guys have been there before. They tasted a little bit losing in ’06 against the Heat, and experience goes a long way. They got that savvy and they played with it. It was their year, and they won and went through everybody and they played well. That goes to show: Experience does win championships.” Grantland

August 19, 2011 Updates

Jorge Sierra: Thunder guard Royal Ivey is now being represented by Jim Tanner. Ivey was formerly with Keith Glass, who now has no NBA clients. Twitter

July 26, 2010 Updates

The signing of Royal Ivey last week put the Thunder at 16 contract players, one more than NBA rules permit teams to carry into the regular season. That means someone must go. Mo Peterson will be 33 next month but can still contribute on the court and has earned a reputation in his 10 seasons of carrying a first-class attitude away from it. Don't expect Peterson to be waived. Daequan Cook, 10 years younger than Peterson, provides much of the same assets and essentially is on a one-year trial run as a 3-point specialist in OKC. Cook figures to be on the opening-night roster as well. Since the Thunder's coaching staff and front office is pleased with the returning nine-man rotation, and No. 11 overall pick Cole Aldrich is entrenched in the long-term plans, that leaves Byron Mullens, D.J. White and Kyle Weaver as the most likely candidates to be on the outside looking in. Oklahoman

July 22, 2010 Updates

In an effort to add a tough-minded backcourt presence, the Thunder has signed free agent guard Royal Ivey to a contract. Oklahoman

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