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Royce White: When the NFL found itself immersed in a domestic abuse scandal, I thought this is exactly why I advocated for a basic protocol for handling mental health in the NBA. It’s not hard to conjure a link between the NFL’s culture of on-field brutality, head injuries, overzealous use of prescription drugs, and spousal/domestic abuse. Medium

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Michael Malone had been pining for a backup point guard, but Sacramento Kings management had a different idea for their coach a year ago: Royce White. Here was the beginning of the end for this doomed partnership, a disagreement that widened the gulf between them. White was out of shape, had no interest in playing basketball – which had been clear when the Houston Rockets released him. He had been awful in the Development League, a malingerer, and done nothing to deserve a call-up to the Kings. "Pretty soon, they're telling [Malone]: Why aren't you putting him in the games?" one organizational source told Yahoo Sports. "That's when it really started to get bad between him and the guys upstairs." Yahoo! Sports

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The woman who claims she engineered the intense P.R. offensive to save Royce White's NBA career says the former 1st round draft pick is totally screwing her over -- refusing to pay more than $70k in bills ... TMZ Sports has learned. China Myers is suing White -- claiming she was hired back in 2012 when he was drafted by the Houston Rockets with a mission to strengthen his image and reputation. Of course, White famously battled with the Rockets -- claiming they didn't make the necessary accommodations for his mental health issues ... which included an anxiety disorder that made him afraid to fly. TMZ.com

March 27, 2014 Updates

The 22-year-old forward was not in the gym when the Kings practiced Thursday afternoon as his second 10-day contract expired Thursday. The Kings did not sign him to a new contract for the rest of the season, but head coach Michael Malone wouldn’t rule out a possible return for the rookie forward. “The door is not closed,” Malone said after practice when asked about the potential for White to rejoin the team after its upcoming three-game road trip. “The 10-day has ended, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship has ended for good.” Cowbell Kingdom

March 24, 2014 Updates

Not only must he prove he can still play, White has to show he can handle the rigors of the league's schedule, including his first road trip this week. He's on his second 10-day deal with the Kings this month, and he knows nothing beyond that is guaranteed. "Those thoughts do come where it's like, 'If this doesn't work out, will I even go at it again?'" White said. Sacramento Bee

March 22, 2014 Updates

One of the only things he knows for sure at this point is that it feels different than his season with the Rockets of disagreements over treatments and D-League stints with Rio Grande Valley that led nowhere. “Oh, yeah,” White said. “It feels a lot different. In all fairness to Houston, they were in a much different position. A lot of things, they couldn’t make a ruling on themselves as much as the league. They had to wait on a lot of OKs and things from people. It was a real complex situation. But it feels very different. Everything’s different. The organization’s different, the city’s different, the people are different, my teammates are different.” “Are you different?” “I’m probably the least different out of the entire equation,” White said. “But I’m in a different place. I’m definitely feeling more comfortable with the ability to have a successful career in this league.” NBA.com

“The question was asked yesterday, ‘Is your hope that Royce’s playmaking ability, do you hope that’s contagious?’ ” Malone said. “Obviously you don’t want to be a team that is just a dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot and not pass to the open man. We want to be a team that’s hard to guard…. Having a guy out there that will make plays for his teammates and find the open man is always is a welcome sight for us.” NBA.com

March 18, 2014 Updates

According to a league source, the Kings will extend Royce White’s stay in Northern California later today, but the 22-year old forward will likely not play against the Washington Wizards tonight at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings will announce the re-signing of White to a second 10-day contract after his first deal expired Saturday. But he has yet to practice with the team and is not expected to make his debut in Sacramento until Friday at the earliest, when the Kings take on the San Antonio Spurs. Cowbell Kingdom

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