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January 10, 2013 Updates

There is still the possibility that Fernandez, a passionate music fan who has dreams of becoming a DJ, will have another go at cracking the NBA -- if his body can withstand the strain. "Who knows in two years, three years, I could back to the NBA if I start to feel better about my back." CNN.com

October 10, 2012 Updates

That ease of mind feels like the product of a man who has done his homework. Claver carefully weighed his decision to come to the NBA from overseas after a lengthy courting process by Blazers management. In July, he decided the timing was right, signing a 3-year contract worth a reported $4 million. Part of his due diligence involved talks with Fernandez, who went from hero to goat during three seasons in the Rose City. "What he explained to me about Portland was that everything was good," Claver told Blazersedge. "He liked Portland. He enjoyed the people and the fans. The team. Maybe it wasn't what he expected before he came. At the end, he wasn't as comfortable as he thought." Blazers Edge

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Between how long this took to plan, stage and film, you have to imagine that at least part of every day at this week-long camp was dedicated to nailing a one-take lip dub of a song that came out in early 2011. Interesting time management, Rudy Fernandez. Also, this scene. The Score

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Real Madrid will likely announce tomorrow the return of Rudy Fernandez to the team, as reported by AS. Fernandez is free agent and will sign a multi-year deal with Real Madrid. Sportando

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