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Q: What about the idea, which I’ve also heard, that some of the guys weren’t necessarily lobbying for you to be back? Isaiah Thomas: I’ve heard those things too. I don’t know, because I didn’t hear them say it, but I’ve heard people say it and more than one person. I’ve heard Rudy (Gay), and some things about DeMarcus (Cousins) saying some things, but I didn’t hear it, so I can’t say if it’s true or not. For The Win

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Gay said he dropped 15 pounds that he gained before last season. He said the extra weight was due to his workout regimen. “Heavy weight lifting,” Gay said. “That’s something that I shouldn’t have done.” Gay said his “excessive” gains were to prepare to play against bigger players last season with the Raptors. It left him not feeling as quick. Gay has a sleeker look this training camp. “One of the emphasises coming into camp last year with Toronto was me playing the stretch four and putting on the weight was one of those things,” Gay said. “It didn’t turn out very well so I had to drop it. Now I feel like a guard again.” Sacramento Bee

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Gay exercised his player option worth $19.3 million to remain a King, with talks about a contract extension to follow. Not having a contract or agreement beyond this season is fine with Gay. He's focused on this season and will allow his representatives to worry about negotiations. "We started (negotiations) before I went to Spain with the USA team, stopped and haven't picked it up yet," Gay said after Monday morning's practice. "It's something that I really don't need over my head right now. I'm trying to make this team better and also be better myself. And I didn't need it over there. That's something that I think will handle itself." Sacramento Bee

Gay isn't opposed to more talks. But he has no desire to be involved in the art of making a deal. "I'm not going to get involved until it's near the end, or both sides feel it needs to happen," Gay said. "Then I'll make a decision." The Kings want Gay beyond this season. Had Gay left, the plan was to aggressively pursue a trade for a small forward. Sacramento Bee

Gay was asked if he can see himself in Sacramento long term. "I think so," Gay said. "I'm enjoying California, NoCal. It's cool. It's not as bad as I thought it was. You play in NBA cities and you expect Sacramento to be like L.A. or the Bay, but it's not; it's its own little thing. It's a family city, and that's what I'm growing to be, more of a family person." Sacramento Bee

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