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December 23, 2014 Updates

Often criticized for his shot selection, Thunder guard Russell Westbrook said Monday that he needs to cut back on the number of 3-pointers he attempts. "I need to stop taking as many as I'm taking, to tell you the truth," he said. "I'm going to take those down as the season goes along." ESPN.com

"I thought he took maybe two or three too many last night," coach Scott Brooks said. "The ones when his feet are set, those are ones all our guys can make. The ones behind screens off the dribble, those are tough shots. ... But his shot selection for the month of December since he's been back has been good." ESPN.com

December 22, 2014 Updates

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook took exception to questions Sunday about his perceived lack of passing following the Thunder's 101-99 loss to the Pelicans. "It's one game, man. I'm not going to keep answering questions about me not passing when we lose," Westbrook said. "When we won eight in a row, nobody said nothing about me not passing. So I don't want to hear it now." ESPN.com

In those final 298 seconds, Westbrook didn’t pass the ball. Not one time. I don’t mean he got no assists. I mean, he didn’t pass the ball. Westbrook took eight shots, most of them belonging in the dubious category, contested drives or quick long balls. Westbrook made just one of those eight shots and committed another turnover. The Thunder scored a solitary two points in the final 5 1/2 minutes and lost to the Pelicans 101-99 Sunday night. Oklahoman

December 21, 2014 Updates

To maintain his Energizer-Bunny-like stamina, Russell Westbrook works as tirelessly off of the court as he does on it. One does not simply buy his signature Jordan shoes and become Russell Westbrook. Westbrook stresses that to a young buck in a new Foot Locker commercial by putting him through a rigorous day of training. For The Win

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December 12, 2014 Updates

Westbrook played with more control, his passing became contagious and the Thunder’s role players finally were able to get into a rhythm. The result was a runaway 103-94 Thunder victory. It was the Thunder’s fourth straight win, moving OKC to 9-13 while halting the Cavs’ win streak at eight. Westbrook finished with yet another fabulous all-around effort, scoring a game-high 26 points with seven rebounds and a game-high eight assists, six of which came in the second half. Westbrook made 12 of 24 shots in 36 minutes and helped limit Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving to 20 points on 21 shots. “He’s a force,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said of Westbrook. “He plays at another level than any other point guard in this league.” Oklahoman

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was helped off the court Thursday after injuring his left knee during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Irving returned for warmups before the second half and opened the third quarter with a floater layup, appearing to be fine. Irving leaped to contest a jump shot from Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook but landed awkwardly on the side of his left foot. He crumpled to the court grabbing his knee immediately. USA Today Sports

December 10, 2014 Updates
December 8, 2014 Updates

Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, doesn’t want or expect to get a pass with his eighth season starting at a decided disadvantage after he suffered a broken right foot in the preseason, Russell Westbrook broke his right wrist on opening night, and the Thunder piled up more devastating injuries than wins in the season’s first six weeks. “I really don’t give a damn what people got to say,” Durant said. “I really don’t care if they cut me slack or they don’t. I’m not looking for no sympathy from nobody. I’m not looking for no praise from nobody. It’s all good, either way with me. I just look for respect from teammates as a player and as a man. That’s what I want. All that other stuff, I learned how to tune that stuff out and not worry about. I used to think about it. ‘Are they going to cut me slack? Do they love me if I play this way.’ I really don’t give a damn.” Washington Post

December 7, 2014 Updates

How much has it helped going against Westbrook over the years in practice? Reggie Jackson: It has helped a lot. We got a dog in the fight. He is always competitive, I am always competitive. We both want to prove we are the best point guard each day we step on the court. Both believe in ourselves a tremendous amount. I am sure he thinks he is the best and I do the same, so I think once you get too aggressive, personalize it like that, it is fun. It makes both of us excel in our game. HoopsHype

December 6, 2014 Updates

Anthony Slater: National writer @Michael Lee asked Russell Westbrook if he's angry about the hole OKC dug itself. Westbrook: "I'm always angry" Twitter @anthonyVslater

November 29, 2014 Updates

It wasn't just Westbrook making a clear public proclamation that he's back, but it was more about the refreshed energy in the arena. The feel was different. The team was reborn. In a lot of ways, this felt like opening night for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the first game of an all-new season. "We have to play with a sense of urgency every night," Westbrook said. "I think now we've got to come and play every game like [it is] our last. We've got a lot of guys coming back and we've got to be ready to play." ESPN.com

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