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March 4, 2015 Updates

What a crazy incident. Could you believe what happened and what was the process like after? Happened so quick. I was just blessed to be able to get up and be able to continue the game. But process was really quick thanks to the Thunder and the doctor in LA that was able to take care of my little dent. Did you have any say in what the mask is going to look like? Just regular. I mean, you can’t get crazy with the mask. The league is only going to (allow) me to have the clear mask. So that’s all I got. Oklahoman

March 3, 2015 Updates
March 2, 2015 Updates
February 28, 2015 Updates

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook underwent medical tests before leaving the arena following Friday's game at Portland after taking a knee to the side of the face. The team did not make Westbrook available to the media after the game, and it's unclear what type of injury he sustained or what he was being evaluated for. A further update is expected to be provided by the team in the coming days. "I don't know," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said when questioned about Westbrook's status. "We'll find out more later." Oklahoman

Westbrook was seen being escorted to an evaluation room roughly 30 minutes after the game ended. Internet pictures showed a dent in the side of Westbrook's face, right around his right cheek bone. The Thunder will have an off day Saturday before ending this three-game road trip Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers. Oklahoman

February 27, 2015 Updates
February 26, 2015 Updates

There are just two games in the NBA today, so the pool is pretty shallow. All of the teams feature upstart offenses, highlighted by Russell Westbrook. He'll eat up 18% of your cap at $9,000, but he has netted at least 45 FantasyScore points in nine of 10 games. He has scored at least 50 in six of those. Stephen Curry ($9,000; 18.0%) came back from an ankle issue with 48 fantasy points Tuesday night, and he's a nightly option as well. HoopsHype

February 23, 2015 Updates

On Sunday evening, an injured Kobe Bryant co-hosted ESPN’s Grantland Basketball Hour with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose. And on it, the trio talked a ton about Russell Westbrook and the Thunder. There were some interesting discussions, particularly when Kobe was presented with the idea that the Thunder is now Russell Westbrook’s — and not Kevin Durant’s — team. Bryant scoffed at the notion. “I have a hard time understanding those kind of conversations — the ‘Whose team is this?’” Bryant said. “If you think about it, the irony is we want players to be unselfish, we want them to be part of a group, we want them to be part of a team, but yet when they win, we’re quick to say, ‘Well, it wasn’t your team, so your championship is devalued.’ It makes no sense. You can’t have it both ways. We can’t sit here and say ‘Whose team is it?’" Oklahoman

"The fact of the matter is they both have different personalities, they can drive the team in their respective ways. The key is for the rest of the team to understand what personality does what and what areas of the game can that personality benefit us.” Oklahoman

Kobe on the criticism Westbrook faces… “I don’t think Russell pays much attention to it. I didn’t. Because you have your blinders on. And your completely focused on what your team needs to do and what you have to do to help that team be successful. Russell, I believe, has the same mentality that I have had. Which is that it doesn’t matter. I’m going to go out here and play hard regardless of what they say.” Oklahoman

Did OKC feel any pressure to make moves to keep Kevin Durant happy as the clock ticks toward his free agency in 2016? Well, sort of. Durant and Russell Westbrook are the unmistakable faces of the franchise. Certainly, every move OKC makes is to put the best players around their two superstars. But the moves aren't made out of fear. OKC doesn't operate "like, geez, are these guys gonna leave? Are these guys gonna be happy?," a league source said. NBA.com

February 22, 2015 Updates

As you finalize your FantasyScore lineup for Sunday, make sure to keep an eye on the status of Oklahoma City Thunder F Kevin Durant (foot). He missed Saturday's game, and in his absence, G Russell Westbrook ($9,000, 18.0% of cap) exploded for 55.75 FantasyScore points. If Durant sits again tonight, make sure to make room in your lineup for Westbrook. Featured stud: G Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers. $9,000 salary | 18.0% of cap. He lit up the Spurs for 53.50 FantasyScore points in his first game out of the break, and he should have another big performance tonight against an Indiana team that he scored 52.75 against earlier this year. HoopsHype

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