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January 29, 2015 Updates
January 24, 2015 Updates

Michael Lee: Russell Westbrook didn't talk after OKC lost to #hawks. This exchange with Serge Ibaka was intense. vine.co/v/OIE77aLXpOg Twitter @MrMichaelLee

January 23, 2015 Updates

How alike and different are Kevin and Russell? Scott Brooks: They're both so competitive. Russell shows his competitiveness in a physical presence way. He wants you to know that he's coming at you and he doesn't like you and he doesn't care about what you think, where Kevin's competitiveness comes from, "Watch me. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do, but I'm going to be better than you." It's really a unique combination and they do a great job of really complementing each other. Early on in their careers, and I still do it occasionally, I put them on different teams in practice to see who can rally their teammates to beat the other guy. And they get after it. It makes the scrimmages much more intense. Bleacher Report

January 21, 2015 Updates

“I wouldn’t have been able to stop him defensively because he is just bigger and stronger than I was,” Thomas said. “So I would have tried to frustrate him, get in his head. I would have had to frustrate him and psyche him out a little bit because physically I couldn’t beat him. So I would have to throw him off his game mentally, get him distracted. Say ‘Hey, man, (Kevin) Durant was open, you not gonna pass it to Durant? Hey, why you hogging? Durant, you’re boy ain’t gonna throw you the rock? That’s messed up.’ But then on the offensive side, he’d have to check me, too. And I think I would have got him a little bit. But I would have laying in bed the night before saying ‘What am I gonna do with this joker?’ Because when he comes full-throttle, like I said, he’s the Mike Tyson of point guards. He comes with that mentality. Comes with that anger and when you step on that floor you gotta be ready to battle him.” Oklahoman

Ernie Johnson had a bit of fun with Thunder guard Russell Westbrook on Tuesday night. After the Oklahoma City player answered reporters with simple sentences about "execution" a few days ago, Johnson decided to return the favor during an interview on NBATV. "Another really quick thing here, Russ," said Johnson. "How was the execution tonight?" The question resulted in laughs from both Westbrook and the rest of the NBATV crew. Sporting News

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Westbrook has apparently grown tired of the media and adopted the Marshawn Lynch plan of interview attack, answering each question basically the same way, regardless of what it was or who it came from. It started after he was ejected against the Suns a few weeks back. As he was prodded about the circumstances surrounding his two technicals, Westbrook continually said “It was a good win for us.” Oklahoman

Alex Kennedy: When Russell Westbrook was much younger, I tried to do a one-on-one interview with him on the road. Awful idea. I got all one-word answers. I don't blame players for not wanting to do some interviews. They have bad days and are people too. But being a jerk 24/7? That bothers me. Twitter @AlexKennedyNBA

January 3, 2015 Updates

It was Washington’s turn to feel Durant’s wrath Friday night, as he shook of early foul trouble and scored 23 of his game-high 34 points in the second half to lead the Thunder to a 109-102 victory inside Chesapeake Energy Arena. Durant made 12 of 18 shots and added eight rebounds, two assists and a blocked shot. And he did it in only 31 minutes. “That’s what he does,” said Russell Westbrook. “Nobody’s surprised. He’s not surprised at himself. He prepared himself well to get back to where he is and to get back to where he left off.” Oklahoman

January 1, 2015 Updates

Did you get an explanation on the play you were ejected? It was a big win for us. How did it start? Good win for us tonight. Good win. What were your emotions like seeing that victory in overtime and watching your guys pull through? Great win for us. We did a good job of sticking together and coming through with a win. Oklahoman

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant rejected recent criticism directed at teammate Russell Westbrook's late-game management during the Thunder's two recent losses in Durant's absence. "Who cares what people say?" said Durant, who missed his fourth straight game Thursday. "[He should] just play his game. From watching the last two games, he's the reason why we had a chance to win -- his aggressiveness, getting his teammates involved. "Sometimes it's kind of hard in those situations, knowing exactly what to do when teams are making runs and playing you different ways. But I think he's handled it well. Of course, he's not going to be great every game, but that's how the dice rolls sometimes. I think he's handled it well to lead the team like he's been doing." ESPN.com

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