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So tonight, I wandered around the aisles of Target, watching Kendrick Perkins carry two twin boys around on each arm. I watched Thabo Sefolisha help young girl pick out which One Direction DVD she wanted. I watched Kevin Durant walk around with two little guys listening to every word they had to say. I watched Nick Collison help a shy little girl pick out 12 different Barbies. I watched Russell Westbrook try and keep up with two mini-mes, following around two hyperactive boys that wanted all the biggest toys they could find. DailyThunder.com

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From being a late-bloomer at Leuzinger High School in Los Angeles County to a bona fide NBA star, Westbrook's days of dealing with doubters may finally be behind him. As for getting him to admit that the change in tone warms his ice-cold veins? That's another story altogether. "The outside voices, and those people, kind of look at (me) in a different way, in a different view, but it all depends on who's saying it, to tell you the truth," Westbrook told USA TODAY Sports. "If it's my teammates, and my teammates appreciate (his play), then I'm good. Everybody else? I don't really care about. It doesn't matter if they appreciate what I do or not. I'm not playing for them." USA Today Sports

His smile isn't as much of a stranger as it was before, even if it's clear his competitive fire still burns much hotter than most. Case in point came Tuesday night, when he was too filled with frustration to conduct this interview after the Thunder barely survived against the Sacramento Kings, but — in a move that may not have happened in years past — agreed to chat by phone a day later when those pistons that drive him had finally cooled. Little by little, it seems, he's letting the outside world in. "It's just getting older, man; just getting older," Westbrook said of the maturation process. "That's just part of it. Getting older you learn more, you see more, you know who's who. You know who's what." USA Today Sports

"(The criticism) was always something that I never really paid attention to personally, because those (people) weren't playing with me," Westbrook said. "My teammates weren't ever complaining about anything I was doing, so I never really worried about it. Obviously it looked different to different people. Everybody wants me to play a certain way and all that, and they think it'd be best if we play this way and we win. "But it's more than just shots, or how many shots I shot and if I shot more (than others). That ain't the whole game. There's a lot of other things that go on in the game that you help your team out with." USA Today Sports

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Our well-placed underwear sources tell us ... Russell inked a huge deal with Kings and Jaxs that will require him to not only model the undies, but will also give him creative and design input. FYI --K&J prides itself on how the underwear is built to let your man parts breath -- the web site says, "The little man doesn't like to be restricted with little or no oxygen." TMZ.com

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But on Sunday night, when Wizards forward Nene picked a fight, Westbrook was virtually powerless to fight back, proof that while his knee may be structurally sound, neither his bark nor his bite are quite yet back. The Thunder went on to a secure a 106-105 come-from-behind overtime win over the Wizards without Westbrook, who after shoving Nene in retaliation following a second dust-up, was ejected along with Nene with 3:19 remaining in the fourth quarter. Oklahoman

Royce Young: Russell Westbrook absolutely did not want to talk about the mini-altercation with Nene: "What you talking about? Did we win? Alright." Twitter @royceyoung

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He and the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook each got technical fouls late in the game when Crowder took offense to Westbrook’s bravado. “He threw the ball at me,” Crowder said. “I didn’t like that at all. It was disrespectful.” Crowder added that the game got overly physical, but that’s something the Mavericks have come to expect from games against the Thunder. “I’m not surprised it went that route because those guys talk a lot of smack, and it can get under your skin,” he said. Dallas Morning News

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Reggie Jackson called Westbrook a “dog” who makes everyone else comfortable and confident because of his ability to bring it every night. “Russ is literally awake every game, all 82,” Jackson said. “It's a unique ability. He's ready to battle. He doesn't really take plays off, take days off. Just that competitiveness, that competitive spirit, that he brings to the team kind of gives us that juice that we need and makes us feel comfortable.” Oklahoman

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Who would make your “Dream Team” when it comes to the league’s top dressers? Baron Davis: I would say Tyson Chandler and Russell Westbrook. Those would kind of be my two fashionistas. I would go with LeBron as far as that gentleman prepster meets street culture. I like James Harden, he has an original look. And probably Dwyane Wade, because Dwyane Wade, he’s the one guy who kind of actually started the whole trend of really thinking outside the box. uptownmagazine.com

In his first game since a torn meniscus ended his postseason on April 24, Westbrook scored 21 points with four rebounds and seven assists in 33 minutes. His performance wasn't without its flaws, as evidenced by his 5-for-16 shooting and his four turnovers. But more significantly, it was an effort in which Westbrook put the league on notice that his surgically-repaired knee is doing just fine. “I just missed some easy ones, but that will come,” Westbrook said. “But I'm able to do what I want.” Oklahoman

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