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December 13, 2013 Updates
December 12, 2013 Updates

Several sources said the Grizzlies are currently shopping power forward Zach Randolph, and two of them are hearing there's a destination and main trade piece involved: New Orleans and stretch 4 Ryan Anderson, who's averaging a team-high 21.7 points per game on 47.7 percent shooting from three-point range. "A trade centered around Randolph and Anderson should happen down the line this season," one source said. Bleacher Report

Because of Randolph's $18.2 million current salary, the Pelicans' incoming aggregate salaries would have to be within $5 million of the of the aggregate outgoing salaries going to the Grizzlies. Therefore, in addition to Anderson ($8.3 million), the Pelicans could consider including Al-Farouq Aminu ($3.7 million) and Austin Rivers ($2.3 million) in the deal. According to two sources, Rivers is unhappy with his playing time and would be open to a trade. Bleacher Report

November 27, 2013 Updates
November 23, 2013 Updates

Houston wants a power forward who can shoot threes to pair next to Dwight Howard. That led them, predictably, to the New Orleans Pelicans, home of Ryan Anderson. But the Pelicans refused to part with Anderson, even though putting Asik in the middle and moving Anthony Davis to power forward makes a lot of sense. New York Daily News

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November 18, 2013 Updates

Rumors of an Anderson-for-Asik deal initially surfaced over the offseason, shortly after the Rockets signed Dwight Howard, but they’re starting to pop up again now that Asik’s departure is inevitable due to his recent trade request. Unless Houston can use an Asik package to swing a blockbuster deal for someone like Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo (for whom the Rockets reportedly may offer Asik and Jeremy Lin), their best option seems to be sending their frustrated center to New Orleans in exchange for Anderson. HoopsWorld

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November 15, 2013 Updates

One deal that appealed to the Rockets included reuniting Dwight Howard and New Orleans forward Ryan Anderson, who played together with the Orlando Magic. New Orleans had showed interest in an Anderson-for-Asik deal around last summer's NBA draft, but talks never gathered much momentum, sources said. The Pelicans need a strong, interior player to alleviate the physical burden of rising young star Anthony Davis, but thus far have been unwilling to re-engage talks with Houston on the deal, sources said. Anderson is the kind of stretch four – a jump-shooting power forward – who would fit perfectly with Howard on the Houston frontline. Yahoo! Sports

November 11, 2013 Updates

Williams remains unsure when backup forward Ryan Anderson is going to return after missing the first seven games because of a broken toe in his right foot. ``It could be tomorrow, it could be a week,’’ Williams said Sunday. ``He’s not playing tonight.’’ Anderson said he recently underwent another X-ray that showed the same crack. ``I’m taking it a bit easier,’’ Anderson said. ``I was trying to go hard on it (during rehabilitation). One day I tried to run up and down and played a bit of three-on-three in practice and it just started to really hurt a lot. I just needed to stop and take it a bit easier.’’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

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October 9, 2013 Updates

Anderson and Allemand’s family are establishing a foundation to help people battling depression and contemplating suicide. He said discussing suicide is seemingly a “forbidden topic.” “My faith is what gets me though. Things don’t happen...that doesn’t happen for no reason,” he said. “I know where Gia’s heart was at. I know where she’s at. She’s in heaven right now. She’s incredibly happy. She’s pain-free. She’s not feeling that way anymore. And now it’s my mission that God has given me to voice this, to help a lot of people through her story. I’m really going to focus a lot on that. “I feel like that’s why I’m here. Basketball isn’t why I’m here. This is why God put me on Earth.” Orlando Sentinel

Near tears and his voice cracking, Anderson said getting through every day is a challenge. “Every day’s a roller-coaster, man. Every day is hard,” he said. “I miss her every second…but I owe this to her. I owe this to myself. I don’t want to just be a basketball player and go home and have my life just revolve around that. “I want it to be about changing lives, be a difference-maker. This has really helped me grow up.” Orlando Sentinel

September 30, 2013 Updates

Allemand, who appeared on ABC's "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad," died in mid-August at age 29. "Something like that just doesn't happen for no reason and I know that for 100 percent," Ryan said, his voice cracking as a tear dripped off his left cheek. "I know that there's a huge plan here. ... I know that a lot of people are going to be helped through this." "This is a topic that is not talked about enough and it is a huge problem," Anderson continued. "Let's be honest here. We live in a society now where you've got to live up to something, you've got to be a certain person and you're not (always) going to be accepted. Every single person has something special about them. That's what I want to be my goal here." ESPN.com

One of his teammates and friends, forward Jason Smith, stood behind Anderson, placing a hand on his shoulder in an effort to help him maintain his composure and get the words out. Smith, who attended Allemand's funeral, said Anderson has been making progress working through his grief. "Obviously, he's going through a hard time right now. He definitely needs to lean on family, friends, teammates," Smith said. "He knows that we're all here for him. Going forward, we just have to be there for him in any way he needs, whether it's going out to the movies one night, whether it's just talking to him, whether it's just being around when he needs somebody around. "At first, it was really hard to see him go through something like that," Smith continued. "He's strong enough to continue to work through it." ESPN.com

An emotional Ryan Anderson says being with the New Orleans Pelicans helps him cope with the grief he's been dealing with since his girlfriend, reality TV actress Gia Allemand, committed suicide. Anderson says every day is "a challenge" and "a roller coaster." He credits his religious faith, family and the chance to resume a professional routine with helping him move forward and work toward doing something in Allemand's honor that will help many others. Ledger-Enquirer

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