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Ryan Gomes: Damn lost my Bro @Baron Davis, we had some good times in a short period, it's a business an your a pro wish you the Best. Stay in touch. Twitter

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Ryan Gomes of the Los Angeles Clippers is on a mission to save lives. Back in 2005, a friend of his died during a basketball game of sudden cardiac arrest, a silent killer that takes the lives of over 325,000 Americans each year. Having automated external defibrillators in a gym can make the difference between life and death. Because of the tragedy, Gomes has been working with his foundation -- Hoops for Heart Health -- and in the past five years has given away over 50 AED's. FanHouse.com

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"Of course I'd like to be averaging more points, but whatever it takes for us to win," Gomes said Friday after the Clippers practiced in Playa Vista ahead of their game Sunday against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center. Gomes said his role was "still evolving a little bit, but it's become more defined over the last 20 games," which mainly centers on "defense and waiting for the open shot" unless Gordon, Griffin and Davis are being bottled up by opposing defenses, in which case Gomes steps up his shooting. Los Angeles Times

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It hasn't happened since March 1, 2008. But it just might Sunday. That would be Collins vs. Collins. And Clippers forward Ryan Gomes is ready. "I'll make sure I definitely get a DVD of that game,'' Gomes said. "They should pay-per-view it. They do it with Manny Pacquiao. But they need to put this one out.'' FanHouse.com

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Federal agents have interviewed NBA player and Waterbury native Ryan Gomes about whether he contacted State's Attorney John Connelly about his cousin's prison sentence, which was later reduced. Keith Gomes agreed to a plea deal to serve three years in prison for first-degree assault in 2007 and then was given a rare sentence modification, approved by Connelly, that shaved six months shaved off that sentence. Keith Gomes is scheduled to appear today before a federal grand jury in New Haven investigating the relationship between Connelly and Waterbury attorney Martin Minnella, who represented Keith Gomes after his arrest. Hartford Courant

Lisa Dillman: “That’s all I did was make a call, to him, can you look out for this?’” Ryan Gomes told The Times after Monday's game. “And that was it.” Gomes said that his mother is scheduled to go before grand jury Tue. Keith is his first cousin. He said they were once close but grew apart Twitter

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Knowing one's limitations as a player might be one of the least heralded attributes in basketball. It's a quality that's been absent on recent Clipper rosters, a primary reason the team has struggled to put up points despite plenty of competent scorers. But that acute awareness of his strengths and weakness is one of one Gomes' defining traits as a player. "[The Clippers] aren't looking for someone dominant at this position," Gomes said. "Sure, if I average 18 points, seven rebounds, five assists, that'll be wonderful. But I feel like my best quality is my knowledge of the game. I don't think I'm going to wow you athletically, but I can dabble in a little bit of everything." ESPN.com

Since he came into the league from Providence College, Gomes has been tagged as the dreaded "tweener" -- a player who straddles the small and power forward positions. The Clippers plan to use Gomes as a small forward, which he's played the past two seasons in Minnesota. Gomes readily acknowledges that he's not a prototypical 3. He's confident in his ability to play strong, straight-up, one-on-one defense, but that certain assignments give him problems. "At the 3, there are some nights where it might not work in my favor," Gomes said. "But Carmelo [Anthony], I think I can guard him. I can guard guys like [Al] Thornton. I think I can do a solid job on [Paul] Pierce. I can guard guys who face up and attack you one-on-one. [Ron] Artest is a perfect matchup for me. "Where I have limitations is with guys who get their shots by running off screens. [Kevin] Durant. A guy like Jason Richardson is tough for me." ESPN.com

Although I haven't met Foye, last week I visited with Gomes for the first time one-on-one. I found a thoughtful professional. A very measured executive for one of the league's most well-respected franchises told me that Gomes is one of the best people involved in professional basketball. Olshey is eager to do his job well. He's always courteous, has pretty decent taste in basketball players and is a more creative dealmaker than he's been allowed to be. Del Negro has been with the team for only five weeks, but has brought the kind of charisma and exuberance that vaulted him to the top of Sterling's list of coaching candidates. ESPN.com

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