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Heading into this season, though, the Suns had an opportunity to sign the 6-foot-1, 195-pound Bledsoe to a long-term contract extension, but ultimately could not agree to terms. Now, no matter how well he plays, the former Clipper will become a restricted free agent at the conclusion of the season, which has some worried that this may be a one-year rental, so to speak. Suns GM Ryan McDonough is not one of those people. "I feel very confident that he's going to be a Sun long-term," he told Burns and Gambo Wednesday. "We negotiated with Eric and his agents. I think the contract situation was handled very professionally on both ends." Arizona's Sports Page

McDonough said he feels good about how Bledsoe's agents approached the contract talks and hopes they feel the same way about the team's front office. But more than anything, the first-year general manager wants fans to know that the "restricted" in "restricted free agency" is a very important word. "We can match any offer to Eric next summer," he said. "Another advantage would be we have an extra year to play with. Other teams who are making Eric an offer can offer him four years, we can offer him up to five if we chose to do so." Arizona's Sports Page

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Nonetheless, general manager Ryan McDonough, while on Arizona Sports 620's Burns & Gambo show Wednesday, agreed that Bledsoe does figure into the team's long-term plans. McDonough said contract talks with the fourth-year player have gone "pretty well" to this point. "If we're not able to work out a deal (by Oct. 31), we would start next summer with Eric as a restricted free agent, but obviously we're hoping to get something done before that," the general manager said. Arizona's Sports Page

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In one summer, the skies parted and shined on Brown, who is glowing during this preseason like none other in his career. It started when new Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough and new coach Jeff Hornacek offered him a clean slate and did not cut him when only half of his $3.5 million salary was guaranteed. It continued when his wife Monica gave birth Sept. 3 to Laiyah, their first child together. “This is really like the first year where I’ve been having fun from the very, very beginning,” Brown said. “A lot of it has to do with maturity. Expectations for myself and the team. Not really expecting anything but going out and seizing every day. I’m having a great time with great teammates and great coaches. It’s just a better vibe around here.” Arizona Republic

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Christmas signed a multi-year contract with a small guarantee on the first season, a deal that is similar in structure to what he had with Boston last year. Suns general manager Ryan McDonough was with Boston last year, when Christmas was waived during the preseason. “He was a key contributor for our Las Vegas Summer League team and his scoring ability, leadership and toughness will help us this season,” McDonough said in a prepared statement. Arizona Republic

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While most of the focus on the Suns' return centered around the pick -- which would give the team up to three first-round selections in the 2014 NBA Draft -- McDonough told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo that he's also excited about what Green and Plumlee can bring to the roster in the short term. "Miles Plumlee looked very good for the Pacers Summer League for the second year in a row," McDonough said. "He's a good rebounder going back to his days at Duke. I like his character, rebounding and athleticism and think he will fit right in." Arizona's Sports Page

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