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May 28, 2013 Updates

“We are thrilled to introduce Jeff Hornacek as the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns,” said Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough. “Jeff has all of the qualities we were looking for in a head coach—he is a leader, a teacher and a student of the game. Jeff's name has been high on our list ever since my first interview with the Suns. His successes as a player and as an assistant coach, along with his deep ties to this franchise and this community, give us confidence that he will do great things as the next head coach of the Phoenix Suns.” NBA.com

May 26, 2013 Updates

An assistant coach with the Utah Jazz, Hornacek met with new Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and president Lon Babby in the past week in Phoenix. No offer has yet been extended to Hornacek, but the Suns' search process could be completed within the next week, league sources said. Yahoo! Sports

May 22, 2013 Updates

On the head-coaching search front, McDonough said his list expands as he narrows it because new names are cropping up as possibilities. The scheduling of interviews is complicated by the number of coaching vacancies, which could wind up being one-third of the league’s teams. Some candidates are also with active playoff teams and that becomes an issue with draft prospects possibly starting to come to Phoenix next week for individual workouts. “Ideally, I would like to have a guy in place for the draft workouts but I’m not going to rush the process just to hire a guy to run the draft workouts,” McDonough said. Arizona Republic

May 21, 2013 Updates
May 19, 2013 Updates

Danny Ainge had been joking the Celtics won’t suffer in the upcoming draft for the loss of Ryan McDonough to the Suns, because “I have Ryan’s brain waves.” The new Phoenix general manager laughed, but he went on to suggest there is truth within the humor. “That was, I think, one of the reasons Danny and I worked so well together,” said McDonough, who worked his way through the Celtics organization to become Ainge’s top lieutenant. “We did agree on a lot of players. It was kind of weird. “We didn’t agree just to agree. One of us would say, ‘You know who I really like?’ And almost without fail, the other guy would say a name, and the other would be like, ‘Geez, how did you know that?’ I learned a lot from him. I obviously only have a fraction of his experience and knowledge, but I think that’s why we worked so well together.” Boston Herald

May 15, 2013 Updates
May 10, 2013 Updates

No decision has yet been made on Hunter’s status. But the way McDonough was speaking about the search planned to fill the head coaching chair for next season would lead you to believe that the team will look high and low elsewhere for a more solid long-term solution. “I’m going to spearhead that process, and the process has already begun,” McDonough said. “That was part of my interview with [team owner Robert Sarver and president of basketball operations Lon Babby]. We discussed potential coaching candidates, and who we thought would be good fits, and we were in alignment on a lot of the names — most of the names. “So we have an initial list to go off of. We’ve received a good amount of interest from people all over the basketball world who want to be the coach of this storied franchise, and they see a great opportunity here. That’s my first order of business as the general manager, to find the best guy for that job.” NBCSports.com

But when asked if it was fair to say that Hunter’s name might be further down on his list, McDonough wasn’t ready to publicly declare Hunter as out of the running just yet. “No, I don’t think that’s fair to say,” McDonough said. “We will meet with Lindsey. I don’t know him that well personally, but I’ve heard good things about Lindsey’s character, and his toughness, and his work ethic. So Lindsey is a candidate. I know he’s interviewing for jobs elsewhere, but he’s a candidate for us as well, and we’re going to go into it with an open mind and consider all the top guys. And Lindsey is one of the top guys.” NBCSports.com

McDonough said he expects his philosophy to be very similar to the one of Danny Ainge, who he learned the job from in Boston. “Danny Ainge is probably my professional mentor,” he said. “I think my philosophy will be the same. In Boston, one of the things Danny did so well, he was very aggressive in acquiring draft picks and trying to get the best players through whatever means necessary. One of the things that I learned from Danny Ainge is to be unafraid, and that not very move is going to be perfect. I’ll probably make some mistakes. But if you’re willing to work at it, and correct some of those mistakes — and again, if you’re unafraid — then that can lead to some great results.” NBCSports.com

May 9, 2013 Updates

And if new general manager Ryan McDonough lives up to rock-star billing in Phoenix, it could happen for the Suns' oft-criticized majority owner. "I'm definitely a better owner today than I was nine years ago, even two, three years ago," Sarver said. "I'm realistic enough and honest enough to accept the fact that I need to learn and evolve. "There are times in the past when we've used salary cap space wisely. But a lot of the times when we haven't used cap space wisely happened when I was involved in the process." USA Today Sports

May 7, 2013 Updates

The Phoenix Suns have named Ryan McDonough the team’s general manager, it was announced today. He will be introduced during a press conference on Thursday, May 9, at US Airways Center. NBA.com

“Ryan distinguished himself among an impressive group of candidates for our GM position,” said Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. “His natural leadership and communication skills will serve the Suns well. And, his prodigious work ethic and ability to identify talent will enable us to take full advantage of the 10 draft choices, including six in the first round, that we have over the next three years. We welcome his championship pedigree to our organization.” NBA.com

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