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While most of the focus on the Suns' return centered around the pick -- which would give the team up to three first-round selections in the 2014 NBA Draft -- McDonough told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo that he's also excited about what Green and Plumlee can bring to the roster in the short term. "Miles Plumlee looked very good for the Pacers Summer League for the second year in a row," McDonough said. "He's a good rebounder going back to his days at Duke. I like his character, rebounding and athleticism and think he will fit right in." Arizona's Sports Page

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Suns general manager Ryan McDonough told Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 620 that there's a reason a deal didn't go down. "Well, I'm certainly not looking to move Marcin," McDonough said Thursday. "We think he's a top-15 starting center in the NBA, and those guys are hard to find. "We love his ability to rebound, to screen-and-roll, to finish around the basket, he's a pretty tough guy -- he's strong, he's athletic. Like I said, those guys are hard to find." Arizona's Sports Page

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Ainge also considered Celtics assistant coach Jay Larranaga, too, and the two sat down on a couple of occasions recently to discuss the head-coaching job, sources said. Before leaving for the Los Angeles Clippers, Rivers had given Larranaga a strong endorsement for Boston's head coaching job, sources said. Ainge and Suns GM Ryan McDonough — a Celtics assistant GM this past season — each believe Larranaga is a future head coach in the NBA. Yahoo! Sports

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The Suns took Maryland big man Alex Len with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft Thursday night, leaving many to wonder if the Polish Hammer's days in the Valley are numbered. But for those looking at an upcoming departure date for Gortat, who averaged 11.1 points, 8.5 assists and 1.6 blocks in 61 games last season, not so fast. "We're not looking to move him," Suns general manager Ryan McDonough told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo Friday. "As you guys I'm sure know, Alex had foot surgery, and he's not ready to play. "Marcin is one of our best players here. He's a core guy for us. He is one of the more athletic bigs in the league, he screens, he rolls, he finishes and he blocks shots." Arizona's Sports Page

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But that shadow is getting bigger. Before getting hired in Denver, Tim Connelly watched as some of his closest friends in the business made the jump to general manager. Ryan McDonough, whose father Will was a legendary Boston sports columnist and whose brother Sean is a well-known sports announcer, worked for the Boston Celtics and was hired at 31 to run the Phoenix Suns, where he immediately hired Pat. Masai Ujiri moved to Toronto and opened the door for Tim Connelly to be hired by the Nuggets. "Those guys are some of my best friends. Definitely the last couple of years I've been unbelievably proud to see them make the jump. Certainly I would be excited about the challenge [of being a GM himself]," Tim Connelly said earlier this month. "But I think I am in my dream job right now [in New Orleans]. I have far exceeded what I thought would be a realistic expectation in this profession. It's been a very lucky run I've been on." Baltimore Sun

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According to one league personnel executive, bringing in West and Rogers suggests a commitment to developmental work with young post players. But unless you put Markieff Morris in that category, the Suns really don’t have any ... yet. It has been speculated -- based on comments from general manager Ryan McDonough regarding rookie position duplication -- that the Suns will avoid using the fifth and 30th picks in the NBA draft’s opening round on players who occupy similar areas of the floor. Fox Sports Arizona

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Count Ryan McDonough among those as optimistic as Anthony Bennett is about his recovery. "No, not really," McDonough said when asked about whether he's concerned about Bennett's health. "From what I heard it was a shoulder injury, but it was a left shoulder, a non-shooting shoulder. So our medical people didn't seem too concerned about it. They see it as a thing that is short-term and fixable. From what I've heard and seen so far, they expect him to make a full recovery." Arizona's Sports Page

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