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December 19, 2014 Updates
December 18, 2014 Updates

DeMarcus Cousins appears ready to return from a serious bout with viral meningitis when the Sacramento Kings host the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night. The Kings upgraded Cousins' status from questionable to probable. He has been able to participate in portions of practice the past few days and his minutes will likely be limited. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Ramona Shelburne: Have heard Kings want give Ty Corbin a chance this season. But also some interesting names like Mully & Kenny Smith floating around. Twitter @ramonashelburne

"Michael Malone is a good man," Ranadive said. "He's an honorable man, and he did great things for this organization. ... We needed a coach [in 2013] that would restore structure, restore discipline, restore a system defense, and I consulted with some of the experts in the business and they said [Malone] was a great choice." ESPN.com

December 17, 2014 Updates

Kings officials analyzed six years of data, including positional data provided by SportVu cameras, to determine the ideal setting for Gay to thrive. What they found, perhaps not surprisingly, was that Gay thrived playing with a dominant low-post scorer, as he had in Memphis. The Kings then applied the data to create a model of what a Cousins-Gay pairing would look like. "We came to the conclusion that on our team, Rudy was going to still score the same number of points, but he was going to do it with five fewer shots," Ranadive said. "And his efficiency as a player would go up substantially." Bleacher Report

And amid this newfound dedication to passing and smarter shot selection, Gay is also averaging a career high in scoring at 21.1 points per game. "I think his game is so much more mature now," said Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins, who coached Gay for most of his career in Memphis. "He's making plays for people that he always had the ability to make, but he's not feeling the pressure that he has to go and make the play for Rudy Gay." Bleacher Report

"Defense is great, but we need defense and offense," the Kings owner said. "We need to go from a rules-based organization, which was important when you had chaos, to a values-based organization -- from kind of a programmatic offense, to a read-and-respond, free-flowing offense. "I like to use a music metaphor. We had a Sousa marching band, which was needed when there was chaos. But now we need to shift to a jazz band, where people can be individually showcased and improvised. What we need is a jazz director. I think that's the kind of leadership moving forward." ESPN.com

Mullin isn’t going to the bench to finish out the season, although he could wind up taking over the coaching duties after the season. According to league sources, Mullin felt he needed time to install his system and was hesitant to make a move to the bench at this point in the season. NBC New York

“Look for this move next season when he can get a training camp and start fresh,’’ one source with knowledge of the Kings’ plans told NBC 4 New York on Wednesday. NBC New York

“There is a never a good time to fire someone,” Ranadive explained later in the privacy of his office. “It’s a terrible thing. First of all, I want to say for the record that Michael Malone is a good man, an honorable man. He did a good job for us, and I believe that he was absolutely the right choice given the context of when we got him. I was handed the keys to the kingdom. This place was literally and figuratively falling apart. The roof was falling down. We hadn’t sold a single ticket. There was chaos in the locker room and the draft was weeks away. What we needed was order, structure, discipline, stability, a strong culture, and defense. And the experts in the league said he would bring all those things.” Sacramento Bee



DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson are the only current Kings in a list with more NBA royalty than you would expect.


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