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Hollins also revealed that he expects his old team to make a cost-cutting move before the deadline, because certain players are going to achieve bonus money that will move the Grizzlies above the luxury tax threshold. But sources told SheridanHoops that because Zach Randolph and Mike Conley did not make the All-Star team, Memphis will be about $900,000 below the tax threshold. That’s actually enough space to add a halfway-decent player into their empty 15th roster spot. SheridanHoops

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MT: How much does the repeater tax penalty impact your thinking when considering the roster for this season and the coming two in particular? Kupchak: You have to be out of the luxury tax in two out of five years to avoid a repeater penalty. If we stay in the tax this season, it will be three consecutive seasons as taxpayers. Now, how that impacts future decisions depends on the mechanics of each deal. Like anything else, if there is a debt that you have to pay, you'd like to get it behind you as soon as possible. But ownership here has never been afraid to be in the tax. If you're $30 million over the tax as a repeater, that's a tax bill of about $130 million. But if you're in the tax and it's only $1 million over, it's around $2.5 million. So you’re still a repeater in the latter situation, but that’s a big difference. NBA.com

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But it speaks volumes that the Lakers are even slowing down at this fork in the road, that they're considering a money dump of Gasol (owed $19.2 million this season but set to be a free agent this summer) because it would ease so much of that new-found luxury tax pain. There's no crime in this on the Lakers' part, of course, but it is undeniably the latest proof yet that no team outside of the Brooklyn Nets will be carefree about the harsh structure of the league's current collective bargaining agreement (and we've all seen how that's working out, so call it a moot point). By getting rid of Gasol in exchange for Bynum, the Lakers would escape the luxury tax territory this season while creating some badly-needed distance between them and the 'repeater' billing that is followed by such a huge, well, bill. Per rules of the labor agreement agreed upon in December 2011, teams that pay luxury tax in four out of five seasons pay a dollar more per dollar spent over the tax than tax-paying teams that don't (starting at a $2.50-for-$1 penalty for teams spending $4.9 million or less over the tax threshold). USA Today Sports

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But if Nash missed the rest of the season, the Lakers would get back about $3 million of his $9.3-million salary. Bryant is much more likely to return than Nash, but the Lakers would pocket about $10 million if he missed the rest of the season. The medical rebates would not help the Lakers for salary cap or luxury tax purposes. The Lakers, of course, want Bryant and Nash to return. A team official said it was foolish to think medical money instead of victories at this point. Los Angeles Times

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If Irving is voted an All-Star starter this season and next, he’ll be eligible to receive 30 percent of the salary cap in his next contract rather than the standard 25 percent. It’s what is known as the “Derrick Rose exception” in the new collective bargaining agreement, and it could mean the difference of an additional $15 million or so during the life of a max contract. In order to qualify for the Rose exception, players within their first four years in the league must either be named to an All-NBA team twice, win the league’s MVP award once or twice be voted a starter in the All-Star game. Akron Beacon Journal

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The Philadelphia 76ers are an odd case. While they have just $40 million in contracts on their books, they are still technically over the $58.7 million salary cap. The combination of unsigned first-round draft picks Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams, the $5.1 million TPE for Jrue Holiday, the cap holds for free agents Royal Ivey, Damien Wilkins and Charles Jenkins, and the Sixers’ MLE and BAE all total to $19.4 million — putting the Sixers’ cap number at $59.4 million. It is inevitable that Philadelphia will end up under the cap, assuming Ivey, Wilkins or Jenkins signs with another NBA team. In the meantime, the Sixers recently used part of the Holiday TPE to acquire Tony Wroten Jr. from the Memphis Grizzlies — not cap room. HoopsWorld

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Brandan Wright will sign a new contract with the Mavs probably by this weekend, Mark Cuban said. Because Wright is the Mavs’ free agent, they are allowed to go over the salary cap to sign him. “You have to do all the stuff, and you have to do certain things to optimize your cap room,” Cuban said. “So you have to go through those different steps.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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Automatically retired players do not come off the salary cap, so it's up to the team and player to determine a settlement that will count against the cap. The Celtics had that with Rasheed Wallace, who retired two years before his contract expired. It would be the same situation with Garnett should he retire with two years left on his deal. Also, there is the misconception that the Celtics Would have the option to buy out Pierce's contract and then re-sign him to a deal reduced. When a team waives a player, as the Celtics would have to do with Pierce, it is ineligible to sign him for one year. Boston Globe

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Zach Lowe: Can confirm @Marc Stein tweet on projected $58.5M cap for next season. Hearing word/$58.5M # started dribbling out to teams Fri-Sat. Twitter @ZachLowe_NBA

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